Fallout 4 Mod Download: No Level Requirements for Perks

Even though Fallout 4 has just been launched and the official modding tools won’t see daylight until Spring 2016, the best modders around have already started to pour content for the game with mini-mods and tweaks and such that manage to change the game’s experience, feel and even looks.

This particular mod is close to cheating, but is extremely useful.

The No Level Requirements for Perks mod that you can download in this article does exactly what it says: it removes the level requirements for learning a specific Perk.

In the game, without the mod, you are not allowed to learn certain perks until you hit a specific level. This mod removes those requirements, allowing you to develop your character exactly as you see fit, in a manner that’s close to that in Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

fallout 4 mod download no level requirement for perks

How to download & install the Fallout 4 No Level Requirements for Perks mod

Official description: “In Fallout 3 and NV, you were free to spend your skill points on whatever skill(s) you liked.

Now that perks have replaced skills, the actions that the skills used to control are now behind the same level requirements as the perks, so it’s no longer possible to e.g. put all your points into lockpicking early on to the detriment of other skills.

You cannot open Master-level locks before level 18; you can’t build silencers for your guns (which require Gun Nut 2) before level 13.

I found these restrictions somewhat arbitrary and annoying, so I made this small mod to remove the level requirements, allowing you to take any level of any perk you choose at any time, so long as you meet the SPECIAL attribute requirement.

Admittedly, it would probably serve game balance better to have taken a more surgical approach rather than removing all level requirements across the board, but given that official mod tools won’t be released until next year, I consider this a reasonable first step.”

Click here to download the mod. Have fun experimenting with all the available perks!

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