Coromon: Best Ghost Type for your Team

Ghost-type Coromon can be a valuable asset to any team. With Magic, they are the only types that can counter other Ghost-type Coromon.

Also, they are resistant to Normal and Cut-type moves, which makes them ideal for countering certain Coromon.

In this guide, I will list the five best ghost-type Coromon for your team and explain what makes them great.

Best Ghost-Type Coromon

Ghost-type Coromon are great for dealing with other Ghost-types, as well as Cut and Normal-type Coromon.

There are various options to choose from in this list, including strong attackers, bruisers, and even supports.

Let’s see the five best Ghost-type Coromon in the game.

5. Orotchy

Otogy and Orotchy Coromon.
Otogy and Orotchy Coromon.

Orotchy, the evolution of Otogy, is an all-around bruiser Coromon. Players can get a perfect version of it for free during the late game.

It has one of the strongest Ghost-type moves in the game: Phantom Spike.

Additionally, defeating enemy Coromon increases Orotchy’s Attack and Special Attack, which allows it to destroy almost any enemy as long as it builds some momentum.

4. Mudma

Droople and Mudma Coromon.
Droople and Mudma Coromon.

Mudma is the evolution of Droople and it’s one of the tankier options in the game that allows players to gain control of the battlefield.

With high resistance and many debuff moves, it can slowly but surely wear down enemy Coromon.

However, Mudma is fairly situational. It’s ideal for countering certain Coromon and falls off while facing others.

3. Octotle

Squidly and Octotle Coromon.

Octotle, which is the evolution of Squidly, is a great option if you’re looking for high damage and speed. While it comes at the cost of low survivability, Octotle can often one-shot the enemy Coromon before it even gets the chance to move.

Also, due to its playstyle, many players favor Octotle as one of the best Coromon for PvP.

2. Eclyptor

Lunarwolf and Eclyptor Coromon.
Lunarwolf and Eclyptor Coromon.

Eclyptor, which is the evolution of Lunarpup and Lunarwolf, is one of the late-game Coromon that you can get a guaranteed perfect version of it. Due to that, it’s an ideal option for both PvE and PvP.

It features phenomenal Speed and Special Attack stats, which allow Eclyptor to take down any opponent with ease.

1. Purghast

Ghinx and Purrghast Coromon.
Ghinx and Purrghast Coromon.

Purrghast is the evolution of Ghinx and Purrgy and it’s the best Ghost-type Coromon overall due to offering amazing support moves.

It combines healing moves (in and out of combat), as well as various debuffs that disable various enemy moves and allow Purghast to control the battlefield.

Also, it doesn’t need to focus on offensive stats at all, as its main moves (Kitty Claws & Cat Scratch) deal damage based on the opponent’s HP.

Lastly, Purghast is on top of this list because it’s useful in almost every scenario. Contrary to Coromon such as Mudma which are situational, Purghast will bring value in every encounter.

Wrapping up – Best Ghost-Type Coromon

To sum up, these are the five best Ghost-type Coromon in the game. There are various options available on this list, ranging from all-rounder Coromon to glass cannon and support ones.

Overall, it’s always useful to have a strong Ghost-type in your team, as they are a great way for dealing with Ghost, Normal, and Cut-type Coromon.

What’s your favorite Ghost-type in the game? What’s your favorite Coromon type overall? Let us know in the comments below.

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