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Pre-Register to Get a Head Start Bonus in Impressive Mobile MMO Crusaders of Light

crusaders of light

MMORPGs are about to get really-real on mobile later this year when NetEase delivers insanely promising Crusaders of Light. Although details are scarce at the moment, the bits of information we managed to get proves that we’re up for a real treat.

If nothing else, at least the fact that NetEase is developing the game should be a solid enough reason to have high hopes from it. NetEase are also behind insanely popular games like Eternal Arena, Immortal Conquest or Tome of the Sun. They know how to deliver highly addictive games and I’m sure they’re set the quality bar high with this one as well.

Crusaders of Light offers an authentic MMORPG experience in the open world of Milura where there are endless dungeons and areas to explore and conquer, equipment to grab for your heroes and alliances to be made. One of the most impressive features of the game is the ability to create or join 40-person raids. I’m not sure if something this epic has ever been made on mobile before!

You can pre-register to be one of the first ones to play the game when it launches and if you do so, you will also receive goodies worth $50. The goodies include various pieces of equipment, an impressive mount, premium currency and more.

There’s even a big challenge launched by the developers: if enough people pre-register and generate enough points for the game, they unlock an insane real-life money prize that they can potentially win. Please sit down before hearing about the potential prize!

NetEase is offering a $400,000 reward of real life money for the first team that manages to raid a specific dungeon on Heroic mode. That would definitely require a lot of dedication and many sign-up points, but it’s something that’s worth keeping an eye on.

But even if this amazing real life prize is not unlocked, you still get a ton of great goodies if you pre-register, plus an awesome game to play. It’s still a win for you!

So click here to visit the game’s official website and register. Crusaders of Light is scheduled for launch on July 13 on the App Store, July 20 on Google Play and later this summer on Facebook Gameroom.

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Casual Games Developer Alawar Gets Serious with Sci-fi Survival Game Distrust

distrust featured image

This definitely caught my eye like a pop-fly in a catcher’s glove. Alawar, the developer known for casual games like Farm Frenzy, Kingdom Tales and all sorts of hidden object and puzzle games, is working on a game inspired by John Carpenter’s classic, The Thing. Even more, the new title, simply called Distrust, will be a sci-fi survival game!

Judging from the first bits of information that we have, this actually looks extremely promising. It’s definitely a strange move from the casual genre and Alawar are risking a lot by moving away from their core audience, but I have to say it again: Distrust looks great!

It seems that the survival element has been masterfully implemented. A stealth mechanic is definitely part of the game as the screenshots show us guards with flashlights and lots of places to take cover. Also, the teaser trailer gives us bits of tasty gameplay information, although it seems a bit on the slow side.

For some reason, it makes me remember the classic Commandos series, even though I am sure it’s just my old mind playing tricks on me.

But even if it has nothing to do with Commandos (and it most likely doesn’t), the new game from Alawar can prove to be a really pleasant surprise for hardcore gamers. Here are a few screens to make you lick your lips with anticipation:

“Distrust is not your usual survival game. In addition to scavenging for food and equipment in a randomly generated map, players will have tons of quests, game events and plot twists to keep them coming back for more”, said Artem Bochkarev, Producer at Alawar, about the game. “Adding an even deeper psychological layer, character mutations caused by a lack of sleep can range from seemingly harmless, such as a survivor giggling uncontrollably or quoting Shakespeare, to dangerous, where the survivor may see his partner as a monster and try to kill him.”

There’s also a limited demo available for download on Steam – so you should definitely give it a try especially if the game seems to you as good as it does to me. Also, we get demos so rarely nowadays that you should play each one just for the sake of it!

Distrust is set to release sometime in 2018 and it seems like a game to keep an eye on.

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First Person Survival Horror Game PAMELA Gets First Major Update

pamela first update

P.A.M.E.L.A. is described as an “Open World Utopian Survival Horror Game”. I am not sure about you, but that manages to tickle my pleasure senses a lot. Open world, exploration, survival… these all are things I love from my first person games and even though the market is pretty much saturated, I’m always open for trying new things. Oh, and new video or computer games as well.

PAMELA is in early access stages and so far the game has been met with insanely positive response. And for all the right reasons, because the game manages to do many things right. But since there’s always room for improvement, we have the first major update released and those already playing the game will be extremely satisfied to read the change log.

The most important things that the new update brings to the table is a major new crafting system, a tutorial and new NPCs. Experienced players probably remember how tough it was to get started without a tutorial, so it’s a nice addition for the future. But the crafting system is what I like the most!

Players are now able to harvest materials from the scattered remains of Eden, crafting them into objects for base-building and enhancing particular items for combat and health. Finally, this is happening and I am sure I’m not the only one who’s glad to see this implemented. You can’t have a survival game without the crafting elements. And I can only hope that this is the beginning and more, better stuff will follow.

Here’s a complete changelist, in case you want to get excited often:

  • New ability, crafting: able to create buildables through collected elements from the world or by drops
  • New IVG ability, Harvest: Most scenery objects in the world can be dissassembled into crafting elements by using energy
  • Added an NPC Resolve system, when you hit an NPC their toughness will temporarily increase, making them much harder to stagger
  • New Item: Bandages, stops the player from bleeding
  • New Pamela intro with dialogue
  • Added new tutorial system, utilizing videos to better explain complex concepts
  • Re-Added Dyes into the world
  • Pressing any key during into will bring up prompt to press space to skip
  • New NPC, Sec-RT, to add flavor and life to Eden
  • Newly Modeled entrance to the soon upcoming district, make sure to find it!
  • Can now use elements and components to enhance items to + and ++
  • New menu, Engineering, accessed through inventory menu
  • Weapons and equipment now degrade from damage done to the player, can be repaired in the Engineering menu
  • Two new buildables that, when placed, give the ability to craft more complex items
  • Many new items that can be found in the world to facilitate the crafting system
  • New option in the right click action menu in the inventory, Scrap. Can dissassemble any object into its base elements
  • New item, Nanoflex Armor

There are also various balance improvements and bug fixes. You can read all the details and the fine print on Steam.

The only problem is that the update deletes previous save files and you have to start over. But at least you’re starting over with a brand new, better game. Hopefully this won’t be the case of future updates, though as this can get pretty old extremely fast.

If you haven’t played P.A.M.E.L.A. by now, make sure to visit Steam and get a copy today. You won’t regret it if you’re a fan of the genre!

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Airlines Manager: Tycoon Takes Flight on iOS and Android

airlines manager tycoon

One of the most complex airline manager games – simply titled Airlines Manager: Tycoon, makes its way to mobile starting today. The game was already available as a web application, but I am sure that the move to mobile is beneficial for everybody. If you’re looking for complexity, variety and high quality gameplay on mobile, Airlines Manager: Tycoon is the perfect choice. Of course, if you dig the tycoon genre.

Here’s the official word from the press release we’ve received earlier today:

Airlines Manager: Tycoon puts players in the CEO seat at a fledgling airline where they must take care of marketing, research and development, finances, and growth. Upon launching the game, players have the option of choosing between the deeper, analytic Pro mode and the new Tycoon mode that runs seven times faster than the original and is specially designed for mobile pick-up-and-play.

In other words, this is a game that requires commitment but also offers great rewards. It’s easy to pick up and play the game and you will get hooked instantly. I’m sure you have a lot of time on your hands anyway, so there should be no problems overall! And the level of depth is indeed impressive.

Starting with just $300 million, budding airline moguls purchase aircraft, schedule flights, manage services, and attract passengers. Using powerful reports and analysis tools, they can determine how to maximize profits and fuel expansion via over seven million destinations worldwide. The game offers real-time play across mobile and web platforms, and truly passionate players can experience even deeper levels of management and data analysis by utilizing a powerful free tool in the PC version. Airlines Manager’s simulation depth has even allowed it to be used as a training tool in business schools.

I remember that one of my older favorites – Football Manager – was being used by real clubs worldwide to find young prospects, so it’s not the first time that a game is used in real life. But it does prove that the depth and quality of this simulator/tycoon game is up there, so if you think you can take on the challenge, by my guest. My opinion is that you won’t be disappointed.

Airlines Manager: Tycoon is available for free on Google Play [get] and iTunes [get].

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Glu to Deliver Upcoming WWE Game on Mobile

glu wrestling game

There are quite a few mobile games available right now featuring your favorite and least favorite wrestlers. Many of them are good and we’re still playing many of the older releases because of their high quality. And because we like to see John Cena lose.

But Glu have announced that they’re working on delivering a brand new WWE game on mobile, featuring some of the superstars out there. You’ll get classic wrestlers like The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H, but also more recent fighters like John Cena, Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. Of course, there will be even more.

The game will feature one-touch gameplay mechanics with deep meta game features according to the developers – but what that means exactly isn’t clear right now. The game seems to be in its very early development stages, but most likely it will be a fighting game. But it could go in any direction after all. What we know is that development is on good hands: the upcoming game will be created by the same studio behind the popular Tap Sports Baseball mobile game.

Currently slated for global release in 2018, Glu will release additional information on the game’s development at a later date.

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Check Out the Upcoming Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Flashback 8 Gold Consoles

atari retro console

It was yesterday that we’ve talked about the upcoming Ataribox – a still-secret console from Atari – and today we have to announce yet another Atari console. This time, though, things are a bit more different as the console is being created and released by AtGames. And it’s not coming alone!

These new releases are HD versions of their classic counterparts: the Atari Flashback 8 Gold and the Sega Genesis Flashback. Each console will include a built-in selection of games released in the past, as well as great new features that modern gamers will love. And since it’s two products that we’re talking about – in order to keep things as clear as possible, let’s detail each one below.

Atari Flashback 8 Gold

The upcoming console will include 120 built-in all-time favorite Atari 2600 games like Activision’s Pitfall! and Taito’s Space Invaders, Kaboom, Centipede and much, much more. Basically, it’s all the nostalgia of the past – for those who were lucky enough to play the originals – coming in a single package.

Compared to the original, the console is also getting some upgrades. Apart from the 720p HDMI output, you also get wireless controllers designed to look like the originals, as well as two legacy controller ports for optional wired joysticks or paddles. Scan line filtering, and a save/pause/rewind feature for every game complete the list of features that you will love.

Here’s a video showing a bit of the upcoming Atari Flashback 8 Gold console:

Sega Genesis Flashback

This is indeed an amazing remake that retro gamers will love. Not only that it comes with 85 built-in games, but it also has an integrated cartridge port that plays almost all of your favorite Sega Genesis and Mega Drive original cartridges. Even if you don’t have the originals cartridges – or you don’t want to use them anymore – you will still have access to amazing classics like the Sonic Series, the Mortal Kombat series, Shining Force or Phantasy Star to mention a few.

Just like the Atari Flashback 8 Gold, the Sega Genesis Flashback will come with wireless controllers built to look like the originals. 720p HDMI output, scan line filtering, and a save/pause/rewind feature all games are included. A must have for retro gamers looking to relive the good moments of long gone times.

Here’s a video showing the upcoming console:

Both new consoles created by AtGames are scheduled for a Fall 2017 release and they’ll be available for purchase at all major retailers. Unfortunately, we have no pricing details at the moment, but we’ll keep you updated!

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Atari Enters the Console Wars with Ataribox – Here’s what We Know so Far


I was just talking about the fact that the console wars are about to end thanks to lack of exclusive titles and cross platform play. And now it seems that even more players will join the dance. Atari, for example, has just announced the Ataribox which marks their return to the hardware business.

The announcement was made by Atari’s CEO Fred Chesnais who told Venture Beat the news.

“We’re back in the hardware business,” he said.

Although that’s not a lot in terms of information, the official confirmation at least manages to put an end to speculation that it was all just a hoax. Even more, the Ataribox now has a website (which also lacks any real information). You can check out the official website here, although we believe it will be some time before actual details are made public.

However, there’s a teaser trailer on the website, which is pretty interesting:

It looks like the first glimpse on an Ataribox. And judging by the design, it won’t be a remake (like the incoming Sega Genesis Flashback console for example), but a new console altogether.

There are also rumors that the upcoming console will be based on PC technology, which would mean that a simple remake is definitely out of the question. PC Gamer were among the first to talk about this and it does make sense, especially since the Ataribox is dubbed as being “years in the making”.

This makes the move even stranger to me. In a world where free mobile games – and free games in general – are becoming the norm and where traditional consoles (like the PS4, Xbox One or Nintendo’s Switch) are dominating the market, a new player seems to have very few chances to succeed.

However, it’s interesting to follow the story and actually find out what the Ataribox is about. It could be something dedicated exclusively to Virtual Reality gaming since that’s the growing technology right now (although it’s highly unlikely). It could also be a Steam Machine since it’s based on PC technology, but it would also make little sense for them to be “years in the making”.

So most likely it is indeed a final push from Atari who are probably hoping to change things around a little bit and offer alternatives to those looking for other options. I don’t know many people who are looking for other options, so I can only anticipate a hard road ahead for Atari unless they have a truly revolutionary product.

But until we get something more solid from the manufacturers, all we can talk about is gut feelings and personal opinions. So feel free to share yours with us in the comment section below: how do you feel about Atari’s move to get back in the Console market and, most important, what kind of product do you think they’re about to deliver?

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