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Starcraft II Free-to-Play Launches Today

Earlier this month during BlizzCon 2017, we found out that Starcraft II was officially going free-to-play. If you remember though, Blizzard offered a Starter Edition of Starcraft II which let you play through a few missions of the first campaign, Wings of Liberty. You could also play custom multiplayer maps freely, among other modes.

Now, Starcraft II is going free-to-play, again, but with even more options this time! If you haven’t experienced Blizzard’s legendary real-time strategy series yet, now’s the perfect time. Starting today, you’ll be able to access the full Wings of Liberty campaign, the first story campaign of Starcraft II. This campaign tells the story of Jim Raynor who’s still recovering since the events of the original game.

If single-player isn’t your thing, then hop into some competitive multiplayer! Custom games and the Arcade remain free as they were, but now you can play the regular versus mode against actual opponents and compete on the ranked ladders. To prevent smurf accounts, you’ll need to play unranked mode for ten days before you can enter the ranked mode.

Co-op mode has expanded as well. All commanders are available for use, but you can only raise them to level 5 if you’re a free player. Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis, the three starting commanders, can level up to maximum even if you’re a free player.

And now for some bonuses for existing owners. If you own the original version of Starcraft II but have not yet purchased the second expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, you can get it free by logging into the game between November 8 and December 8. Legacy of the Void and the Nova expansions packs will not be free and must be separately purchased.

Finally, if you owned any version of Starcraft II period, you’ll receive a special Eidolon Ghost skin and three portraits to use for your in-game profile.

You can grab the game from the official website.

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