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This Grand Life Happiness Guide: How to Keep It Under Control

We talked a bit about happiness in our This Grand Life guide, but since people still seem to have a lot of trouble with it, I decided to write a separate guide for this. So in today’s article, we’re going to check out some tips & tricks on how to keep your happiness high in This Grand Life.

The truth is that once you get used to the game’s mechanics, you will have no problem keeping your happiness under control. But until then and especially early on in your game, it might prove to be a challenge.

But worry now – after reading this article, you will know everything there is to know about it and how to max it out. So let’s get to it and see our This Grand Life happiness guide below!

First of all, the most important thing that you should know is how happiness works in the game. It usually stays at 50% for most of the time, being affected negatively when one of your other 4 ratings (hunger, fun, hygiene, health) is at zero when the week ends. There are certain in-game events that have a negative impact over it as well, but these things don’t happen too often and they are usually out of your control.

So the main thing for you to do to keep your happiness in check is to make sure that you don’t end a week with either of your stats at zero. This is relatively difficult to master especially if you just started playing this game, but it won’t be that hard after a while.

You have to understand that this game is, just like real life, not a race and you should take time to keep everything under control, even though this means you can’t work 4-5 times per week (which will increase your finances, but ruin everything else). However, you will still be able to pull every now and then 3 work sessions a week without going crazy, and still keep everything under control.

Try to plan all your activities in such a way that you spend as little time as possible traveling and you can do multiple activities in one place. For example, I was suggesting getting a job at a place where you can eat or increase your fun in order to reduce travel.

Also remember that you will always start your week at home – a place where you can get a free shower for a quick hygiene boost and also food, fun and health. Your home should be the main place for emergency recovery of your stats and there’s no problem if you spend one week every now and then maxing out your stats at home.

As you see in the screenshot above, there are also places that you can visit and things that you can do to further increase your happiness levels. In this particular case, it costs quite a bit for a person who’s just starting, but eventually you will be able to afford such extravagances more often.

You should also keep an eye on what’s happening in town as there will sometimes be special events that last for a week or more, which can increase your happiness drastically. These can be free or very cheap, so a real opportunity for improving your happiness.

Finally, achieving various things in the game will increase your happiness – more or less. Finishing school gives you a massive boost, getting a pay rise does the same, just as getting a new job does it to. There are really many methods to increase your levels of happiness in This Grand Life, so as long as you learn to keep your other stats above zero, you will be more than fine.

Hopefully this quick guide helped you understand how happiness works in the game and you won’t have any trouble keeping it under control for now on. And if you have other tips and tricks to share on this topic, let us all know by posting a comment below.

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