Aviator: A Live Betting Game Like No Other!

Want to try your hand at a social experience and win some cash all the same? Then you may want to give a glance to Aviator, a brilliant gaming experience available online right now. Designed by Spribe, the game has been taking online players by storm since 2019.

But what does this mysterious game entail? Why are people flocking to the virtual skies over their favourite slots and tables? Let’s dive a little deeper into what Aviator is all about.

What is Aviator?

Aviator, as the name suggests, is all about flight. Essentially, you’re betting on how high a virtual plane on a graph is going to fly. You are betting on a live aeroplane that sets off on a random coefficient. It is as simple as that – you can check statistics from previous flights and place bets on hunches.

Aviator is a distinct little game in that it looks completely different from other titles you’ll see online. It’s reasonably stripped-back as games go! What’s even better is the fact that you can find Aviator available to play basically anywhere. That goes for the hugely popular Sportsbet.io, too, linked above.

Aviator is also a social betting experience. There’s an enormous chat lounge that runs alongside, meaning you can discuss strategies with other players. You’re not playing against them – you’re playing with them! With some online games feeling a little lonely, it’s excellent that Aviator makes things friendlier.

What Makes Aviator So Appealing?

Aviator is great fun, mainly thanks to the sheer randomness of the gameplay. While little skill is involved, it’s a genuine thrill to see the plane soar up as high as you expect. What’s more, fans of those punters who enjoy statistics and form research have a lot of data to crunch. The previous flights of the Aviator are stored in the same window – meaning you can keep track.

The live nature of the game, coupled with the chat feature, helps to make Aviator a little bit more intriguing. It’s a game you’ll never see at a physical place! Therefore, it’s great fun to mingle with others online and to trust your gut from flight to flight.

The autoplay function and super quick gameplay also make this a straightforward game to play. There’s very little learning involved. You won’t have to keep your fingers tightly crossed for a bonus round or to outplay a dealer. It’s pure luck – and that’s precisely what many punters are looking for in their games!

Are There Any Ways to Win Big at Aviator?

Aviator, as a game of luck, isn’t really once you can ‘master’. It pays to check out the statistics and learn more about the various flight levels and coefficients. It’s also a great idea to look out for tips offered by your fellow players.

Otherwise, your best bet is to try and punt low, to begin with. That is, until you get better used to Aviator on the whole. This game is 100% random, which means there’s never going to be any set patterns. No matter what you’ve heard, there are no ‘cheats’ for Aviator!

An excellent way to try and make the most of this game is to diversify. Don’t stick to the same coefficients! Why not apply your own experiences with the wheel to Aviator?

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