The Outlast Trials: How to Reduce Psychosis

Keeping your Psychosis meter down is essential if you want to make it out alive in The Outlast Trials. When your Psychosis is full, your vision will be blurry and the Skinner Man will always know your location.

To reduce Psychosis, you’ll need to either survive until the debuff passes on its own or use an Antidote.

In this guide, I will explain how to reduce Psychosis in The Outlast Trials and showcase how Psychosis works overall.

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Psychosis Explained in The Outlast Trials

How Psychosis and Sanity work in The Outlast Trials.

Psychosis is a mental state in The Outlast Trials showcased by a sanity meter. High sanity ensures everything is normal and that players have no debuffs.

Instead, low sanity causes Psychosis, which means blurry, distorted, and warped vision. Additionally, this causes the player to get targeted and chased by the Skinner Man.

While under the effect of Psychosis, the Skinner Man will be able to track the player through walls. Due to that, hiding is not an option.

The blurry vision is not harmful but only an inconvenience. Instead, the Skinner Man can be harmful if he gets too close since he can kill players.

As for how sanity is depleted, here are all the ways that reduce sanity and cause Psychosis in The Outlast Trials:

  1. Getting sprayed by the Pusher.
  2. Failing at lockpicking.
  3. Stepping near gas mines.
  4. Getting sprayed by booby-trapped containers, doors, and valves.

All these will deplete your sanity and thus increase your Psychosis. But how do you reduce Psychosis?

How to Reduce Psychosis in The Outlast Trials

How to reduce Psychosis in The Outlast Trials.

To escape the Psychosis mental state in The Outlast Trials, players have two options:

  1. Keep running until it eventually runs out.
  2. Use an Antidote.

An Antidote will completely reset your sanity bar while waiting it out reduces Psychosis only slightly.

If you wait it out, you will still have mild effects of Psychosis. The Skinner Man will still appear in front of you, but he won’t be able to harm you.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, it’s essential to keep track of your sanity meter as it will affect your vision and make the Skinner Man chase you continuously.

To reduce Psychosis in The Outlast Trials, either outrun the Skinner Man until it goes down on its own or use an Antidote.

Do you have any tips for surviving while you have Psychosis and the Skinner Man is chasing you? Or do you try to play safe and always have an Antidote in hand? Let us know your go-to strategy in the comments below.

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