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Fan Remakes Silent Hills With a Playable Prototype

Konami’s long lost Silent Hills could have been the start of something special. Before they became the blunder they’re known as today, Konami spearheaded a project that was to be the future of the Silent Hill franchise. Unfortunately, after the whole ordeal with Kojima, Silent Hills was officially canned.

However, the game left such an impression on the community that some fans refused to see it die. Thus, various fan projects and remakes popped up from time to time. Today, a player by the name of SmoggyChips has released a prototype version of his full remake of Silent Hills using the Unreal Engine 4. You can grab the prototype and read about the full project right here on Game Jolt.

This seems to be more than simply a remake, though. SmoggyChips has stated that this is still heavily early access and there will be more “levels” added in the future. It seems that SmoggyChips intends to not only recreate the basis of Silent Hills but also add in their own twists and surprises.

We’ve played the prototype and we’re already impressed with what’s there. If SmoggyChips can keep up this quality of work with their own designs, then we’ve got a slid horror game on our hands in the future. As demonstrated, the Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful engine that can do some pretty awesome stuff in the right hands. We’re excited to see what comes of Corridorssince Konami pulled the plug on Silent Hills before it could even get a proper start.

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