How to Recover Deleted Gameplay Videos from an SD Card?

Story of a Grand Theft Auto fanatic and how he recovered all his lost data

I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto video games and so much that I even usually record my gameplay videos to share them with my friends.

The Reasons behind my habit of Recording Gaming Videos

I also do it because I like watching the replays of how I played and how I approached the particular mission. There are times when you get stuck onto a mission, but practice is what ultimately helps in decoding that mission.

The feeling that I get after completing a hard mission is something that I cannot pen down on a piece of paper, and especially after the missions that my friends are stuck on for so long.

My friends usually don’t want my gameplay videos because they fear that it will suck out all the thrill of playing such a mission based video game. But no matter what I always have a habit of recording all my gameplay videos.

How I lost all my Gameplay Videos?

Recently, something terrible took place which left me devastated big time. All my recorded gameplay videos got accidentally deleted by my cousin brother who was visiting my home with his family all the way from Denver, Colorado.

He is a bit younger than me and was interested in playing Grand Theft Auto on my special PC. He was a newbie, and I assisted him for a while but then I went to do some shopping from the local grocery store.

It was three days later when I found that all my gameplay videos weren’t actually there on my PC. Discovering the unfortunate shook me really bad and to be honest, I felt helpless. I didn’t know what to do.

How I Finally Recovered all my Lost Videos?

My first step was that I started browsing on how to recover lost videos from a PC, but I found nothing. But then tomorrow in a gaming forum somebody told me that I could recover my gameplay videos by using software called Recoverit. I installed the software, and I was amazed to know that there is software present that can recover all of my lost data.

My videos were recovered instantly and once again; I cannot express how much relieved I was feeling that day. The software did all the video and audio recovery in no time.

At first, I was confused about how can this particular software recover all my lost data but when I used the software, I was just simply blown away. The interface of the software is user-friendly, and you will find no issue in using this magical software.

Not only this, the software can all kinds of music recovery as well.

By following these three simple steps on Recoverit you can easily recover your lost data:

– Launch the software and then select the data loss scenario case.
– Now scan your entire system and select the location from where all the data loss took place and then click on “Start.”
– The lost items from that source will be displayed on the screen and now will have three options: Preview, Recover, and Save Files.

My Gratitude for Recoverit’s Creator
What this software really does is that it scans your entire system and then somehow recollects all the lost data. It doesn’t matter what type or format of the data is; it is recoverable.

I cannot thank the creator of this software enough because he or she is the reason why I will be able, to begin with, my YouTube journey. The moment I recovered all my gaming videos, I realized the worth of all these videos. Hopefully my extraordinary gaming skills can help many who are stuck in the middle of the mission just like my friends.

Calin Ciabai

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