Genshin Impact: How to Get The Catch (ALL Locations)

The Catch is one of Genshin Impact’s best 4-star weapons that everyone can get for free. The Catch is used in many sub-DPS characters due to its Energy Recharge substat and its amazing passive that buffs Elemental Burst damage.

For instance, it’s an amazing choice for one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun. Check out our Genshin Impact 3.0 tier list for more details.

While it’s an amazing weapon that doesn’t require wishing on any banner, getting it takes time.

In this guide, I’ll go through all of the locations you’ll need to visit to get the Catch in Genshin Impact, explain how to get started with fishing, and provide some tips and tricks to get this weapon as soon as possible.

How to Unlock Fishing

After unlocking the Serenitea Pot, you’ll have quest called ‘Exploding Population’. Talk to Katheryne in Mondstadt and follow this questline until you unlock fishing.

Your next step is to unlock baits. Follow the quest and the starting fishing hotspots to catch 9 Medaka fish.

Then, visit the Fisherman in Mondstadt to buy the Redrod, False Worm, and Fake Fly bait recipes. Lastly, visit a Crafting Bench to craft bait.

Bait recipes from Mondstadt Fisherman in Genshin Impact.

The fish required for the Catch will need the False Worm and Fake Fly bait, so make sure to stock up on those.

How to Fish

Fishing Angelfish in Genshin Impact.

Fishing per se is straightforward in Genshin Impact. Find a fishing hotspot, choose your fishing rod and fishing bait, and throw your hook near the fish.

Keep in mind not to aim too close to the fish because that will temporarily scare them off.

After a fish bites, hold the bar within the indicated box to successfully catch the fish.

Which Fish are Needed for the Catch

The Catch can be bought from the fisherman in Inazuma. It requires the following fish:

  • 6x Raimei Angelfish
  • 20x Golden Koi
  • 20x Rusty Koi

In addition, you can also buy up to four of Ako’s Sake Vessel, which is used to refine the Catch. To buy all four, you’ll need the following fish:

  • 12 Raimei Angelfish
  • 40x Pufferfish
  • 40x Bitter Pufferfish

All Fishing Locations for the Catch

Each of these fish can be found in different hotspots. Let us go through all these hotspots that can be found all around Teyvat.

Also, keep in mind that the fish in each fishing hotspot respawn after three days. Since that’s a long time and you’ll have to visit each spot multiple times, I would recommend joining the world of your friends or of random adventurers. This will help you get the Catch significantly faster.

Raimei Angelfish Location

Raimei Angelfish location east of Tatarasuna in Inazuma

Raimei Angelfish only have one spawn location. In addition, they can only be found during the nighttime. Make sure to set your clock to night in order to find them.

Golden & Rusty Koi Locations

All Koi locations in Genshin Impact. Mondstadt (left), Liyue (middle), and Inazuma (right).

The Koi’s are the easiest fish to catch. They have multiple locations and you only require a small amount of them.

Pufferfish & Bitter Pufferfish Locations

All Pufferfish locations in Genshin Impact. Lower Mondstadt (left), Liyue (middle), and Inazuma (right)

The Pufferfish will be the hardest fish to catch if you’re aiming to unlock max refinement on the Catch. There are only a few per fishing spot and you’ll have to wait through multiple resets or visit other adventurers to ease the process.

For more details on the locations, visit the official Teyvat Interactive Map and select the fishes you’re looking for from the left bar.


The Catch is an extremely useful, free-to-acquire, polearm weapon. However, acquiring it, especially if aiming for refinement 5, can take weeks.

Consider joining other adventurers’ worlds and taking their fish to make the process significantly faster.

Are you going to get the Catch? Are you motivated enough to aim for refinement 5? Let us know in the comments below!


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