Sims 4 How to Play as a Ghost

In Sims 4, death isn’t the end. Whenever a Sim dies, they can come back as a ghost. You can even invite them to your household if your friendship level is high enough.

Playing as a ghost adds some unique interactions to the game and an extra layer of gameplay variety. Ghosts can haunt or fix stuff and have friendship levels with other alive characters.

This guide will explain how to play as a ghost in Sims 4, as well as all the ghost types and special skills you can have within your household.

Prerequisites for playing as a ghost 

Keep in mind that, before a sim dies, if you want to bring them back as a ghost, they need to have a high friendship level with another, alive sim.

Since friendship level doesn’t decay when a Sim dies, a high friendship level will accelerate the overall process.

How to play as a Ghost – Official Method

Two ghosts arguing in the Sims 4.

The only official method of turning a sim into a ghost is by having them die. Any death can count, including drowning, fire, or any other accident.

To play as a ghost in Sims 4, follow these steps:

  1. After a sim dies, bring the gravestone to your household and select ‘Strengthen connection to the physical world’.
  2. Wait for the sim to appear at night and interact with them.
  3. If you have a friendly relationship with them, you can invite them to your household.
  4. That’s it. The ghost sim is now a playable character and has some unique interactions.

How to play as a Ghost – Community Methods

There are two more ways to play as a ghost in the Sims 4. These were made by fans as an extra way to have fun in the game.

The first method involves using the community gallery. Simply open CAS, select gallery, and type ‘ghost’ in the search bar. You’ll find thousands of possible ghost characters and can now choose your favorite.

The second way involves using the cheat console. In the console, type ‘testingcheats on’. Then, either click on a ghost and select ‘Add to family’, or select an alive sim and type ‘traits.equip_trait(cause of death)’. In the latest case, you will need to replace ‘(cause of death)’ with an actual cause of death like hunger.

For more details on how to activate cheats, check our Sims 4 guide on Werewolf cheats: Ability points and getting werewolf traits.

Ghost Types and Special Skills

Ghost standing in front of their grave in Sims 4.

Depending on how the Sim died, they will have certain special skills as a ghost. Let’s go through all skills based on the way the Sim died.

Fire – Starts fires whenever they want

Steam – Always dehydrated

Hunger – Always hungry

Drowning – Leaves puddles of water everywhere

Electrocution – Shocks other Sims and destroys electronics

Embarrassment – Causes nearby Sims to get an Embarrassed moodlet

Anger – Negates the moods of all Sims in your household

Laughter – Causes nearby Sims to get a Playful moodlet

Cowplant – Can help plants grow or cause them to wither

While there are more ways to die, like old age, they don’t offer any special skills to the ghost. Some of these skills can be helpful for your household, while others can end up annoying you.

Also, there are various DLCs in the Sims 4. Each of them adds new causes of death and thus new skills.


Ghosts add unique gameplay elements in the Sims 4 and are a way to have Sims stick around after death. In addition, ghosts can contribute to the household based on their special skills.

If you’re looking for a less eerie gameplay variation in the Sims, check out our guide on how to play as a pet in the Sims 4.

What do you think about ghosts in the Sims 4? Which one is your favorite skill? Let us know in the comments below.


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