7 Tips for New Gamers to Help Them With the Hobby

Video games could be an answer for someone who is trying to pick a new hobby. Whether it is having too much free time or getting bored of your current activities, gaming offers a new and interesting form of entertainment, particularly if you have not tried it before.

The question is, what should new players do, or rather how should they approach the idea of this pastime? Hopefully, the tips below will help with that.

Focus on having fun

Let’s start with what should be the most important aspect of gaming—to have fun. There are plenty of gamers who take the hobby seriously and approach it with the idea of becoming a professional.

For someone with a casual mindset, it should not be a train of thought. If you have a couple of hours every day at most to spend gaming, then go in with the idea of having the most fun you can.

Optimize your platform

You should not expect to have a good time on a computer or console that is underperforming. Video games are demanding, and it is necessary to play them on an optimizing platform.

Even if you play something as simple as an online browser game, you have to know how to flush dns cache on the browser, which extensions to disable, and so on.

As for the computer or a console, some of the most commonly used methods to optimize the device include:

  • Checking and cleaning potential cybersecurity threats
  • Freeing up drive storage
  • Minimizing the number of background processes

One other thing to note is that you will also have to ensure a good internet connection if you play online games.

Pick your game

Given how large the gaming industry is, you might feel a bit overwhelmed by all the different available games. 

Take your time if you need and research different games. Think about what genres you would like and check reviews on YouTube. You will also get to see some glimpses of gameplay, which ought to give you a better idea of whether that particular game is worth your time and money.

In case you try a game and do not feel like it fits you, move to the next option until you find one that you can truly enjoy.

Make friends

Playing online games also offers an opportunity to socialize with other players. Right now, it is common to use Discord and other communication platforms to chat on voice with others while playing the same game. 

If you are not looking to make new friends while gaming, you can simply ignore this tip. However, it is worth noting that you can make friends when you are not even expecting it, especially when online gaming is trending so much as a whole, which attracts new and different players.

Strive to improve

Despite treating gaming as a casual hobby, you should still consider the idea of improving. For some players, the enjoyment comes from beating other players or difficult levels and achieving that without training is more or less impossible.

Even if you cannot dedicate as much time to gaming as you like due to other commitments and your initial casual approach, you can still improve by playing for an hour or two. It is just that you will need to rethink your session and what you can do to become better with the time you have.

Avoid investing too much

Keep an eye on how much time you are spending on video games. They can be deceivingly addictive. In addition, you might end up spending more money on a video game than you expected.

Some video games have a freemium business model, which is predatory. Paying for microtransactions to progress your character or a story is, unfortunately, a common practice in the industry these days. 

And for someone who does not have an entire day to play the game, the temptation to invest money and keep up with other players could lead to poor decisions money-wise.

As soon as you notice that you are dedicating too much money for a video game, take some time to rethink what you are doing.

#7 – Try to be nice to others

The last bit of advice is for those who play online games. Whether you like it or not, you will encounter players that act toxic. As a rule of thumb, it is better to ignore such players so that you can enjoy gaming.

The takeaway from this problem with online games should be that you ought to act nice and not cause distress to other players despite your frustrations. After all, playing in an environment where everyone is having fun is much more enjoyable. Remember that you are gaming for fun.

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