Ergonomics, Hygiene and More: 5 Handy Lifehacks for Gamers

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Whether playing on a PC or a console, there’s not much better than a game that really draws you in. To make sure that you enjoy the game to its fullest there are some things to consider to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your playing of the game.

1. Pay attention to Security

More and more games are available on the internet and/or played online such as the time-honoured World of Warcraft (soon to have a movie included in the franchise) and Elder Scrolls Online that both have a huge following and online community. There is also a huge community of iGamers playing casino and betting games online as well. For any type of game that involves going online it is important to make sure that only reliable and trusted sources are used to prevent inadvertently downloading viruses and malware. According to America’s Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, iGamers should pay special attention to their own security especially if attending a LAN party and only take a PC that has no sensitive or personal data on it. Any PC or internet-enabled device needs to have some form of protection from online threats such as an antivirus/antimalware program and that needs to be kept up-to-date with the latest virus definitions after all it cannot protect against new threats if it is not aware of them.

2. Ergonomics for Gamers

Gamers tend to spend long hours either in front of the PC or games console when playing so it is important to pay attention to the local environment to minimise any potential health risks. An ergonomic chair is a first sensible step because it also supports the body during hours of sitting and prevents muscle cramps. The optimal sitting position on the PC is made up of several factors:

– The back is upright and straight
– The legs are bent at right angles
– The feet stand firmly on the floor
– The elbows also lie at right angles on the table surface

Occasionally standing up and small breaks are also useful from an ergonomic point of view. If you want to keep yourself fit, you can plan a small office exercise as well. Ergonomics, however, affect not only the larger extremities, but also the fingers as they get the most use whilst playing. A normal mouse may not be suitable if spending long hours in front of the PC and it can be better to use a specially designed ergonomic mouse such as ones which support the hand optimally when playing. There are even ergonomic keyboards that are specially designed with the gamer in mind which can greatly reduce the stresses that gamers place on their hands.

3. The optimal food

The type of foods that are stereotypically linked with gaming enthusiasts typically have a high sugar and caffeine content which could be considered necessary for maintaining an edge over other players but can be more harmful in both the long and short term. Gamers should consider water and fresh fruit as an alternative to help boost performance and endurance.

4. Hygiene on PC and console

Keyboards, Mice and game controllers are in constant contact with the gamers hands so it is important to keep both hands and the peripherals clean. Not only does this keep the gamer healthy but by cleaning off the oils and sweat from them can help keep a more consistent grip on the device. Keyboards especially should be cleaned regularly and for mice and game controllers, disinfectant wipes are easily and readily available.

Image Source: Will Stephenson via Pinterest

5. Eliminate everything that is time-consuming

Long waiting times can be very annoying more so when playing so it is important to make sure that you are well prepared to either eliminate or reduce any potential waiting that can cut into your gaming time. Some simple ways that you can prevent wait times include making sure that any wireless peripherals are either already charged or have fresh batteries (maybe even have spare batteries to hand so they can be changed quickly if need be. Making sure that you regularly check for and install updates can also reduce the time you spend waiting and if need be check an hour or two before you plan to play to make sure that when it comes to play time that you are ready to go without any further disruption.

However you prepare to play and whatever you play, always remember to have fun and be safe.

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Top 5 Gaming Apps in 2017

top mobile games featured

Several years ago, nobody believed that smartphones would take over the gaming world and become the dominant platform, beating the established consoles or the good ol’ personal computer. But they did and now mobile games are played by everybody, everywhere.

There are no limits when it comes to genres either: from racing to strategy, from first person shooters to gambling apps, from RPGs to casual time wasters, you have tons of games available on mobile. And, in most cases they are free to play, hence their growing popularity.

With hundreds of thousands of apps available on the App Store or Google’s Play Store and with tens of new games launched each day, it’s easy to miss some of the best titles out there. In today’s article, we’re making sure that you’re playing the best of the best on your mobile by sharing the top 5 gaming apps to play in 2017.

It is difficult to create a list that will keep everybody happy – we do know that, especially when the offer is so vast – and this is the reason why we’re trying to mix and match all genres. Keep an open mind and try them all: these are all great apps and you will have a ton of fun playing them. Guaranteed!

So let’s check out the top gaming apps in 2017 below:

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Jaw dropping visuals, fast paced racing and stunts that defy the rules of physics: these are some of the things that make the Asphalt series of racing games absolutely amazing. The latest in the franchise takes everything up a level, delivering some of the best graphics seen on mobile, non stop action and endless possibilities to feed your need for speed.

Infinite drifts, jumping through the air like you’re on steroids, smashing opponents’ cars just because you can and roaring engines… This is what Asphalt 8: Airborne is all about, and a lot more. The best part? It is all available for free, so you have nothing to lose if you give it a try. So make sure you do so!

The Naked Gun Slots

This brilliant slots game is based on an equally brilliant comedy featuring Leslie Nielsen, the comedic genius of the 1980s. In the game, you will meet characters from the original movie, like Frank Drebin himself, the beautiful blonde Jane Spencer (Priscilla Presley) and more. A real treat, especially for those who enjoyed the original movie and want to take it for a spin. Literally.

The game itself is a 5-reel 20-line slot with various innovative features that keep you glued to your phone’s display. I personally love the Roaming Wild feature, for example, where wilds roam free increasing your winnings to unbelievable levels. From the soundtrack that fits the late 80s theme perfectly, to masterfully matched graphics, you have everything you can wish for from a slots game, and some extras to sweeten the deal.

All you have to do is to download the William Hill iOS and Android apps here and you can give The Naked Gun slots a try, as well as get access to a even more similarly spectacular games that will feed your gambling hunger!

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Although it’s been a few years since Blizzard have launched this amazing CCG on mobile, it kept growing and getting better with each year that passed. Brand new cards, extremely balanced decks and cards and endless possibilities – these are some of the features that make it such an amazing game.

Although not really beginner friendly – especially if you start today and are a bit behind in terms of cards you have, Hearthstone is beautiful and amazing on all levels. If you’re up for a real challenge and you’re ready to invest tens of hours playing a game, you should pick this one. It’s brilliant!

Titanfall: Assault

Based on the popular video game Titanfall, this MOBA has been greatly overlooked by the gaming world, despite the fact that it is incredibly well done. Pilots, Titans and intense battles are part of the experience – and it’s one experience you shouldn’t miss.

I’ve seen many people compare it to Clash Royale – including reputable journalists – but it’s nothing like it. It’s much better, in my opinion. Just the option to send the mighty titans into battle and outsmart your opponents’ with your fast pilots makes it worth playing. Especially since it’s completely free.

Radiation Island

If open world experiences and intense fights for survival are your thing, then Radiation Island offers everything you’re looking for. Crafting, great controls and an intriguing world to explore, as well as close and usually violent encounters: all these are part of Radiation Island where anything can be turned into something better.

This is another game that managed to fly well under the radar, but one you should definitely try. Not the easiest in terms of controls and definitely one to prove that gaming controllers for mobiles should be a bigger thing that they are, but surely one of the best games to play this year! So make sure you give it a try!

These would be our recommendations. Don’t hesitate to share yours: I’m sure we can expand this list to 100 titles without even scratching the surface.

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Mobile News

Casino App Store for Real Money Games

cherry rush

Since its inception, the Google Play Store has refused to offer any kind of real play casino apps. This has been a source of extreme frustration for users who want to enjoy gambling. Cherry Rush, a new app store, has recently been released fulfilling a much needed niche for Android gamers.

To see what Cherry Rush can offer, check out their website at Here you can find a lot of helpful information as well as link to download their app for your Android phone. Cherry Rush offers a list of all the apps they endorse which is rather lengthy. If you’re looking for a shorter list from which to choose, then you may wish to check out sections like “Highly Recommended Apps”. These apps have the highest ratings from players and are established favourites. These apps are a great place to start when looking for a real play casino. They adhere to the highest standards and offer some of the moist lucrative jackpots.

Cherry Rush also looks a little further into what games are being offered at the real play apps. Their site includes a section known as “Great Games of the Week”. This area of the site highlights three casino apps to try out. Clicking their icon provides additional information to consult to determine if you wish to give the app a spin. If you aren’t sure, remember all apps are free to download so you can try them out for free without any sort of obligation. However, Cherry Rush is pretty confident in their recommendations and you may find your new favourite mobile casino from their recommendations.

No longer do Android users have to feel left out in the cold in regards to real play casino apps. Cherry Rush has ushered in a whole new era for gambling fans. See what all the excitement is about today!

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EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard Free

easeus recovery free featured

How many times have you decided to finally go on a deleting spree to free up some much needed disk space on your computer and ended up deleting one file too many? Or how many times have you accidentally ended up clicking where you shouldn’t and it resulted in the deletion of a very important document that certainly should not have been deleted?

The feeling after such an event can be that of despair and helplessness. However, EaseUS has now introduced a solution that can rid you of the worry of misplaced and accidentally deleted files and photos: the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free software.

The installation process is akin to any other application or software and quite assistive and self explanatory. It is a .exe file which can be downloaded from the EaseUS data recovery software website.

The interface is extremely simple and easy to use and consists of a minimum number of buttons or icons. The menu icon located at the top of the screen can be used to access everything of note. The simplicity of the interface makes it the easiest to work with as it is to-the-point and distraction-less.

You will begin from the Home page where you will be able to select which type of files you wish to scan for, including graphics, audio, video, documents, or emails. The next step is to select which hard drive you wish to search through. You may search through them one by one.

The next part is to scan your drive for your missing file. There are two options you can choose from: quick scan or deep scan. The quick scan lasts a few minutes and turns up hundreds of hidden or deleted files for you to navigate through but it is a superficial search. The deep scan is much more thorough and turns up millions of files but takes a few hours longer. You can pause the scan at any point and view the so-far recovered files if you think you have found your targeted file.

You can save your scan results by pressing the ‘Export Scan Status’ option and view the file later. You can select the file you want to recover and do so by right clicking on it. If there are multiple files you wish to save, then you can select them all and press the ‘Recover’ button situated at the bottom of the window. You will be asked where you want sh to save them and you can select according to your wish.

The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the ultimate solution to all problems related to accidental deletion or misplacement of files of any kind, whether it be documents, audio, video, or photos. Choose the safer path and secure the safety of your files through this easy to use and very accessible free data recovery software.

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A Legend Is Brought Back to Life: Age of Empires IV Announced

age of empires 4 announced

Age of Empires II was one of the games that I played until my eyes started bleeding. More or less, but the idea is that I played it a lot in my youth. I loved the other games as well, but not as much as the second in the series.

And now I am extremely excited to find out that Microsoft is planning to bring another AoE game to life: Age of Empires 4!

During a press conference at this year’s Gamescom in Germany, the company announced Age of Empires IV – and had an announcement trailer ready for the audience, which I’m sharing below:

The development will be handled by Relic, the company behind Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, which might have a few people raise their eyebrows, but since the original developers no longer exist – the studio being disbanded by Microsoft after purchasing it, this is a good as it gets.

Right now, all the excitement comes from nostalgia only and the thought of playing a brand new AoE game. Because apart from that, Microsoft didn’t share much – not even a potential release date, not anything but the trailer which isn’t showing much either.

But in case all goes wrong, we’ll still have the chance to play the classics and do it in style. I am saying that because Microsoft also announced that Definitive Editions are coming for AoE 2 and Aoe 3. They will come with 4K visuals and will be exclusive to Windows 10. So, yes, there are still options – sooner than the release of Age of Empires 4, as well since Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition launches on October 19th.

Ah, good times are coming!

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The Unlikely Role of Twitch in Reviving Online Poker in America


Twitch has grown to become the leading streaming platform for video gaming with a huge number of eSports teams and well-known professionals and video game enthusiasts sharing their virtual endeavors with a large viewing audience. Since the very beginning, gaming and Twitch seemed to have hit it of perfectly, creating a situation favorable to everyone: the platform, players, and the audience.

In the midst of all that, online poker slowly found its way into the streaming community. Although much different from the video games seen on other popular channels, a number of players saw Twitch as an opportunity to popularize online poker and, potentially, earn something in the process.

With time, the popularity of online poker channels on Twitch has been growing, with some streamers, such as Tonka, Jaime Staples, and recently Doug Polk (WCGRider), have gathered quite a big following.

For the first time in a while, young people from the US, who mostly had no exposure to online poker, were introduced to the game. The interest is clearly there, even if some of these people have no real experience with poker, so the question is: could Twitch play a crucial role in reviving online poker in America?

Reinventing the US online poker boom via Twitch

Whichever way anyone would like to think about it, the fact is that the interest for online poker in the US has been on a rapid decline. This is perfectly normal because young generations have no particular interest in the game they can’t really play, and many seasoned players often don’t want to deal with all the problems that come with playing at offshore sites accepting signups from the States.

This is where Twitch comes in as one thing that could keep the flame burning and at least pique the interest of the young crowd that hangs out on the platform. With many good American-based players streaming their online poker efforts, these people have an opportunity, for the first time, to see what the game is all about, how it is played, and what kind of a potential it offers.

Many of those who see online poker streams reach out to streamers to find out more. Many of them aren’t even sure if the game is played for real money, which goes to show that the popularity of online poker in the United States has declined quite a bit. But, by exposing people to the game, especially when playing on the sites that actually accept US players, interest in the game is being kept alive.

Quality of poker streams is crucial

There are many good online poker players out there, without a doubt. However, not all of them are fit to be Twitch streamers. If the fire for online poker is to be rekindled with young potential players from the USA, there needs to be more than just quality poker.

The fact is, most of them don’t really know what it means to play good poker.

Those streamers who are good at interacting with their audiences, answering their questions (even if they sometimes seem “stupid”), and are able to hype the things up are the ones who can turn things for the better. This is especially true for the likes of Doug Polk, who often streams the play from the US-friendly or regulated sites, and it is somewhat disappointing he decided to move all of his streaming almost exclusively to YouTube.

The Twitch crowd can be quite demanding, especially in a sense they primarily seek entertainment, and playing good tight poker can oftentimes be rather dull. That’s why it is important to have a kind of personality and charisma to keep people interested and engaged throughout, creating in them a desire to explore what online poker has to offer. Otherwise, they’ll just move on to watch something else.

The snowball is rolling to increase poker site popularity to Americans

One problem Twitch online poker streamers have to face, though, is the fact that it is hard to get through to the audience and actually create a fan base. Those on the top, like jcarver, Tonka, and Staples, pretty much have a monopoly, as their streams are the ones that people always click on. For others looking to stream, this is somewhat disheartening and begs the question if it is worth their time.

Clearly, the more streams there are, the more exposure there is for online poker, which is crucial for the revival of the game popularity in the USA. However, one can hardly expect people to embrace these noble goals and put them before their personal ones.

So, Twitch could do and is already doing a lot for the popularity of online poker in the States, at least keeping things alive while we’re awaiting some kind of a regulation. Whether this will be enough and when we can expect a reasonable regulation to be enforced remains to be seen.

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Going Mainstream? – ESports Getting Huge Opportunity!

esports arena

The early part of 2017 is going to be a major time for E-Gaming as it gets its first look inside a Las Vegas land-casino. The Luxor has decided to convert one of its nightclubs to an E-Gaming room which will be called ESports Arena. The room will play host to tournaments as well as enabling players to play one another at such times that tournaments are not taking place.

There are a handful of casinos in Las Vegas which are currently accepting bets on major ESports events, as well as many online casinos outside of the United States doing same. Furthermore, there are a number of sites that circumvent the laws concerning minors being able to gamble by accepting gambling, “Skins,” which can then be sold for actual real-world currency, in lieu of cash deposits. Of course, the majority of those sites are operating in a very dark gray, if not outright black, area of the law.

Of course, for individuals to place E-Gaming bets in land casinos in Las Vegas in perfectly legal provided the individual making the bets is of legal gaming age. Furthermore, the overseas sites that accept such wagers in tournaments such as CS:GO (and others) are operating legally. Unfortunately, players within the United States cannot access those sites.

Allied ESports, a tournament organizer, will be partnering (as they do) with ESports Arena Las Vegas to organize the tournaments and broadcast them live. Currently, as most gamers know, many of the major tournaments and games are already broadcast on various live streaming feeds.

The presence of one of these venues in Las Vegas may represent a new way to attract millennials to the casinos, which is almost certainly the ends that the Luxor is striving towards. The presence of the actual arena in the Luxor will enable bettors to place their wagers and, occupancy-permitting, be able to watch the ESporting event in question live in the arena.

It is difficult to say whether or not the revenues, including any revenue-sharing that may be taking place with the Luxor via advertisements during the events will result in an overall profit, (along with the actual wagering). However, the mere fact that Luxor is willing to make this attempt goes a long way towards legitimizing ESports. Furthermore, while ESports is certainly not a small market, a physical presence in a high-profile city such as Las Vegas may serve to market the concept to those who may only be loosely familiar, or completely unfamiliar, with it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to checking the whole thing out once it is up and going and I certainly hope it can find enough of a base in Las Vegas to justify the costs of putting the whole thing on. I could certainly see this spreading, at least in terms of more betting locations opening up their books for ESports events. If that happens, everyone benefits and the events might even gain some other casinos as co-sponsors.

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