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Bridges and Portals Collide in Bridge Constructor Portal

No one saw this coming! Headup Games, the developers behind the physics-based building game Bridge Constructor, have announced that their next game in the series is starting to see through portals. Bridge Constructor Portal brings the complexity and real-life physics of the Bridge Constructor games into the wacky world of Portal‘s unbounded physics. This is quite the puzzling match up, that’s for sure!

Now, hold on. We know that some of you are a little upset at Valve for licensing out the Portal franchise instead of creating a new game in the series, keep in mind that this is just Headup Games developing this. Valve still could be working on something we don’t know about, so don’t lose hope! This just a fun little “in the meantime” game, and we’re all for it.

This is pretty much a match made in heaven. Bridge Constructor has always been a pretty offbeat game even though it’s simple enough. While it’s extremely rewarding and fun to think up and build structurally sound bridges, a big part of the fun was watching all of the ways you could mess up your bridge. Failing in that game wasn’t punishing – it was hilarious!

While Portal‘s tone was a little more serious, it still shares that same kind of wacky, offbeat nonsensical feel that Bridge Constructor has. And seeing how the two are both games’ where the main mechanic is rooted in physics manipulation, it was a no-brainer mashing the two together. We can’t wait to see what kind of crazy bridge portal contraptions the world can come up with, and thankfully we don’t have to wait long! Bridge Constructor Portal will be releasing on PC, Mac, and Linux on December 20. The console versions will come early 2018.

Get out your bridge and portal thinking caps – GLaDOS will be watching!

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