How Can I Test My Microphone on My Nintendo Switch? [Full Answer]

Microphones play an essential part in gaming on the Nintendo Switch, especially the Multiplayer games.

It can be quite frustrating if your teammates miss your callouts in Fortnite because of no reception in your mic. That’s why, it’s good to test the mic beforehand and make sure everything’s going good.

In this article today, I’m going to take you through the process of testing your microphone on your Nintendo Switch, so that you can avoid all sorts of mic-related inconveniences!

How Can I Test My Microphone on My Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, unlike the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, there are no options or features in the Nintendo Switch for testing your microphone.

First of all, make sure you’ve connected your headset or microphone to the audio jack of the Nintendo Switch properly.

If your device requires a USB port, you’ll need to purchase a Type-C-to-USB converter, and then connect it to the Type-C port of the Switch.

You’ll need to have Voice Chat enabled in the Switch to actually test the Microphone.

Turning Voice Chat on isn’t too difficult either.

Firstly, select on the “+” button on your Nintendo Switch.

+ button Nintendo Switch

Navigate to the Settings option that’s available to the right of the small menu that appears.

Click on the R button, located on the right curved edge of the device, to scroll between various menus in the Settings. Stop when you reach the “Audio” menu.

Voice Chat option Nintendo Switch

Using the Left Stick, scroll down to the last option – “Voice Chat”.

In order to talk to your friends during the game using your microphone, toggle the Voice Chat feature to “ON” using the Left Stick. And that’s about it!   

Back in the lobby, just beside your In-Game Name (IGN), you can see a Volume icon. Whenever you talk, you’ll notice a change in the Volume icon, if the microphone is working properly.

Mic sound Working Nintendo Switch

If you’ve used the mic in multiplayer video games before, you definitely know what I’m talking about. But, just as a reference, the change is identical to the one that happens when you increase the volume of the speaker in your PC.

The other way in which you can test your microphone in the Nintendo Switch is to invite one of your friends in the lobby and check if they can hear you clearly.

So far, these are the only methods you can use to test your microphone in your Nintendo Switch. Let’s take a look at a few primary fixes that you can opt for in case your microphone isn’t working.

Why isn’t my mic working on my Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Docked

Nintendo Switch and Dock Station

If you Nintendo Switch is docked, you may notice your microphone not receiving any signals during the game. So, how do we fix it?

How to use mic when Switch is docked?

In order to use microphone when your Nintendo Switch is docked, you’ll need to connect the USB end of the microphone to the USB port of the Dock.

That should easily enable the microphone while you’re playing Fortnite, Overwatch or any of the endless multiplayer games you can store in the Switch.

However, since there’s no audio jack on the Dock Station, you can still use the Audio Jack of the Nintendo Switch itself to connect your headphones, even when the Switch is docked.

The Audio Jack output has more dominance in the system than the HDMI outputs.

I’d suggest not to use converters when the Switch is docket, though!

Rings on Earphone Cord

If you are using earphones or earpieces with no dedicated microphones, then it’s worth taking a look at the number of rings on the earphone cord.

Two rings would mean that the earphone only processes audio sounds into stereo but there are no microphone features. Three rings will add the Microphone feature to the earphone.

While there are three rings in almost all the modern-day earpieces, it’s still worth taking a look at yours in case your microphone isn’t working at all.

Muted Microphone

Some microphones come with the option to be muted manually. You should always make sure that you haven’t muted your microphone by mistake while testing it out.

While it seems very obvious, this issue is actually quite common as it always skips our mind!

Wrapping Up

Testing your microphone on the Nintendo Switch isn’t that complex.

However, it could be helpful for all Switch users out there if they did add a mic-testing option, since there are more and more games available in the Switch that support in-game voice chat.

I hope this article has helped you test out the new microphone on your Nintendo Switch or figure out the issue with the malfunctioning microphone. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you’re still facing problems.

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