Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Haunted House Walkthrough

The haunted house is part of a quest in Chapter 3 of Hello Kitty Island Adventure. And today, I will share with you a complete walkthrough for the entire chapter.

Chapter 3 is called Re-Haunt the Spooky Swamp. Once you enter, you meet up with Kuromi, who welcomes you into the Spooky Swamp. She tells you that the spooky swamp is supposed to be this really cool haunted amusement park on the island.

Unfortunately, she points it needs work to get back up and running again. That is where your adventure begins. So let’s see how to complete everything!

There are a total of ten different rooms in the Haunted Mansion and each has a unique puzzle for you to solve. Below, you have the solution for each.

Room 1 Walkthrough


The first room is fairly simple. You will need to walk around the obstacles, and you will be fine.

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Room 2 Walkthrough


The second room introduces players to fall traps. Once you enter there will be one in the middle of the room, then two to the sides. After that, the pattern is repeated until you clear the room.

Room 3 Walkthrough


The third room is a mix between the first and second rooms. You have three paths to take when you first enter.

The right path is rigged with fall traps. The middle path has an obstacle, and the left path is clear for you to take.

Once you pass the first three paths, you will see the next three paths. The path on the right has floor traps, the left path has an obstacle, and the middle path is clear to pass. After that, you have passed the third room.

Room 4 Walkthrough


The fourth room has a lot of doors, and you need to find the right door. If you pick the wrong door you will be thrown out, and have to start all over again.

The first door you will want to enter is on the left of the stairs across the door. Once you enter you will be teleported to the top floor, and exit the one on the far right.

Once you exit, then the next correct door is the one immediately on your right.

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Room 5 Walkthrough


The fifth room is a combination of a lever puzzle and a button door password.

Once you enter the room go to the left. You will see four levers. If you turn them in the correct order, the door will open. Here is the order to pull the levers.

  • Pull the lever at the bottom left corner
  • Pull the lever on the top left corner
  • Pull the lever on the top right corner
  • Pull the lever on the bottom right corner

The door in the back will open, and the book inside will hold the password for the door. Memorize the password, and press the buttons accordingly.

If at any point you made a mistake there are two big buttons you can press to reset the room.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure: Haunted Mansion Door 6 Walkthrough


The sixth room is a lever puzzle just like before, with six levers. Despite seeming more complex, it is really simple. Here is the order to pull the levers.

  • Pull the lever at the bottom left corner
  • Pull the lever on the top right corner

Simple as that.

Room 7 Walkthrough


The seventh room is a maze room. There are four levers you will need to activate, to remove the obstacles, and open the exit.

  • The first lever is on the bottom right side of the room. It is located in the top part of the maze, so head right and on the second path going up. You will see a small dead end, that hides the lever.
  • The second lever is on the bottom left of the room. Just keep heading down, and you will find the lever.
  • The third lever is on the top left of the room. As you head up from the second lever, you will see two obstacles and a path on the left. Make your way through the small maze, and the lever is there.
  • The last lever is on the far right of the room. You will walk through the opening that the previous lever opened, and keep heading straight until you reach a fork. Head right, and then down again.

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Room 8 Walkthrough


The eighth room is a fall trap room. There are two buttons on both sides of the room. Once you press the buttons, you will see the traps open, and figure out the path.

The easiest way to memorize the path is to think of each row of traps as a block, and then count how many blocks you need to move forward. This way, the path will be easier to memorize.

Room 9 Walkthrough


The ninth room is a maze with levers again. There are three paths, and two of them are down when you first enter. By activating the correct levers the right paths will open up.

On the first three paths, activate the left lever, and walk through the path on the right. After that, you will need to activate the lever and walk down the path on the right.

Room 10 Walkthrough


The tenth room is an incomplete maze. With every lever you activate, more of the floor is opening up, and an overhead view shows you the path forward.

  • As you enter head straight up the left, and pull the lever.
  • Go back down, then go all the way to the right, and pull the lever.
  • Head back, up the middle pathway that opened up, and pull the lever.
  • Keep going up, and then move to the right. Pull the lever and open the path a little more.
  • Go back down the middle path, and pull the lever again.
  • Keep going back down to the bottom right, and pull the lever again.

The path toward the exit is now open, and the room is complete. Walk up to the final room, and claim your prize.

And this is it! You have completed all the doors/rooms in the Hello Kitty Island Adventure Haunted Mansion! But if you still have questions, let me know by commenting below and I will help.

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