Monster Hunter Now: Best Weapon Type in the Game

In this guide, I will showcase the best weapon type in the game for Monster Hunter Now. There is a variety of weapons in the game, but not all of them can be as helpful to players.

As of its current version, the game has six weapon types players will be able to use, but one of them has found great success among the rest.

The best weapon in Monster Hunter Now is the Sword and Shield. Though a starter weapon, most people would change the first chance they got, it is by far the weapon that players agree is the best.

Starter weapons are often overlooked, and seen as weak compared to what they can unlock later on, but the Sword and Shield never fall off.

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Monster Hunter Now: Sword and Shield Basics


The Sword & Shield allows you to strike fast while also maintaining the ability to block attacks, a perfect balance of offense and defense.

For starters let’s go over the basic attack combo the Sword and Shield has to offer.

By tapping on the screen, your hunter will chain a long combo that starts off with four slashes, followed by a spinning slash, and finishes with three shield bash attacks

Observant players will notice that when you shield bash a monster’s head sparks will fly off the shield. That is because the shield bashes do impact damage, which is especially effective when targeting the monster’s head.

When the monster’s head takes enough impact damage, it goes into a stunned state, and allows players to whale on it, getting some free hits in.

When players press and hold on the screen the hunter will hold his shield up, and block incoming attacks. There are three types of attacks that players will find themselves blocking.

  • Normal Attacks: Any attacks you receive in this stance only deal chip damage to your health and push you back a bit.
  • Strong Attacks: These attacks can knock players over, and the hunter will look like they lost their balance, and become vulnerable.
  • Unblockable Attacks: Unblockable attacks are certain attacks, that no matter what players do, they will never be able to block them.

If you find yourself blocking more often than dodging, and the damage stacking up, you will need to equip the right armor.

Monster Hunter Now: Sword and Shield Special Techniques


The Sword and Shield come with a Special Attack, that players will be able to use called Perfect Rush Combo.

Perfect Rush Combo is a combo of three attacks. Tap the Special Skill button to launch into the Perfect Rush Combo, at which point your Hunter launches the first attack.

There are three moments where your hunter pauses after an attack and flashes red. When you see those moments, you can press, and go into the next part of the combo faster, and with slightly increased damage.

Lastly, there is a special combo players can perform when they are blocking with their shield, called Falling Bash.

While blocking, dragging your finger backward starts the backhop, and holding it longer will do more damage, and you can hold it infinitely.

After this attack, you can decide to interrupt the chain by rolling or not attacking, or you can continue with an aerial attack chain.

You can also perform the Falling Bash after blocking an attack of a monster that has knockback, and if it has no recoil, you can instead perform a spinning slash that is directly followed by the shield attacks.

Keep in mind, that you can stay in the air for a while while doing the Falling Bash, and that can help you dodge an attack that would otherwise hit you.

Final Thoughts

The Sword and Shield has given players to option to accommodate both an offensive and a defensive playstyle. With the fluctuating difficulty, both can benefit players to overcome any hurdle.

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With the best weapon type for Monster Hutner Now showcased, you are ready to take on everything the game has to offer. Share your thoughts in the comments down below, about which weapon type you want to see added to the game.


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