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Add Some Hitman Cheer to your Holidays with the Happy Hitman Holiday

Nothing says holiday cheer any louder than  a festive hitman, right?

To end the year in the style Ioi Interactive, the team behind the new generation of Hitman games, is releasing a special holiday mission pack aptly titled the Hitman Holiday Pack. All PC, PS4, and Xbox One players will be able to download the Hitman Holiday Pack to gain access to the Paris set of levels.

This pack includes the first major story mission of the game “Showstopper”, plus all Escalation Contracts for Paris. There were also be a special “Holiday Hoarders” mission plus new Paris Challenge Packs and achievements. All Paris Elusive Targets will be re-activated as well, including future targets.

The best part? The Hitman Holiday Pack is absolutely free! Just head on over to your respective digital download platform and grab it to start enjoying the ultimate hitman experience. It’s only available from December 15 to January 5 though, so don’t miss it! Once you grab it, the Paris pack is yours to keep permanently, and should you decide to upgrade to full game, all of your progress will carry over.

Last year the Holiday Hoarders special Paris mission was introduced for the first time. Agent 47 may not be most morally good hero, but he definitely won’t let Christmas be ruined! In this special mission Santa is delivering presents around the Palais de Walewska, but two thieves are scurrying around trying to steal the presents for themselves. Stop them at all costs to protect the Christmas spirit… or, you know, you can just knock out Santa and steal his suit. Either way, upon successful completion of this mission, you’ll permanently unlock the Santa Suit for regular missions. Now you can spread holiday cheer all throughout the year like the awesome hitman you are!

You can read the full Hitman Holiday Pack details on the official website.

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