Sims 4: Where to Find the Research Archive Machine and How to Use It

Does your Sim aspire to the life of an Academic? Let’s see where to find the Research Archive Machine and how to use it in the Sims 4.

Introduced with Discover University, Research & Debate is a skill all about learning information, and utilizing it in debates or through social influence. 

This skill can be improved and used with the Research Archive Machine to research varying topics, and that’s why it’s essential to know all you can about it.

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Sims 4: Research Archive Machine Locations


There are three different overworld locations where players will be able to find Research Archive Machines: the Foxbury Institute, the University of Britechester, and the Laurel Library.

In addition to those, players will also be able to purchase them and place them in their homes if they want to work on their skills, but don’t want to go out to find them.

The first location is in the Foxbury Institute. There are two Research Archive Machines at Larry’s Lagoon on the second floor.

The second location is at the University of Britechester. There are two Research Archive Machines at Darby’s Den, and they are located on the far left wall.

Lastly, at the Laurel Library in Gibbs Hill, you will be able to find four Research Archive Machines in the far right room of the library.

There is one thing to make note of when mentioning these locations: by editing any of these lots from the manage world mode, you will be able to add more Research Archive Machines.

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Now, let’s take a look at how to purchase Research Archive Machines for your home. There are three different ways to look for them in the menu.

  • Use the search bar in the top left corner of the build/buy menu, and search Research Archive Machine.
  • Search for it by looking at “Objects by Room”, and then to the “Study” tab. Go to “Hobbies and Skill” which is shown in the menu by the easel.
  • Search for it by looking at “Objects by Function”, and then go to the options bar. Select “Activities and Skill”, and you can find it under “Knowledge” which is shown in the menu by the chess table.

After you find it, you will be able to place it in your home and make full use of all its capabilities.

However, you should keep in mind that it will not be able to function as a normal computer, so you will need to have a separate computer if you want to use one.

Learning With the Research Archive Machine


The Research Archive Machine has many uses players will be able to utilize, from learning the Research & Debate skill to increasing other skills through research.

As an added bonus, if your Sim is enrolled in the university, they will also be able to study for their classes.

When you first interact with the Research Archive Machine, with no skills, the only option you can click on is Research. You will be able to choose a lot of different options to research, though.

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A benefit of researching on the Research Archive Machine is that you can build two skills at once: the Research & Debate skill, and the skill you are researching at that moment.

For example, if you choose to research “Results of Photo Editing”, the Research & Debate skill will be raised along with the photography skill. This allows players to essentially master two skills at the same time, which is really useful.

Also, in the beginning, it will greatly benefit you to do the research methodologies option.

This will allow you to increase your Research & Debate skill faster. Since you will be raising it anyway, why not raise it faster, and reap more benefits?

It may not be the first thing you purchase for your home, but down the line, it could be a worthwhile purchase.

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