Coromon: Best Water Type for your Team

Water is one of the seven available elemental types in Coromon. It is unique because it’s the only type that’s super effective against two different types.

Specifically, Water-type moves are very effective against both Sand and Fire-type Coromon. However, Water-type Coromon are weak against Electric, Ice, and Foul-type moves.

In this guide, I will list the five best Water-type Coromon for your team and explain what makes them great.

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Best Water Type Coromon

Water-type Coromon are able to quickly deal with Sand and Fire-types, while also dealing normal damage to Normal and Ghost-types.

They are weak to Electric, Ice, and Foul-type moves but overall versatility makes them great for any team combo.

Without further delay, let’s see the five best Water-type Coromon in the game.

5. Atlantern

Atlantern and Shimshell in Coromon.
Atlantern and Shimshell in Coromon.

Atlantern is the evolution of Shimshell and has the highest Defense stat of all Water-type Coromon.

Additionally, Atlantern features moves that inflict status effects on enemies and can even heal itself when needed. With its high Attack and Special Attack, Atlantern is able to take down most opponents with ease.

However, it has low HP and Defense, thus making it extremely weak to physical attackers. Due to that, it’s great for both PvE and PvP, as long as it’s going up against special attackers.

4. Swampa

Swampa and Quagoo Coromon.
Swampa and Quagoo Coromon.

Swampa evolves from Quagoo and is a great all-around Coromon that combines solid offensive stats with stalling moves that allow it to control the battlefield.

Also, its Traits (Conserver and Caffeinated) allow it to use more SP and its unique Health Link attacks makes its HP equal to the enemy’s.

It features a unique playstyle and if used correctly, it can shine in various scenarios primarily in PvP.

3. Uraclaw

Uraclaw and Fiddly Coromon.
Uraclaw and Fiddly Coromon.

Uraclaw is the evolution of Fiddly and features a surprisingly strong Attack stat. Combined with its Trait Hummidifier, which causes rainy weather when it enters the battlefield, Uraclaw’s Water-type moves hit even harder.

Lastly, it has a great variety of move types, so it’s able to deal with most types of Coromon. This makes it a prime choice for both PvE and PvP.

2. Megalobite

Sheartooth and Megalobite Coromon.
Sheartooth and Megalobite Coromon.

Megalobite evolves from Nibblegar and Sheartooth and is a great early-game tank Coromon. With high Defense and Special Defense stats, as well as the move Power Nap where it can heal itself, Megalobite is able to survive almost anything.

Additionally, it can use Poison Chomp to inflict poison on enemies and take them down slowly.

Based on those, it’s an ideal choice for PvP, but useful only in certain scenarios in PvE.

1. Chonktoad

Fibio and Chonktoad Coromon.
Fibio and Chonktoad Coromon.

Chonktoad is the evolution of Taddle and Fibio. It manages to make it to the top of this list primarily due to two of its moves: Cloudburst and Crushing Waterfall.

Cloudburst deals damage to all enemy Coromon while also lowering their Accuracy. It’s a great way to take down multiple enemies at once and make sure that any Coromon that survives has a high chance of missing its next attack.

Crushing Waterfall is the strongest Water-type move in the game. With a phenomenal 200 Power, it can one-shot most enemies. At the same time, it also reduces the target’s Special Defense by one stage. Any Coromon that survives this is bound to die on the next turn.

Based on its great moveset, Choonktoad is recommended for both PvE and PvPP.

Wrapping up – Best Water Type Coromon

To summarize, these are the best Water-type Coromon for both PvE and PvP.

They offer great utility and allow you to deal with many Coromon types due to their solid versatility.

Do you agree with this ranking? What’s your favorite Water-type Coromon? Let us know in the comments below.

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