Best Ark Single Player Settings for a Perfect Experience [2024 Update]

When setting out on a new adventure in Ark you will want to check out these settings for a perfect experience.

In this guide, I will showcase the best settings to tinker with when starting a new fully customized experience.

Let’s dive a little deeper into them.

Best Single-Player Settings in ARK: Survival Evolved


There is something that needs to be said, before going over the settings.

There is a bubble on the internet about how difficulty is perceived, and the “correct” way to play a game. The right settings to use or the correct circumstances for you to finish any given experience.

People often feel the need to limit what you can use to satisfy an invisible quota before you can enjoy anything.

In order not to feed into that ideology of the correct or the best way to experience a single-player experience, I will showcase the settings I feel you should play with, in this new journey through Ark.

  • Difficulty Level: This setting will affect the level of creatures, and the quality of loot drops.
  • XP Multiplier: This setting will affect how much exp you and your dinosaurs gain.
  • Taming Speed: This setting will affect how fast you tame creatures allowing for ease at the lower level, while still providing a challenge for higher-level encounters.
  • Harvest Amount: This setting will affect the yields from doing different activities. This can help cut down the amount of time you spend grinding for materials.
  • Dino Count: This setting will affect how many dinosaurs spawn throughout the Ark.
  • Use Corpse Locator: This setting will allow you to know where you died so you can go back, and get your things. It can be frustrating dying from something random, and then now knowing how to get back.

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  • Allow Unlimited Respecs: This setting will help you reset learned engrams, and be able to use everything in the game, without worrying too much about what you will miss out on.
  • Show Player Location: This setting will allow you to see yourself on the map, and keep track of where you are going and how far you are away from your base.
  • Structure Prevent Resource Radius Multiplier: This setting will allow you to have a base surrounded by either nothing or be rich in resources.
  • Dinosaur Settings: This whole section in the settings will affect your dinosaurs in many ways, and to avoid going over each one since they all matter in different ways pick and choose what you want.
  • No Resource Radius – Players /Structures: This setting will allow you to affect the immediate grind on many needed resources.
  • Raid Dino Foor Drain Multiplier: Since owning a dinosaur forever isn’t something that affects you while playing alone, you should consider checking this box.

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Final Thoughts

Customization options for single-player experiences keep players coming back to the game, while at the same time keeping each new journey fresh, and full of new challenges.

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With the best settings for a perfect single-player experience for Ark updated for 2024, you are ready to start again from the beginning. Let us know in the comments below which are your favorite things to experience in Ark.


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