Coromon: Best Fire Type for your Team

Fire-type Coromon are great tools for your team as they can easily deal with enemy Ice-type Coromon.

Additionally, Fire is the only type of Coromon that is resistant to heavy attacks.

In this guide, I will list the five best Fire-type Coromon for your team and explain what makes them great.

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Best Fire-Type Coromon

Fire-type Coromon are ideal choices for dealing with Ice-type Coromon, as well as any heavy attack users.

Let’s examine the best Fire-type Coromon in the game, both for PvE and PvP.

5. Ashclops

Ashclops and Molteye Coromon.
Molteye and Ashclops Coromon.

Ashclops is the evolution of Bloby and Molteye, and one of the strongest Fire-type Coromon due to its phenomenally high Attack stat.

However, its physical move pool is fairly limited, so it doesn’t have variety in terms of attacks and the enemy can predict its moves. This makes it great for PvE, but not-so-good- for PvP.

4. Magmilus

Squidma and Magmilus Coromon.
Squidma and Magmilus Coromon.

Magmilus, which evolves from Squidma, has a fairly weird playstyle. It has a high Speed stat, but low Attack and Special Attack.

What makes it one of the best Fire-type Coromon is its Trait ‘Reignite’. According to this trait, when Magmilus’ HP is low, its Fire-type Attacks deal 50% more damage.

Combined with its high Speed, Magmilus’ attacks can hit extremely fast and hard. As long as the enemy Coromon can’t take down Magmilus in one hit, it’s a great option for both PvE and PvP.

3. Infinix

Bren and Infinix in Coromon.
Bren and Infinix in Coromon.

Infinix is the evolution of Bren and Pyrochick and it’s preferred by trainers for its high Attack and Special Attack stats.

In addition, Infinix has a variety of status moves that help it control the battlefield against slower and more durable opponents.

Due to that, Infinix is a great PvP option that can take down even the toughest enemies.

2. Volcadon

Embaval and Volcadon Coromon.

Volcadon, which is the evolution of Toruga and Embaval, is a great overall Special Attack with a high Speed stat.

It features a wide variety of Fire-type moves that hit enemies hard. Additionally, it’s the last evolution of a starter Pokemon, so it’s acquired easily.

Its variety of moves makes Volcadon a prime option for PvE and PvP.

1. Vulbrute

Ruptius and Vulbrute Coromon.
Ruptius and Vulbrute Coromon.

Vulbrute is the evolution of Ruptius and the overall best Fire-type Coromon in the game.

This is because of its stats. It has the highest Special Attack and Defense of all Fire-type Pokemon, while it also has a high Special Defense stat.

In short, it hits hard and can tank a lot of damage before falling. Its only setback is its Speed, as it will almost always move second in every round.

Due to those, Vulbrute is ideal for both PvE and PvP scenarios.

Wrapping up – Best Fire-Type Coromon

To summarize, these are the best Fire-type Coromon available in the game, both for PvE and PvP.

Fire types are mostly known for having great offensive stats and being able to take down any enemy. There are both squishy and durable options, based on whether you prefer Speed or defensive stats.

What’s your favorite Fire-type Coromon in the game? Do you agree with this list overall? Let us know in the comments below.

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