The Unlikely Role of Twitch in Reviving Online Poker in America


Twitch has grown to become the leading streaming platform for video gaming with a huge number of eSports teams and well-known professionals and video game enthusiasts sharing their virtual endeavors with a large viewing audience. Since the very beginning, gaming and Twitch seemed to have hit it of perfectly, creating a situation favorable to everyone: the platform, players, and the audience.

In the midst of all that, online poker slowly found its way into the streaming community. Although much different from the video games seen on other popular channels, a number of players saw Twitch as an opportunity to popularize online poker and, potentially, earn something in the process.

With time, the popularity of online poker channels on Twitch has been growing, with some streamers, such as Tonka, Jaime Staples, and recently Doug Polk (WCGRider), have gathered quite a big following.

For the first time in a while, young people from the US, who mostly had no exposure to online poker, were introduced to the game. The interest is clearly there, even if some of these people have no real experience with poker, so the question is: could Twitch play a crucial role in reviving online poker in America?

Reinventing the US online poker boom via Twitch

Whichever way anyone would like to think about it, the fact is that the interest for online poker in the US has been on a rapid decline. This is perfectly normal because young generations have no particular interest in the game they can’t really play, and many seasoned players often don’t want to deal with all the problems that come with playing at offshore sites accepting signups from the States.

This is where Twitch comes in as one thing that could keep the flame burning and at least pique the interest of the young crowd that hangs out on the platform. With many good American-based players streaming their online poker efforts, these people have an opportunity, for the first time, to see what the game is all about, how it is played, and what kind of a potential it offers.

Many of those who see online poker streams reach out to streamers to find out more. Many of them aren’t even sure if the game is played for real money, which goes to show that the popularity of online poker in the United States has declined quite a bit. But, by exposing people to the game, especially when playing on the sites that actually accept US players, interest in the game is being kept alive.

Quality of poker streams is crucial

There are many good online poker players out there, without a doubt. However, not all of them are fit to be Twitch streamers. If the fire for online poker is to be rekindled with young potential players from the USA, there needs to be more than just quality poker.

The fact is, most of them don’t really know what it means to play good poker.

Those streamers who are good at interacting with their audiences, answering their questions (even if they sometimes seem “stupid”), and are able to hype the things up are the ones who can turn things for the better. This is especially true for the likes of Doug Polk, who often streams the play from the US-friendly or regulated sites, and it is somewhat disappointing he decided to move all of his streaming almost exclusively to YouTube.

The Twitch crowd can be quite demanding, especially in a sense they primarily seek entertainment, and playing good tight poker can oftentimes be rather dull. That’s why it is important to have a kind of personality and charisma to keep people interested and engaged throughout, creating in them a desire to explore what online poker has to offer. Otherwise, they’ll just move on to watch something else.

The snowball is rolling to increase poker site popularity to Americans

One problem Twitch online poker streamers have to face, though, is the fact that it is hard to get through to the audience and actually create a fan base. Those on the top, like jcarver, Tonka, and Staples, pretty much have a monopoly, as their streams are the ones that people always click on. For others looking to stream, this is somewhat disheartening and begs the question if it is worth their time.

Clearly, the more streams there are, the more exposure there is for online poker, which is crucial for the revival of the game popularity in the USA. However, one can hardly expect people to embrace these noble goals and put them before their personal ones.

So, Twitch could do and is already doing a lot for the popularity of online poker in the States, at least keeping things alive while we’re awaiting some kind of a regulation. Whether this will be enough and when we can expect a reasonable regulation to be enforced remains to be seen.

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Gaming News

Going Mainstream? – ESports Getting Huge Opportunity!

esports arena

The early part of 2017 is going to be a major time for E-Gaming as it gets its first look inside a Las Vegas land-casino. The Luxor has decided to convert one of its nightclubs to an E-Gaming room which will be called ESports Arena. The room will play host to tournaments as well as enabling players to play one another at such times that tournaments are not taking place.

There are a handful of casinos in Las Vegas which are currently accepting bets on major ESports events, as well as many online casinos outside of the United States doing same. Furthermore, there are a number of sites that circumvent the laws concerning minors being able to gamble by accepting gambling, “Skins,” which can then be sold for actual real-world currency, in lieu of cash deposits. Of course, the majority of those sites are operating in a very dark gray, if not outright black, area of the law.

Of course, for individuals to place E-Gaming bets in land casinos in Las Vegas in perfectly legal provided the individual making the bets is of legal gaming age. Furthermore, the overseas sites that accept such wagers in tournaments such as CS:GO (and others) are operating legally. Unfortunately, players within the United States cannot access those sites.

Allied ESports, a tournament organizer, will be partnering (as they do) with ESports Arena Las Vegas to organize the tournaments and broadcast them live. Currently, as most gamers know, many of the major tournaments and games are already broadcast on various live streaming feeds.

The presence of one of these venues in Las Vegas may represent a new way to attract millennials to the casinos, which is almost certainly the ends that the Luxor is striving towards. The presence of the actual arena in the Luxor will enable bettors to place their wagers and, occupancy-permitting, be able to watch the ESporting event in question live in the arena.

It is difficult to say whether or not the revenues, including any revenue-sharing that may be taking place with the Luxor via advertisements during the events will result in an overall profit, (along with the actual wagering). However, the mere fact that Luxor is willing to make this attempt goes a long way towards legitimizing ESports. Furthermore, while ESports is certainly not a small market, a physical presence in a high-profile city such as Las Vegas may serve to market the concept to those who may only be loosely familiar, or completely unfamiliar, with it.

Personally, I’m looking forward to checking the whole thing out once it is up and going and I certainly hope it can find enough of a base in Las Vegas to justify the costs of putting the whole thing on. I could certainly see this spreading, at least in terms of more betting locations opening up their books for ESports events. If that happens, everyone benefits and the events might even gain some other casinos as co-sponsors.

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Best Relaxing Games for PC: Play on Your Computer or Laptop in 2017

best relaxing games for PC featured

Even though competitive gaming is becoming more and more of a thing nowadays and most computer and video games challenge you to complete quests, destroy stuff or achieve something, gaming can and should also be considered a medium for relaxation. And in today’s article we’re going to share the best relaxing games for PC.

I know that some people might find it relaxing to destroy hordes of zombies, stop alien invasions or mash buttons in fighting games… but today we’re going to talk about something else. Relaxing games that run at a slower pace. Games that don’t rush you into doing anything. Games that you can play at your own pace: enjoy and relax at the same time. Be amazed. Rinse and repeat if needed.

Fortunately, there are a ton of relaxing games available on PC, from light adventure titles to more complex exploration titles or even simulations. All of the recommended ones are brilliantly beautiful though and I am sure you will have a great time playing them.

So let’s not waste any time! Let’s check out the best relaxing games for PC below.

Stardew Valley

This is basically a charming mixture of popular Nintendo titles Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Although there are goals and challenges in Stardew Valley and even some combat, you can play it at your own pace and do whatever you want. You can really sit back and relax with this one – and most people I know actually play it for this exact reason: to relieve stress.

I didn’t really believe how amazing this game actually is until I bought it and installed it. It has something that clicks with you instantly and you can’t help but fall in love with it. Really. Try it!

The game is also getting a highly anticipated multiplayer mode in early 2018, making even better and more enjoyable. So definitely get this one if you’re looking for a great relaxing game!

Click here to check out Stardew Valley on Steam


Explore the incredible underwater hidden object world of Aquascapes. Take care of your finned friends. Play with them and watch as they interact with each other. Engage in unique gameplay as you earn money to customize your tank. Choose from a variety of vibrant backgrounds and charming decor to turn your tank into a design masterpiece.

With each fish sporting a unique personality and so many things to do in this relaxing game, you might actually end up buying a real aquarium for your home (which, by the way, is also incredibly relaxing!)

These casual games are usually frowned upon by gamers, but the truth is that they are cute, easy to play and get the job done. Simplicity and cuteness is sometimes everything that you need – and that’s exactly what Aquascapes delivers.

Click here to check out Aquascapes on Big Fish Games

Bridge to Another World: Escape From Oz

Your day started out like any other day – you sent your kids off to school and settled in for some peace and quiet with your little dog, Toto. But your world is turned upside-down when a tornado suddenly appears and carries your house to the extraordinary land of Oz.

Now you find yourself in the middle of a fierce competition controlled by the mysterious Great Wizard. To earn your way back home, you and Toto must explore the four corners of Oz, facing enemies, obstacles, and puzzles at every turn!

Live the fairy tale life and relax exploring the beautiful world of OZ, all while solving puzzles and mysteries at your own pace, without any time limits or pressure. It’s a game that gives you the chance to have fun on your own terms.

Click here to check it out on Big Fish Games


You don’t have to love diving in order to fall in love with this diving simulator. Featuring some of the best sceneries seen in computer games recently, the game throws you in the water – literally – and tells you to start exploring.

There are quite a few exploration games available for PC and most of them are extremely relaxing, but ABZU takes things to a whole new level. There is a huge amount of things you can see and do in this game. And, the most important part: you will always end up in a fabulous place that you’ll have to take a screenshot of. Extremely beautiful indeed!

Click here to check out ABZU on Steam

Passpartout: The Starving Artist

A game that gives you an excuse for showing your creative side? All without actually challenging you to provide real works of art and usually rewarding the lack of talent? Sign me in!

Passpartout: The Starving Artist puts you in the shoes of a painter who has to keep on painting and make a living from selling his art… which isn’t easy. But it’s fun and, for some strange reasons, extremely relaxing.

Just don’t try too much here: the better you try to paint, the worst the results seem to be. I only spent a lot of time once in this game and the critics were brutal. That’s not relaxing, but I’ve learned my lesson and I had my fair share of fun since then. Give it a try: it’s strangely unique and beautiful!

Click here to check this game out on Steam


Relax and enjoy gorgeous puzzle designs made from materials such as glass, wood, fabric, stone, metal and paper. A truly unique take on puzzles for computer platforms, one that excels in execution. It’s clearly a game better suited for those who already love puzzles, and one of the best out there!

If you crave a bit of competition, you can test your skill in the exciting new Fever Mode… but if you don’t, you can still play the game at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful and original puzzles it offers.

Click here to get Patchworkz on Big Fish Games

Train Simulator 2017

It can’t be fun driving trains all day. I mean… there’s not really much to do than enjoy the scenery and maybe fall asleep every now and then.

For some reason, though, the Train Simulator franchise offers a lot more than that. It’s magically charming and addictive, insanely relaxing and fascinating. Yes, you don’t have a ton of things to do when driving trains around and you will never have to be on your toes, ready for god knows what disaster or crazy driver showing off… but you will have fun.

Just enjoy the view, take your time and maybe turn on a fan nearby to feel the breeze. Simple, relaxing fun!

Click here to check out Train Simulator 2017 on Steam


An exciting adventure game that’s more than it first catches the eye at first. A game that really touches your feelings and rewards you on so many levels – there’s really no other way to describe Meadow!

This online multiplayer game (or social experience – you can really call it that) is related to the Shelter series for those who have played it. For those who didn’t it’s no problem: you can start with Meadow and be part of something beautifully unique.

Explore, create your own animal, interact with others using only emotes and sounds, unlock goodies and fall in love with the game. A truly relaxing experience!

Click here to check out Meadow on Steam

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

You wouldn’t think that a game about the apocalypse could ever be considered relaxing (unless you’re a really peculiar individual). I mean… doomsdays are about monsters, atomic bombs, screaming and shouting… right?

Well, not in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. This a game set in an eerie English village where, just like the title suggests, everybody’s gone.

It’s up for you to freely explore the areas and find out what happened. But there’s no pressure on you. You can do whatever you want. You can explore as much as you want – you can go anywhere and do anything. And most likely you will be stunned over and over again by the beautiful, serene landscapes that the game paints.

Click here to check out the game on Steam


Another exploration game here – one with very different graphics compared to what I’ve shared in this article so far. But sometimes even the zaniest visuals can hide amazing games!

The truth is that Proteus doesn’t have a story. It doesn’t have a challenge. There’s no real beginning and no end. All you have to do is explore a forest. A pixelated and intensely colored one, that is.

And still, with its vibrant soundtrack and well designed elements, as well as its fair share of surprises, this game is everything you need after a hard day at work or whenever you want to relax a bit. Or more. It’s your choice.

Click here to check out Proteus on Steam

These would be our recommended titles. Try them all if you haven’t done so and relax. It’s like these games were made for that. Enjoy!

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11 Quick Ways to Optimize Your PC Gaming Setup in 2017 (Hardware + Software)

optimize gaming 4

One big advantage PC gaming setups have over consoles is that with PC gaming you have the ability to customize, upgrade or optimize your setup quickly. Most PC internals can be swapped and upgraded in ways not possible with a traditional console. However, optimizing your PC for gaming can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are not well acquainted with the software, hardware, and configuration of your computer.

Gaming PCs are complex machines with intricate parts that often need to be fine-tuned to perform at their best. And with the ever-increasing demand for resources by modern games, optimizing your PC gaming setup is a no brainer. Thankfully, you do not need to be a technician or a hardcore tech enthusiast to make this happen.

With a few easy steps, you can improve your gaming setup to guarantee enhanced in-game performance and an overall better gaming experience. Here are 11 quick steps to improve the performance of your gaming setup today.

How to optimize your PC software

Traditionally, a PC gaming setup performance is judged first by its hardware components and their specifications. However, real world test quickly points out that the software side of things is every bit as important. Follow these simple steps to get your PC software primed for action.

Update your graphics drivers

The GPU is one of the most critical components for PC gaming. Hence, one of the top ways to improve your gaming setup is to ensure that the graphics unit is working in prime condition. The GPU drivers are the software that enables your operating system communicates efficiently with your GPU. Therefore, it is important to make sure that they are properly installed and up to date to ensure smooth game performance.

Each new game release brings on a new set of requirements. Hence, your graphics drivers may malfunction if they’re not equipped to handle any new game you throw at them—even if the GPU has enough power. Top GPU manufacturers like NVidia recognize this situation and regularly release updates to their graphic drivers to improve performance with old and newly released titles. To maintain peak in-game performance, ensure to regularly check for updates and grab the newest version of your graphics drivers as soon as you can.

Improve Game Settings with User Mods

Sometimes the problem with more modern games stems not from your graphics card, but from the game itself. When games are launched originally on PC, or both PC and consoles, they perform better on PC than on consoles. However, when a game is initially launched on a console and then ported to PC, the performance usually suffers on the PC. Usually, the bugs and technical glitches can be fixed by user-released mods and fixes. A typical example of this is the PC ports of Grand Theft Auto IV, which were incredibly underwhelming until the user mods saved the day.

To ensure you are up to date on the latest fix, make sure to follow user forums such as the Steam forums and the subreddit of that particular game.

Kill unnecessary background applications

Unlike a console, a gaming PC is not dedicated to gaming alone. A lot of other applications, and the operating system itself, and some third-party apps run continuously in the background and use small portions of your computer resources that can quickly add up. These background resources, in extreme cases, can significantly tax your RAM, CPU, and hard drive.

Yes, you need the operating system running to play games. However, a lot of other small processes can be turned off too drastically improve your game performance and overall gaming experience. An easy way to do this is to use an app like Game Booster. With Game Booster (by Razer,) you can disable most of the background process you don’t need to be turned on during your gaming session. Even better, you can set up Game Booster to automatically disable these processes once you launch a game. Furthermore, you can set rules to exclude specific applications that you want to remain active.

Alternatively, you can kill applications manually by using Windows task manager. Open Windows task manager by simultaneously pressing the CTRL, ALT, and Delete buttons on your keyboard. From here, you can disable any process you don’t want running during your gaming sessions. Be careful in task manager and avoid disabling any process that is related to the Windows OS or part of your computer hardware.

Clean up startup programs

Third party apps that startup with the Windows OS can severely impact the performance of your computer. Usually, the bulk of these processes have no business being turned on at startup.

You can prevent these programs and processes from turning on every time you switch on your PC by disallowing startup access from the system configuration. If you are on Windows 7, start up the search utility and search for “msconfig.exe.” Once you launch the tool, switch to the Startup tab and uncheck any uncritical items. Ensure not to disable any part of Windows functionality, such as the software components for your PC peripherals (keyboard and mouse.)

For Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, open the task manager by simultaneously pressing the CTRL, ALT, and Delete buttons. Switch to the “startup” tab and uncheck third party items that may hog your system performance.

Once you complete these settings, you need to reboot your computer for them to take effect.

Optimize Settings with GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved

GeForce Experience and AMD Gaming Evolved are software suites from the top two graphic card manufacturers to help improve your gaming performance. With these tools, you can adjust a lot of settings that directly affect the performance of games on your gaming setup.

Both platforms feature scalable presets that are adapted to match games on varying hardware configurations. Using these settings, you can easily adjust your system settings for improved performance or visual quality. These applications are great ways to start if you are not acquainted with the intricate details of fine-tuning a PC for gaming.


There is only so much you can get from software tweaks and enhancements. If your hardware components are not up to par, your gaming experience will be unable to keep up with the latest games. Thankfully, most components of gaming PCs can be easily swapped out for a newer, more capable version. Components you can easily upgrade include hard drives, graphics cards, and RAM.
Upgrade your hard drive to an SSD

One of the most significant hardware upgrades you can make to your gaming setup is the hard drive. Solid state drives (SSD) offer a sizable performance boost over traditional hard drives. When loading games from an SSD, there is a noticeable improvement in startup time, load time, and overall performance.

In recent times, the prices of SSDs have reached an all-time low, making them easily affordable for most people.

Upgrade your GPU

Another key upgrade outlet is the graphics card. Upgrading your graphics card will help improve the way your computer renders animations. The graphics card is of particular importance in a gaming setup, as most games feature intense graphics that require a series of complex animations. Upgrading your graphics card will improve the way your computer renders smooth movements, high frame rates and high-resolution graphics.

Some motherboards feature multiple PC-Express slots that allow you add multiple graphics cards using either AMD Crossfire or NVidia SLI. Adding multiple graphics cards can significantly boost your computer graphics performance. However, the catch is that all units utilized in a multiple graphics cards setup must be identical.

Add or upgrade RAM

With RAM, more is better. If you have available slots on your motherboard, you should look into getting more RAM. Higher amounts of RAM will noticeably boost the performance of your computer during gaming sessions.

Another dimension to upgrading RAM is swapping your RAM sticks for faster ones. However, the caveat is that more RAM is always better for gaming than faster RAM. This is because the game and other background processes will be competing for the same size of runtime memory, irrespective of how fast the RAM is.

RAM is the cheapest way to upgrade your gaming PC hardware, with up to 16GB of RAM selling for just over one hundred bucks.

Improve your overall gaming experience

Improving your gaming experience does not end with upgrading your PC software and hardware. You should ensure that you have a comfortable experience to enjoy gaming.

Get a good gaming chair

One significant improvement you can make to your gaming setup is investing in a good gaming chair. Most gaming chairs are fitted with features that encourage good posture and balance. An ergonomic gaming chair will greatly improve your comfort and reduce strain on your neck, shoulders and back. This is an especially significant investment if you engage in long gaming sessions often.
Poor seating will restrict to you sitting in a position that will inevitably cause significant strain on your neck, shoulders, upper and especially lower back.

Purchase an excellent gaming headset

One of the most important computer peripherals for gaming is the gaming headset. Compared to other alternatives for gaming sound systems, a quality gaming headset provides the best performance for price ratio. Headsets also offer additional advantages that a traditional sound system cannot provide. A gaming headset adds a microphone for communication, noise cancellation, and improved game immersion.

Gaming headsets come in different shapes and sizes. Their prices also cover a broad range with headsets prices ranging from under $50 to a few hundred bucks.

Tips for selecting the best gaming headset

Choosing a good headset for your gaming setup can quickly become a daunting task. The number of gaming headsets available on the market is endless, with offerings from both Sony and Xbox and other pieces from dedicated sound companies like JBL and Audio Technica. You could also pick up a gaming headset from any of the numerous small manufacturers worldwide.

When choosing a gaming headset, one of the most important metrics is your budget. You could get decent performance for less than 50 bucks, but the value offers are usually around the $100-$200 price range. Irrespective of your budget, you should be able to get a decent performer from the broad spectrum of options available to you. However, you should not expect a $60 gaming headset to perform like a premium $150 one.

To ensure an enjoyable gaming experience, you should aim for headsets that focus heavily on your comfort. Comfort is of particular importance, as even a good performer would be useless if you can keep it on for long periods at a stretch. A good gaming headset should rest comfortably on your head. Furthermore, it shouldn’t feel annoying or create any discomfort. You should pretty much forget that it’s there.

A good gaming headset should also produce decent sound with accurately rendered mids and lows. The headset should also support stereo surround. An excellent noise-cancelling microphone is also a must as it will significantly enhance your online multiplayer gaming sessions.

Other metrics worthy of note include the headset’s durability, build quality and aesthetics.

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I’m an Old Gamer and I Don’t Plan to Stop Playing!

old gamer let me play

A few days ago, I met an old friend with whom I used to play countless hours of Heroes of Might & Magic 3. The same person that used to come by to my house during the summer at 10-11 AM and not leave until 9-10 PM because we had important matches to win in Championship Manager 01/02. A gamer, just like myself.

Eventually, after finding out about his kids, after telling him stories about my son, after talking about back pain and hemorrhoids, the rising cost of living and the fact that our bodies couldn’t handle as much alcohol as they did back in the days, I asked the question:

“So, what are you playing nowadays?”

Oh, boy, the look I received as an answer! I thought that he’s about to call the cops, to call a mental institution and plead for them to take me in. Or at least go tell my parents that I’ve been bad.

“I no longer play games,” he replied eventually, clearly disgusted by the idea. “I am, you know… an adult now”.

So, what? Adults are no longer allowed to play video games? Just because I am old, I have to stop playing? Is there an age limit for defeating hordes of alien invaders, blowing building up or teabagging fallen enemies in online FPS games?

Well, hell no! I am and old(er) gamer and I plan to keep on playing for as long as I have money to buy me some games. And if I no longer have them, I don’t mind jumping into the freemium crap that would keep me entertained for a while.

Heck, I can’t wait for my son – who’s 4 right now – to get older, so I can kick his ass in Mortal Kombat 28 or team up with him and wreak havoc against enemy troops in whatever Star Wars shooter will be popular when he’s older. This would actually be like a dream come true for me: bond with my son in front of the large TV screen, having endless hours of fun playing video games.

You’re never too old for that. And I am definitely not that old. I’m almost 33, for God’s sake! Many people my age don’t even know what career path to follow, yet they’re starting to consider themselves too “grown up” to play games.

NO, thank you! I taught my mom how to play Heroes of Might and Magic 2 when she was 50+. She later upgraded to HoMM 3, loved Civ 2 and 3 and a few months ago I learned that she alone Googled and managed to install the Wake of Gods extension on her Heroes of Might and Magic 3 copy. This is how you do it!

I don’t think that we should ever let age or society or anybody else tell us what to do and what not to do. I know my friend who told me that he doesn’t play games anymore because he’s an adult. And I don’t even believe him!

He’s a bachelor, he lives alone, he has a decent job but still spends a lot of time inside. You can’t really watch that much Netflix or xhamster. You need a break. You’ve been a gamer. It’s in your DNA now. You game. Period.

Of course, being an adult doesn’t allow me to play as much as I do. My reflexes are no longer what they used to be and I get owned by Russian kids in Counter Strike like there’s no tomorrow. The way I’m living now no longer allows me start gaming sessions at 9 PM and stop at 6 AM, surprised that the sun is starting to shine (real story, happened over and over again with Gothic 2).

I am getting older and the only reason why I am not gaming as much as I’d like to is because life happens. I have a son. I have a job. I have health issues, I have a wife, I have mortgage to pay, I have endless sleepless nights to recover from my youth, I have high cholesterol and my eyes start hurting after playing any shooter for two hours in a row…

But this does not mean that I plan to stop gaming. No, I just have to adapt. And don’t try to make me feel bad for being a gamer. Don’t try to make me feel bad because I still have the guts to do whatever I consider being fun! That’s not what being a grown up means. That’s not what being an adult means!

Being an adult should be about making YOUR choices and sticking to them. If I choose that I want to game since early morning til late at night this Saturday, wearing nothing but my boxer shorts, eating cold pizza and drinking Mountain Dew, that’s what I am going to do! Especially since my wife’s visiting her mother, together with my son. (Really, you can’t actually do this otherwise if you have a family, but the point matters!)

I’m an adult now, but I’m always a gamer. Have been and will always be, even though I don’t have as much time for this as possible. Even though my skills get worse the older I get. Well… no problem! Somebody’s got to play Farming Simulator anyways!

I’m an old gamer. Let me play!

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Mobile News

Pre-Register to Get a Head Start Bonus in Impressive Mobile MMO Crusaders of Light

crusaders of light

MMORPGs are about to get really-real on mobile later this year when NetEase delivers insanely promising Crusaders of Light. Although details are scarce at the moment, the bits of information we managed to get proves that we’re up for a real treat.

If nothing else, at least the fact that NetEase is developing the game should be a solid enough reason to have high hopes from it. NetEase are also behind insanely popular games like Eternal Arena, Immortal Conquest or Tome of the Sun. They know how to deliver highly addictive games and I’m sure they’re set the quality bar high with this one as well.

Crusaders of Light offers an authentic MMORPG experience in the open world of Milura where there are endless dungeons and areas to explore and conquer, equipment to grab for your heroes and alliances to be made. One of the most impressive features of the game is the ability to create or join 40-person raids. I’m not sure if something this epic has ever been made on mobile before!

You can pre-register to be one of the first ones to play the game when it launches and if you do so, you will also receive goodies worth $50. The goodies include various pieces of equipment, an impressive mount, premium currency and more.

There’s even a big challenge launched by the developers: if enough people pre-register and generate enough points for the game, they unlock an insane real-life money prize that they can potentially win. Please sit down before hearing about the potential prize!

NetEase is offering a $400,000 reward of real life money for the first team that manages to raid a specific dungeon on Heroic mode. That would definitely require a lot of dedication and many sign-up points, but it’s something that’s worth keeping an eye on.

But even if this amazing real life prize is not unlocked, you still get a ton of great goodies if you pre-register, plus an awesome game to play. It’s still a win for you!

So click here to visit the game’s official website and register. Crusaders of Light is scheduled for launch on July 13 on the App Store, July 20 on Google Play and later this summer on Facebook Gameroom.

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Gaming News

Casual Games Developer Alawar Gets Serious with Sci-fi Survival Game Distrust

distrust featured image

This definitely caught my eye like a pop-fly in a catcher’s glove. Alawar, the developer known for casual games like Farm Frenzy, Kingdom Tales and all sorts of hidden object and puzzle games, is working on a game inspired by John Carpenter’s classic, The Thing. Even more, the new title, simply called Distrust, will be a sci-fi survival game!

Judging from the first bits of information that we have, this actually looks extremely promising. It’s definitely a strange move from the casual genre and Alawar are risking a lot by moving away from their core audience, but I have to say it again: Distrust looks great!

It seems that the survival element has been masterfully implemented. A stealth mechanic is definitely part of the game as the screenshots show us guards with flashlights and lots of places to take cover. Also, the teaser trailer gives us bits of tasty gameplay information, although it seems a bit on the slow side.

For some reason, it makes me remember the classic Commandos series, even though I am sure it’s just my old mind playing tricks on me.

But even if it has nothing to do with Commandos (and it most likely doesn’t), the new game from Alawar can prove to be a really pleasant surprise for hardcore gamers. Here are a few screens to make you lick your lips with anticipation:

“Distrust is not your usual survival game. In addition to scavenging for food and equipment in a randomly generated map, players will have tons of quests, game events and plot twists to keep them coming back for more”, said Artem Bochkarev, Producer at Alawar, about the game. “Adding an even deeper psychological layer, character mutations caused by a lack of sleep can range from seemingly harmless, such as a survivor giggling uncontrollably or quoting Shakespeare, to dangerous, where the survivor may see his partner as a monster and try to kill him.”

There’s also a limited demo available for download on Steam – so you should definitely give it a try especially if the game seems to you as good as it does to me. Also, we get demos so rarely nowadays that you should play each one just for the sake of it!

Distrust is set to release sometime in 2018 and it seems like a game to keep an eye on.

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