Zero-K Guide to Factories and What Factories to Build

zero-k factories guide

If you’re a first time player in Zero-K – or even a more advanced one – you are probably overwhelmed by the number of Factories available in the game and unlocked from the start. In today’s article, we’re going to share with you a complete guide to Zero-K factories so that you can understand them better and know which one should be built first.

Building your factories in the game – and particularly the order in which you build them – depends on the type of game you play. But we’ll start our Zero-K factory guide with details about each of the factories you can build so you can better understand what each one does and therefore have an easier job when it comes to deciding the order in which to build them.

Of course, at the end of the article, we’ll also have some tips and tricks about the order in which to build the factories, so skip there if you already know what each factory does in the game.

This would be our guide to factories in Zero-K. Hopefully you will find it useful, but if you have any additional questions or tips and tricks to add to this guide, feel free to do so by commenting below.


This is the cheapest factory in the game and usually the one that everybody builds first for this particular reason. It also has some good units overall, so it is indeed worth buying.

The main advantage of the Cloakbot is that it produces basic, but damage dealing units in each class type. Unfortunately, it has a really poor Heavy/Tank character (the F unit aka Phantom), but otherwise it has some solid troops.

The main highlights here are the conjurer and gremlin units which start in stealthy mode, as well as the Scythe which has both stealth and regenerates helath when out of battle.

The Cloakbot also has the mobile cloaker utility – the Iris which proves to be extremely useful later on in the game. So all in all, despite its low price, the Cloakbot is a really good factory!


Another great option because of its low price, the Shieldbot is perfect for defensive plays and for getting extremely durable units early on. And even though not all units start with shield, their health is generally really high so they last longer in battle.

Among the highlights here we have the Thug, which starts with shield and can get an extra one from other units, as well as the Outlaw/Racketeer combination which slows down and disarms enemies, making them easy targets for other units.

Although a solid choice for most players, Shieldbot is not really one of my favorite factories in the game because the shields units have mean less damage and less fun when playing. Consider it a support factory, not an offensive one.


A very versatile and fast type of unit, I compare it to the Ordos in the classic Dune games. Probably because they have the Dominatrix, a unit that is capable of controlling others on the battlefield (and can prove extremely useful when it comes to changing the course of battle).

It also has some really cheap starter units that are easily spammable, like the Scorcher or Dart who also deal pretty solid damage, while the Badger is really good at destroying enemies – and makes a great pair with the Impaler.

A bit more difficult to play and master (and also more expensive to build), the Rover is definitely a good choice to build early on, but only after playing it a few times and getting used to how things work with it.

Note: This is still a work in progress article. Come back soon as we will update it with more factories, but these three should be great to get you started in the game and give you an idea on what you should go for first.

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