Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update Guide: Icicle Yeti Cookie, New Episodes, Events & More

Cookie Run Kingdom’s Winter Update is launching on November 22nd, adding a host of winter-related content and goodies for the fans of the game.

CRK’s Winter Update 2023 comes with a new episode and a brand new cookie to unlock, as well as an extra way to get more cookies in the game. The update is rounded up by special events and various other things that we’ll talk about below.

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New Cookie: Icicle Yeti Cookie

Icicle Yeti Cookie

Probably the main attraction of the update is the introduction of the Icicle Yeti Cookie, a healer-type of cookie that restores HP to its teammates.

It can also turn into an actual Yeti for a short time and jump in front of the team, creating a shield of ice which reduces incoming damage and makes the team immune to freezing.

A pretty solid cookie overall that I am sure everybody will want to unlock.

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How to unlock Icicle Yeti Cookie in CRK?

Winter Update Screenshot

You can unlock the new cookie by completing the newly introduced special episode, Icicle Yeti’s Winter Song.

Here, you will have to help Grandma Cotton and Snow Sugar Cookie find the Icicle Yeti Cookie.

You will need Frosty Quills to complete the quest. This is a new type of items that slowly recharges over time, but which can also be obtained from completing the event’s quest.

Snow Sugar Cookie – New Magic Candy

Since the Snow Sugar Cookie is also the star of the event, you’ll have a new Magic Candy for her.

This unlocks a new skill – Help Me, Snow King! – which is immune to ATK SPD changes, dealing extra damage to frozen damage and leeching on some of the damage dealt (healing).

New Gacha Events: Frost Queen Cookie Gacha & Winter Cookie gacha

legendary gacha event

There are two new, winter-themed gacha events arriving to the game with the Winter Update.

First, we have the legendary Frost Queen Cookie Gacha, where you will use the newly introduced Fractal Crystal Droplets that you can obtain from playing the game and roll for the Frost Queen Cookie and Soulstones.

Frost Queen Cookie’s Crystal Jam is also introduced, unlocking Eternal Frost which offers all sorts of boosts.

The Frost Queen cookie also has a massive final hit that deals tons of damage and freezes all enemies, including those with freeze immunity! She’s the Queen, after all!

The second gacha is the Winter Cookie one, where you spend 300 crystals per pull with increased chances for some of the best cookies in the game, like the ones listed below:

  • Cocoa Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Pinecone Cookie
  • Sherbet Cookie
  • Snow Sugar Cookie

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New Area: Pavilion of Promise

The CRK Winter Update also brings a new way to get cookies – the Pavilion of Promise.

By completing various in-game missions, you will earn Purity Crystals which increase the Pavilion’s fill meter. Once filled, it will give you a new cookie.

The Hall of Encounter gets updated too

Cookie Run Kingdom Winter Update Guide

To go with the winter theme of this latest update, the Hall of Encounter now gives you the chance to meet cookies related to the Winter Update:

  1. Cotton Cookie
  2. Frost Queen Cookie
  3. Icicle Yeti
  4. Sherbet Cookie
  5. Snow Sugar Cookie

Also, there are new rewards that you can win from the rewards chests:

  1. Aurora Pillars, Bricks, or Compasses
  2. EXP Star Jellies level 5 and 6
  3. Frosted Crystal Toppings
  4. Legendary Cookie Soulstone Choice Chest
  5. Magic and Special Cookie Cutters
  6. Monument Fragments
  7. Radiant Shards
  8. Topping Pieces
  9. Treasure Tickets
  10. Unity Essence

Frosted Crystal Toppings introduced

These new toppings go well with winter-themed cookies. We don’t have a full list of these yet, but I will update this article as soon as we do.

Other fixes and changes

guild museum

Finally, there are plenty of other smaller changes, fixes and additions that I will list below:

  • Hall of History II opens in the Guild Museum.
  • The Cookie Alliance mode gets an overhaul, with the number of waves dropped to 20.
  • Cream Puff Cookie will now deal light-damage
  • Extra Trial Grounds attempts via tickets
  • Poison Mushroom Cookie attack duration time fixed
  • The Magic Laboratory has been optimized

Final words

A truly massive and exciting update for CRK, giving us plenty of reasons to keep playing during the winter season. There are a lot of new things to unlcok!

And if you want to fully prepare, make sure to check out our previous articles, like the best build for Guild Battle in CRK, or the best Capsaicin Cookie build.

Now over to you – what do you think about the Winter Update? Does it deliver, or were you expecting more from it?

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