Huge Discounts for Sengoku Dynasty, Medieval Dynasty & other Toplitz Games

Indie publisher Toplitz Productions joins the Steam Autumn Sale, offering huge discounts on its games.

Top games like Medieval Dynasty, Sengoku Dynasty or TerraScape are 20-25% off, while other games in their portfolio, including hidden gems like Harvest Days are up to 75% off.

Medieval Dynasty
Great game available at a great price

Here is the full set of games offered at discounted prices during the limited time Steam Autumn Sale (ending November 28):

  1. Sengoku Dynasty: The multi-genre, open-world RPG set in medieval Japan is now available at 20% off. This game combines RPG elements with city-building in an immersive Japanese setting.
  2. Medieval Dynasty: Prior to its upcoming single-player and co-op update on December 7th, this title is discounted by 25%. The game has been acclaimed for its blend of survival, simulation, and strategy set in the Middle Ages.
  3. TerraScape: For fans of indie gaming, this charming city building sim with TCG elements is now 25% off. The game is known for its relaxing gameplay and is soon to receive a ‘Growth Update’.

Medieval Dynasty is one of the best games like Mount & Blade.

We also have plenty of guides to help you get started in Sengoku Dynasty, including how to assign villager jobs, where to find Matsumaru and more.

Must try game, a unique blend of genres

Other notable discounts in the Toplitz Productions lineup include:

  • Industry Giant 2 and Industry Giant: Each title is available at 60% off, offering a classic business simulation experience.
  • Lumberjack’s Dynasty: This forestry-focused simulation game is now 60% off.
  • Wild West Dynasty: Immerse yourself in the Old West with a 40% discount.
  • Harvest Days: A farming and life simulation game, now at 50% off.
  • Farmer’s Dynasty: Experience rural life simulation at a striking 75% off.
  • Garden Simulator: Now available at 40% off its regular retail price.

The Steam Autums Sale is an excellent opportunity for gamers to explore Toplitz Productions’ portfolio of games at a fraction of the cost.

There are plenty of other solid deals from other devs, so make sure to check out the sale before it ends on November 28.

To view the full list of discounts from Toplitz, visit the publisher’s Steam page here.

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