Best Skyrim Baby Name Ideas

If you’re planning to have a baby and it happens that you’re also a Skyrim fan like myself, it might not be such a horrible idea to look at some Skyrim names for your baby.

While getting your spouse’s approval for this is mandatory, as the names themselves will be very uncommon for real life, you can actually come up with some amazing, fantasy-sounding and pretty unique names for your son or daughter.

Just make sure to try and pick something that you like BUT your child will enjoy also. Being bullied over your name is still an unfortunate part of our life.

So definitely don’t go crazy with something similar to our best PUBG names for example. But as far as the Skyrim universe is concerned… you have some solid options.

Now, there are tens of characters with unique games that you can stumble upon in Skyrim and in case you want to name your child based on one of those, feel free to do so with the help of my list below.

Skyrim name ideas for Girls

skyrim babe name ideas for girls
Modded Adelaisa image via NexusMods

We’re starting with some name ideas for girls. I’m listing them in alphabetical order below.


Although she’s not the most impressive character in the game, her name does sound really good imho.

In Skyrim, she is a minor character and does not play a significant role in the main story, but I still remembered her name and really found it interesting.


Aela the Huntress is a fierce warrior and skilled hunter in Skyrim. I really like her for her sarcastic wit and quick thinking, as well as her really good looks.

And even if your baby girl doesn’t turn into a fierce huntress (chances are high for that not happening), the name itself still sounds really nice in the real world.


If you want a more common-sounding name, then Camilla might be just it. After all, there’s a real life princess with that name!

In Skyrim, she is an important character and a potential romance option in the game.


I’m not choosing this name based on the looks of the character, as she’s an old alchemist in Dawnstar. But the name itself sounds really nice, so it’s on the list for you to consider.


Lillith Maiden-Loom is also an older lady that you meet in the game, this time in Whiterun.

And even though she doesn’t pay a big part in the game itself, her name sounds absolutely amazing. Probably my favorite on the list.


Another more common name that you find in Skyrim, Lydia is also a fierce warrior and a companion for the main character.

A great girl overall who prefers melee combat and can’t use spells, she can be the source for a great name for your baby girl.


An innocent sounding name, in my opinion.

However, Mirabelle is a skilled mage and responsible for maintaining order in the realm of magic. She’s an important in-game character, so you might be more familiar with her than with most on this list.


While she is known as “The Lady of Decay” in the game, which doesn’t sound too impressive, we can at least get a Pro from the fact that she’s a god. And, in real life, the name sounds pretty amazing, I would say.


Well, she might be a vampire in the game, but her name still sounds great and fit for a future star. Who knows, maybe your daughter will become an ace tennis player with this name!

Jokes aside – truly amazing name in my opinion.

Skyrim name ideas for Boys

skyrim baby name ideas for boys
Image via Nexus Mods

Now, let’s see what options we have for boys. Again, I am listing my suggestions in alphabetical order.


We had a god when it came to girl names – we do have the same for boy names. And Alduin – even though it does sound like a mage’s name in fantasy novel, it’s pretty cool.

It was listed as one of the most powerful video game gods in a previous article and can’t be ignored.


I have to admit that I spent some time considering this suggestion. This is the main character in the game (The Dragonborn) so it’s probably close to our hearts.

As a downside, the name itself is really uncommon and might sound strange in the real life. But that’s up for you to decide!


Garvey might be dressed all in rags in Skyrim, but he has a nice name in my opinion. Plus, he’s actually an expert at sneaking, so he’s not just a lowlife.

He’s actually friendly and nice to the main character in the game and that’s a good starting point imho.


To me, this name sounds like that of a Roman emperor. In the game though, he’s “just” the General of the Imperial Legion and serves as one of the primary antagonists of the civil war questline.


The leader of the Dawnguard, Isran is set on a quest to destroy the vampires who threaten the safety of the people of Skyrim.

He is an important in-game character, and his name has a nice, exotic sound to it.


A wise and experienced warrior, he’s a very lovable character overall. And his name sounds both unique and nice.

Kodlak is known for his wisdom, bravery, and dedication to his cause, and he is considered a father figure for the Companions. A great starting point for a nam!


I am a huge fan of the Gothic franchise and for me, Vilkas sounds like a name from the Gothic games. However, the closest name to this, in the Gothic franchise, is Vatras who is a mage.

However, in Skyrim, Vilkas is a brave warrior with great skill. He is known for his bravery, strength, and unwavering loyalty to Kodlak, mentioned above.


There are tens of names in Skyrim to draw inspiration from, but I tried to keep them not too crazy.

I mean, it might sound fun at first to name your son Balgruuf – based on the Skyrim character – but I doubt your son would be too happy about it.

So think well before choosing a Skyrim inspired name for your baby and let us all know in the comments section below if you have additional ideas and suggestions.

Calin Ciabai

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