Minecraft Legends: Best Units [Tier List]

Minecraft Legends tasks players to build armies and inspire friends, and familiar mobs to take down the Piglins and stop the spreading of Nether corruption across the Overworld.

To build the best army though you will need to know which units will become your greatest allies in this quest. In this tier list, I will go over all the units from best to worst, so players will know which ones they should recruit.

Kind in mind, that with any tier list, what is best is used in a general idea. You are always free to play with what you want, and the units you want to recruit. Don’t feel limited by it, and enjoy the game as you go through it.

Here is a quick overview of the tier list for those of you who don’t want the lengthy details.

SWarrior, Skeleton, Mossy Golem
AZombies, Cobblestone Golem, First of Oak, First of Diorite
BCreeper, First of Brick, First of Stone
CGrindstone Golem, Plank Golem

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Minecraft Legends: S-Tier Mobs



Warriors are the strongest mob in Minecraft Legends.

What pushes them to S-tier, is that Warriors do not cost resources. Players will be able to recruit this mob from Villages, so having these units on your side will have a purely positive impact on your army.

The only small drawback is that Warriors don’t become available until late in the Minecraft Legends campaign, but availability is not considered here. Once you have them they will clutch some fights for you.



Skeletons are the best units in the game. That’s it. Use them!

In strategy games, long-range units will make or break your army.

Skeletons are great multipurpose units, as they can assault enemy forts from behind your front-line troops or protect your base from defensive positions. They are a huge benefit, and it’s no wonder that they cost diamonds.

Like many long-range units, its big weakness is melee attacks but its range is the longest of any mob in the game.

Mossy Golem


Mossy Golems are classified as support. Despite what anyone says, healer units for me are always a must!

Mossy Golems are the only mobs able to clear debuffs and heal allied mobs. It can also heal the player as well. If used correctly, these mobs can save players a lot of materials that would be used to spawn more mobs.

Minecraft Legends: A-Tier Mobs



What makes Zombies great is their cute little hats.

Gameplaywise Zombies are tanky mobs with high health and resistance to debuffs. They are the best mob for long-drawn fights where players need to destroy several structures in a single run.

Cobblestone Golem


Cobblestone Golems function similarly to the First of Stone but lack a ranged attack. 

Cobblestone Golems deal tons of damage to structures, and they’re good no matter the plan a player makes. They will draw attention away from cire units, and deal massive damage to structures until they go down.

First of Oak


First of Oak is the free-of-resource unit players will get in the game. Because of this, it is basically a free, defensive, and ranged unit that perfectly complements the rest of the army.

The First of Oak launches exceptionally powerful ranged attacks that can one-shot Elite Piglins and Minibosses. They are also great defensive units to have stationed at your base.

First of Diorite


The First of Diorite has the ability to summon golems to fight alongside you. Much like the Warrior units, summons won’t count toward your spawned unit limit.

The only reason this is in A tier and not higher is that many players do not appreciate this much randomness when it comes to strategy. A thought-out army will come undone by inserting random units.

Minecraft Legends: B-Tier Mobs



 Creepers can deal devastating amounts of damage, but after they explode, they’re gone for good. That means the resources used to summon them will be gone as well.

First of Brick


The First of Brick deploys a shield that protects all friendly units inside of it.

First of Stone


The First of Stone throws large boulders at enemies and, because it is a free mob, is a great addition to the army.

Minecraft Legends: C-Tier Mobs


These units are unfortunately outclassed by units in the higher tiers.

  • Grindstone Golem
  • Plank Golem

Final Thoughts

In many strategy games, the way you build your team can make or break your experience with it.

Minecraft Legends is no different, but using this tier list will allow players to have an easy time taking on the game’s challenges while also using the best units.

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While any tier list can only be as objective as possible, these units are the best to try at first. While there are many strategies to use in the game if you have a different approach or opinion, let us all know by commenting down below.


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