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The Fanatical Slayer Bundle Is an Instabuy (Bombshell, Styx, Sky Break and Much More Included)

fanatical slayer bundle

I’ll be the first one to say it that the bundles available over at Fanatical in recently were less than impressive to say the least. But now they’re bringing us the mother of all bundles with a ton of amazing games offered at a massively discounted price.

You know how much I love bundles because they give me the chance to play wonderful – and usually indie – games by paying peanuts instead of buckets of cash. And this Fanatical Slayer Bundle is not only a steal, but a must buy for gamers worldwide.

Offering you discounts of over $300, the Slayer Bundle comes packed with 17 high quality games that you owe it to yourself to play. Even the lowest tier bundle selling for 1.05 Euros (or equivalent in USD) has some really good games: Styx: Master of Shadows, Soulblight, Mooseman and Carmaggedon: Max Damage. These are awesome games to get for less than the cost of an espresso.

If you decide to pay a bit more – €5.19 to be precise, you also unlock the tier 2 games which are equally impressive. You’ll get the chance to enjoy some WWII FPS action with Day of Infamy, enter Warhammer’s decimated Empire city in Mordheim: City of the Damned and fight for survival in Savage Lands where other players can help or usually kill you. You also get city-building sim Tropico 5, the open world action game Sky Break, parkour platformer Super Cloudbuilt and more.

Finally, if you want to get the top tier – for just €7.19 you get 5 extra games to the ones listed above. Must play games, too, such as the complex RTS Medieval Kingdom Wars, action adventure game Bombshell (with a beautiful female protagonist, too), sci-fi action RPG Songbringer, mystery adventure game The Painscreek Killings and narrative-driven adventure The Lion’s Song.

All in all, this is indeed one of the best bundles I’ve seen in recent times with amazing games. It’s a steal and a must buy, so if you don’t own most of these games already, head over to Fanatical and get your copy today. It’s worth it!

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Sony Bringing PlayStation Classic to Life This Holiday Season and It’s Not Impressive

playstation classic

Sony has decided to make some extra money on our nostalgia – and a lot they will for sure. They have just announced the PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of the original PlayStation 1 released over 20 years ago. And really, the thing that shocks me the most here is that it’s been 23 years already!

Back to the upcoming PlayStation Classic, it will look just like a tiny little toy version of the PS1. Really, it’s almost as small as the PlayStation’s controller and cute as hell!

But that’s not all! The upcoming PS Classic will come pre-packed with 20 games and Sony plans to sell it for $100. Which definitely sounds like a good deal initially – especially for those who get hit by nostalgia instantly – but it might not be that great. But more on that later. Until then, you can check out the introductory trailer below:

For now, we have to tell you that Sony unveiled just some of the games we’ll be getting on the PlayStation Classic: Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. All great games, for sure and there might be some even bigger surprises in store for the rest of the games, but Sony’s keeping us waiting right now.

The PS Classic will also come with two controllers to help you play the game and will have an HDMI cable for you to be able to actually play these games on your modern TV screen. Finally, you’ll also get a virtual memory card so that you can save your game progress.

Sony is surely right to launch the PS One Classic this holiday season (it will go on sale on December 3, 2018), following trend with Nintendo’s NES Classic or SEGA’s Mega Drive Mini and I’m sure I’m not the only one considering to buy it. In the end, it’s nostalgia that pushes us to get it and we’ll do it.

The mini version compared to the original.

But it’s not really worth it, in my opinion. Most of the gamest hat we loved back in the days will no longer seem that great today. The graphics will be horrible, the AI will be horrible, everything will be horrible in most cases. And just 20 games for one of the most iconic game consoles ever? That’s really WAY too little as there are literally hundreds of amazing games launched for the PS One.

Sure, $100 means that you only pay $5 per game (and you also get the console and controllers to pair them up with) so it’s not expensive. But I really feel that Sony should’ve done a bit more here and make it special somehow. Yes, it is special simply because is the freakin’ PS One… but I personally feel that a bit more could’ve been done.

What do you think, though? After the instant happiness caused by hearing that what could be one of your favorite consoles is brought back to life – don’t you feel that a bit more could’ve and should’ve been done with the PlayStation Classic?

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New Humble One Special Day Bundle Features Guardians of the Galaxy, Surgeon Simulator and More

humble one special day bundle featured

It is indeed a very special day over at the Humble store as they launch their latest humble bundle, the Humble One Special Day Bundle. Great prices for great games!

The new bundle offers 10 awesome titles for as low as $9, so you’re getting a really sweet deal here. You can get the first four for just $1, so this is indeed a bundle you shouldn’t miss. Check it out here or read on for some extra details.

Here are the details of the titles you’d get based on the tier you choose:

Tier 1: Pay $1 for the next four games:

Streets of Rage (Sega’s classic and equally amazing side scrolling beat’em up)
Crazy Taxi (another of Sega’s classic games that made history)
Binary Domain (Sega’s shooter was released a while ago, but still provides heaps of fun today)
OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood (A game that tests your skateboarding skills to the max. Not my type of game, but that doesn’t matter much).

Tier 2: Pay $6.45 to also unlock:

Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition (one of the funniest games you can ever play, that’s equally challenging too!)
GRID 2 (An iconic game in the series. It hasn’t aged really well, but still worth playing if you haven’t done so when it hit the stores in 2012)
Alpha Protocol (RPG, Stealth and a lot of greatness in this highly underrated classic)
Operation Flashpoint: Red River (Fast paced shooter)

Tier 3: Pay $9 or more to also unlock:

Stronghold Crusader 2 (The RTS game that is responsible for many sleepless nights, be warned!)
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – an adventure game that really brings this bundle to life, following Telltale’s signature gameplay and multiple choices.

These would be 10 games that you can get for as low as $9. It’s a steal for sure, especially if you don’t have some of these classics in your library. So click here to get yours ASAP.

Yes, these are older games than what we’re used to getting from the Humble Store, but they really follow this bundle’s theme: One Special Day. Because these were indeed special games when they were released and if you haven’t played them, now you have the chance to do so (most likely at maximum visual levels too for the best experience). Enjoy!

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Big Big Baller Mobile Game Review: Oddly Satisfying

big big baller review featured

I rarely get hooked on a game as fast as I did with Big Big Baller. Basically, as soon as I started playing for the first time, I knew that I won’t be able to put it down for a while. Yes – it took me 15 games to finally leave the bathroom, legs numb but happy.

So… what is this Big Big Baller game you probably never heard of?

Well, it is an amazing mobile game that takes a bit (actually, a lot) in concept from Namco’s original Katamari Damacy. But unlike the console game and its follow-ups, Big Big Baller takes everything to the next level by introducing the secret ingredient: multiplayer.

Basically, if you’ve played any of the .io games in the past (like or you basically know what this game is all about. Just sprinkle a lot of Katamary Damacy touches, add a time limit of 2 minutes per round and things will get crazy really fast.

Crazy in a good way. Big Big Baller is oddly satisfying, despite it being insanely repetitive and – if we are to be honest – not really original.

But everything about this game is flawless: from the short, fast paced rounds of just two minutes, to the number of players and the extremely high quality visuals, everything is great!

You control your ball by dragging your finger over the screen, and your goal is to crash into as many objects as possible, absorb them and grow to be the biggest ball at the end of the round. Pure Katamari style!

The thing is that now you’re competing with other players for the limited resources on the map and these players can either crush you to bits – or you can crush them and absorb the items they had gathered and get bigger. This is what makes it so much fun: the multiplayer element.

The game is also built in such a nice way that, even if you are at the bottom after 30 seconds of play time, a bit of luck and inspiration can quickly turn things around and make you the leader. Just play a smart game, play a good game and strategize a bit and you can do it. The nice folks over at Touch Tap Play shared some tips and tricks to help you get there and trust me when I say that it is doable!

And insanely fun! Especially when you can complete various achievements to unlock additional skins for your ball – or pay using the coins you unlock after each round to get your favorite skin. These don’t do anything to affect the core gameplay and are just for looks and bragging rights.

In the end, Big Big Baller is exactly as a mobile game should be: easy to learn, relatively difficult to master and insanely fun. It’s well made, well balanced and plays without error. The quick rounds are brilliant and you really can’t put it down once you start playing.

So if you have an afternoon or three to waste, make sure to download the game right now for free. It’s available on iOS only right now, but hopefully an Android version is in the works and hitting the Google Play store soon.

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How to Set Up the Perfect Man Cave

how to set up the perfect man cave

It must be every man’s dream to have their very own man cave – a place that he can escape to in the comfort of his own home and enjoy peace, solitude, and the opportunity to play to his heart’s content, no matter what’s going on in the rest of the house. However, if you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in your home to create the perfect man cave, where do you begin when it comes to equipping and furnishing it?

In this guide, we help you to make all the right siting, decorating and purchasing decisions so that you can design a man cave that ticks all your boxes and gives you the ideal sanctuary where you can hide away from the world and really indulge in all your masculine passions!

Step One – Choosing A Location
The very first thing you need to do when creating your man cave is to find the perfect location in your home. Obviously, you may have little choice over this element – if you only have one spare room in your house that will obviously be the one that you have to use. However, if you have a number of options, you might want to consider some of the most popular spots. Attic conversions are often a good choice since they are well away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the home. Alternatively, a garden shed or garage could be the right option for you, especially if you have a large family and want complete peace and quiet out of range of those noisy kids! Some people choose to use a spare bedroom while others opt for the basement where they can stretch out and really relax.

Step Two – Decorating Your Space
Once you’ve made the all-important decision of where to locate your man cave, the next stage is to decorate it to suit your tastes and requirements. You may want to consider insulating and sound-proofing the space so that you won’t disturb the rest of the house and the rest of the household won’t disturb you! You may want to paint the walls a bright shade to reflect your vibrant personality or to lighten a dark space. Alternatively, a dark shade on the walls could add to the atmosphere if you want to create a sense of being in a theater or gaming space.

Step Three – Selecting Furniture And Accessories
Comfortable seating is a vital component of any man cave. A cozy sofa, a well padded office chair at the PC, or a state of the art gaming chair placed in front of your favorite console may be items that you wish to consider. Other furnishings you might want to include are tables (for holding drinks and magazines), a shelf for displaying your top gaming titles (or your sporting trophies) and a few compact chairs for seating your friends when they come round. You’ll probably also want to add a small set of drawers or a compact cabinet where you can store items such as your game controllers, spare batteries, headphones and extension cables when you aren’t using them.

Step Four – Consider Lighting
A dimmer switch for your lighting could be perfect if you want the freedom to vary light levels to suit the different activities that you plan to do, and curtains or shades will almost certainly be essential if you want to watch TV or play video games without sunlight spoiling the experience. You might even want to add some mood lighting in the form of a couple of small lamps.

Step Five – Choosing Equipment
Now we come to the fun part! Choosing all of the key equipment that you want to add to your man cave is an exciting task that you should think about carefully. A TV is, of course, an essential, although the size of the screen will depend on the size of your space. You’ll certainly want to install your favorite gaming consoles and perhaps your PC or laptop. A mini-fridge and a bar are two popular items that many men include in their man cave design, while many more choose to add juke boxes or pinball machines. Sporting equipment can also add even more entertainment value. Whether you’ve always wanted your own table tennis table, pool table or dartboard, this is a must-have. If you play a musical instrument, this is the ideal spot in your home to keep it. This is especially the case if you’ve chosen to sound-proof your space since you can even practice your drumming or channel your inner Slash on your electric guitar without waking up the entire neighborhood!

Step Six – The Final Touches
The last step in finalizing your man cave is choosing the last few touches to complete the look. Decorations for your walls could come in the form of favorite photos, neon signs or funny posters with hilarious slogans. You could frame posters from your favorite video games, bands or movies, or even put up some of your own artwork if you have hidden talents! Finally, it’s time to display all of your treasured memorabilia. From your Star Wars toy collection to your sporting trophies, and from your signed baseball glove to your photos of key moments in your life, your man cave is the ideal spot to showcase all of the items that are most precious to you. Spread a scattering of gaming magazines around on the table, put out all of your coolest gadgets and any other unusual and unique items that you’ve picked up over the years, and your man cave is good to go!

Now that you’ve completed your man cave, it’s time to invite all your mates around for fun and games – although you might want to enjoy your first gaming session in your own special space on your own before letting all the guys in! You’re sure to love your new man cave, and you’re bound to wonder why you didn’t create one sooner! Enjoy!

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Destiny 2 Forsaken: Gambit Tips & Tricks to Guide Your Team to Victory

Destiny 2 gambit guide

Even though the new campaign in Destiny 2 Forsaken is not to be ignored as it delivers a ton of goodies, the biggest thing is the Gambit mode in the game. I absolutely love this new mode and decided to take a break from playing in order to share with you some Destiny 2 Gambit tips and tricks in what will hopefully become a complete strategy guide.

Things are pretty much obvious when general rules and mechanics are concerned, but we’re going to talk about these as well. And there are indeed some things that will help you and your team do better in Destiny 2’s first PvEvP arena that will surely become a must have in other similar games out there.

But let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below some Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit tips and tricks to keep on winning!

Gather Motes
This is obviously the most basic thing, but also one of the most important things that you should do in your game. Gathering motes is vital for your success, so make sure that you roam around and destroy enemies, gathering motes in the process. And the best part here is that you don’t need to be a very skilled player in order to do this.

Bank your Motes wisely
Gathering Motes is important, but you should also bank them at the right time in order to get the most out of this.

Depending on the amount you have collected, you can summon various blockers which will make your opponents’ lives a lot more difficult. And hoarding for the top Blockers is not always the best idea – a steady flow of level 1 and 2 blockers might be just as difficult to deal with.

So bank your motes wisely, having in mind that it’s usually better to deposit them in smaller chunks – but do so more often than otherwise. However, if you feel that you need to wait to summon the Ogre, take your time! It all depends on how the game plays out.

Summon Blockers
There are three types of blockers that you can send over as a gift to the enemy team and each requires a bit more Motes to summon:

– 5 Motes – Level 1 Blocker (Taken Phalanx)
– 10 Motes – Level 2 Blocker (Taken Knight)
– 15 Motes – Level 3 Blocker (Ogre)

As I said previously, I consider it a better idea to constantly send over level 1 blockers and level 2 ones instead of waiting a lot of time to collect enough for the Ogre. But see how the game goes and how active and good your teammates are and send Blockers accordingly.

Communicate with your team & assign roles
Communication is key to success in the Gambit mode and you should make sure to always talk to your team mates and decide what each of you should do and strategize a bit.

There are various roles you can have as a player and it’s usually a good idea to spread things out, then mix and match with your teammates. You can be the designated Invader if your PvP skills are good, you can be the Motes hunter or the one who takes out Blockers and enemy invaders from a distance.

Make sure to constantly communicate with your teammates in order to develop the best strategy for your current situation and make sure you stick to it!

Your loadout matters
Since this is a pretty unique game mode, a solid loadout that’s great for PvP might not always be the best choice here. In Gambit, you’re mostly playing against NPCs, so setting up a loadout that’s more suitable for that is preferred.

However, the loadout will be greatly influenced by the role you will play in the new game mode. If you’ll be the designated invader, then you will indeed need PvP-oriented items. If not, weapons like shotguns, sniper rifles and fusion rifles are a good choice, as is anything that deals massive damage to NPCs and works well against them.

A particular weapon that I had great success with is the Wardcliff Coil – great at taking out the NPCs while bringing in perks like Rampage and Auto-Loading Holster will help tremendously.

Prioritize the Invader
Whenever the enemy team sends over their invader, you have to be quick in dealing with that threat. This means to put communication to good use and find their location ASAP, then leave everything behind and work on taking out the invader as fast as possible.

The faster you deal with the Invader, the faster you’ll be able to resume working on the motes and winning your round.

Kill your Primeval’s Lieutenants first
The Envoys that spawn once the Primeval is summoned should be the first ones to take down. Even though they have a lot of health, it’s worth focusing on them because you get some team perks for doing so and you’re also making the main enemy more difficult to destroy.

After you manage to take out these additional bad boys, the Primeval will melt quickly, so it’s worth taking your time to zoom out of all the chaos that’s most likely surrounding you and focus your fire power on taking them out first.

These would be all our tips and tricks for fellow Gambit mode enthusiasts. If you have additional advice to share with other players, take some time and let us know by commenting below.

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