Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart: Tier List

Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart was published by “Omelette Snake“, with the goal to complete quests, leveling up your character, upgrading your skills, and defeating bosses.

One of the things you use in combat to augment your abilities is blood contracts. Contract abilities are one of the major ability types in Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart. By forming a contract with a Devil, you can call on them to manifest specific attacks and abilities.

Some Devils, for instance, take away a portion of your health, while others inflict on you a temporary stat debuff. Mastering your Contract Abilities will make the difference between victory and defeat.

In this guide, I will create a tier list going over which Contract Abilities will be the most formidable to use, and which you should consider going after. For those of you who want just the overview I have you covered.

S Tier
Future Sight
Brutal Barrage
A Tier
Grab Slam
Blood Scythe
Cursed Nail
Ghost Punch
B Tier
Ghost Choke
Axe Kick
Blood Devil Spear
Nail Sword

For the low low price of 3,000¥, you can easily form a contract. Go over, and talk to the Contract Dealer near the Devil Hunter recruiter.

There is RNG involved in what you get, but you aren’t forced to take the contract if you don’t want it. You will lose the money you gave, so let’s go over all the abilities and their place in the Tier List.

Another really strong option that will augment your combat abilities is the Hybrid abilities. Check out our guide on how to become a hybrid in Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart.

Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart S Tier

Future Sight


To accept this contract, you will have to exchange a quarter of any of your stats.

This is by far the best contract, and you will regret not taking it. You will be able to dodge any incoming attack for 2 seconds, and in some cases see the future.

Brutal Barrage


To accept this contract, you will need to give a percentage of blood, damage, or damage reduction.

This contract allows you to punch 5 times, and the 5th hit does knockback and ragdoll to your opponent. This can be parried and dodged by your opponents.

Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart A Tier

Grab Slam


To accept this contract, you will need to give a percentage of blood, damage, or damage reduction.

When used by the player it grabs the opponent and slams them down. It is really good for combos, and it can’t be parried but it can be dodged.

Blood Scythe


To accept this contract, you will need to give a percentage of the blood bar on use.

When used you will dash forward while slicing twice with a Scythe. You can only use it about five or six times before you have no blood left.

Cursed Nail


The cursed nail can be used as a replacement for the Katana and your max health will come back slowly over time.

When you land 3 hits on your enemy with your heavy attack, it takes a large chunk of their health and takes 20% of your max health. It can be easily parried or dodged.

Ghost Punch


To accept this contract, you will need to give a certain percentage of your resistance to damage.

This skill mainly involves punching your enemy, and it can even punch enemies far away. It can’t be parried but can be dodged.

Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart B Tier

  • Kon
  • Ghost Choke
  • Axe Kick
  • Blood Devil Spear
  • Nail Sword

If you are interested to know more about this game, check out our guide on how to get the Devil’s Heart in Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart. It is a very important item for players, and quite rare to find.


In conclusion, these have been all the Devil Contracts tiered in Chainsaw Man Devil’s Heart.

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Let us know in the comments down below, which Devil contract you see yourself using more, and which ones have you gotten so far.


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