Palia: Best Fishing Spots in the Game

In a vast MMORPG where you’re able to fish anywhere, it’s not easy to find the best fishing spot in Palia.

With various ponds, lakes, and even the sea on the south side of the map, the options can seem endless.

In this guide, I will showcase the best fishing spots in Palia to help you find hotspots easily and catch the rarest and most expensive fish.

If you’re looking for a specific fish instead, here’s how to catch the Giant Goldfish in Palia, one of the most elusive fish in the game.

Best Fishing Spots in Palia

The best fishing spot in Palia depends on your fishing rod and bait. Thus, there are different ideal locations for the early and late stages of the game.

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Let’s examine each spot in turn.

Best Early-Game Fishing Spot

Best fishing spot in Palia - early game fishing.

The best early-game fishing spot in Palia is inside the Flow Battery Temple, near the starting shrine.

This location is ideal as the fish are easy to catch, can fetch a solid price as a way to make money in the early game, and there’s a low chance to get trash.

Additionally, you will find multiple treasure chests while fishing and you can expect to make an average of 600 gold on every fishing run there.

Overall, it’s a great way to make money fast in the early game and get your hands on some extra food or gift items.

Best Mid-Game Fishing Spot

Best fishing spot in Palia - mid game fishing.

In the mid-game, where you just upgraded your fishing rod and are starting to use Worm Bait, the best fishing spot is the pond next to your house.

Specifically, the large pond that’s near the cliffside will include a wide variety of fishes and most of them won’t jump at all. This makes fishing extremely fast and thus you’ll make more money quickly.

Also, it’s right next to your house so you won’t have to travel anywhere and it’s convenient.

Best Late-Game Fishing Spot

Best fishing spot in Palia - late game fishing.
Fishing in the southern pond in Bahari Bay.

In the late game, the best Palia fishing spot is the Bahari Bay coast or caves. Any location there is ideal as you’ll find harder-to-catch fish that sell for a high price.

However, you’ll need the upgraded fishing rod and, optionally, Glow Worm bait. If you’re having trouble and the fish keep escaping, upgrade your rod further until the process becomes easier.

Especially with Glow Worm bait, you’ll be able to fish in all ponds in Bahari Bay. Just make sure to set up the Glow Worm farm in your house and you’ll have a constant production of the best bait in the game.

There, you can expect any type of late-game fish, and anything you catch with Glow Worm bait will sell for a lot of gold in the General Store.

Wrapping up the Best Palia Fishing Spots

To sum up, the best fishing spots in Palia vary based on your rod and available bait.

For the early game, I recommend the pond inside the Flow Battery quest. In the mid-game, the large pond next to your house is ideal, while for the late game, the best spot is any pond in Bahari Bay.

What’s your go-to fishing spot in the game? What’s your current rod and bait? Feel free to share your favorite locations in the comments below.

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