Beneath Oresa Tier List / Best Characters in the Game

Choosing the best character in Beneath Oresa is essential if you want to win all the expeditions that come your way. Roguelike deckbuilders are unforgiving, and the same can be said about this one.

The best character in Beneath Oresa is Jokan, followed by Issandre (also a great companion) and Hectos too.

But if you check out the Beneath Oresa tier list below, you will be able to always select the strongest characters which, paired with an amazing deck and a bit of experience will make everything seem a lot easier.

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Beneath Oresa Characters – Best in the Game

Beneath Oresa best character
One of the best teams in the game

Now, let’s take a look at all the characters in the game and see why I prefer Jokan above all else. But first, here’s my tier list:

JokanTier S
IssandreTier A
HectosTier A
NereideTier A
DoltarTier B
SohomaTier B
SoraTier B
FlynnTier C
ZakaanTier C

Now let’s get a bit more in depth and learn more about the top characters in Beneath Oresa!

Jokan – Best character in the game

Jokan best character in Beneath Oresa

The only Tier S character and the best in Beneath Oresa, in my opinion.

His biggest advantage comes from the Attack scaling, and despite the Viruses, he’s still pretty insane – especially since you can use his special card, Energency Decompression.

With a great starting deck and capable of dealing insane damage, he’s really OP and the best choice for all players.


Beneath Oresa Issandre

This one is basically an upgraded version of the starting character. But with free energy and great hero cards, she’s really good.


Beneath Oresa Hectos

Not only that this character looks amazingly well, but he also has some really good cards and powers.

Each first attack of the round against a foe grants 3 Retribution and 1 Counterattack charge, basically meaning a free counterattack every 2 rounds. Now that’s really good!


Beneath Oresa Nereide

Very similar to Hectos – which also means that it gets a bit more difficult to play her as you progress, but still a great choice.

However, Nereide has an additional bonus – Anarak, her unique companion that gives plenty of amazing bonuses when Bloodied. Definitely a good choice.

And these would be the top characters in the game – there’s no point in talking about the others, since they are not that good. I would definitely focus on the ones above, mainly Jokan.

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Final words

Any of these in-game characters can prove to be lethal as long as you get plenty of play time with each. But honestly, Jokan is simply unstoppable.

What do you think though? Do you agree with my tier list for Beneath Oresa or you have a different ranking for the best characters? Let us know by commenting below.

Calin Ciabai

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