Best HOPA / Hidden Object Games to Play in 2024 on PC

If you love HOPA games as much as I do, you know there are tons of new games launched each year. It’s difficult to keep track with the best of the best – but I am here to help you with that.

Today, I’m sharing the best hidden object puzzle adventures you should play this year. These are new games launched in the past year – maybe a couple of years old, at most.

Check them all out below and make sure to give them all a try. These are the best HOPAs for PC to play this year.

Best Hidden Object Puzzle Adventures to Play in 2024

I had to go through hundreds of new games (who said PC HOPAs are dead?), but managed to come up with the winners.

Mystery Stories: Mountains of Madness

Mystery Stories Mountains of Madness

In Mystery Stories – Mountains of Madness, a chilling HOPA based on H.P. Lovecraft, you have to search for a missing expedition.

A polar researcher and her associate travel to a remote scientific base only to find that the expedition team is dead.

For answers, they trek to the mountains where they discover what seems to bring all previous beliefs into question.

You can get the game from Steam or WildTangent.

Mystery Case Files: The Dalimar Legacy

mystery case files

What gives the Master Detective the courage to constantly defy the odds against some of the darkest forces the agency has ever seen? What pushed Charles Dalimar into madness and past the point of no return?

Discover answers to both questions when a strange phenomenon drops the Master Detective into Dalimar’s body sometime in the past.

Prepare yourself, Detective. With unforgettable characters, deadly traps, and mind-bending puzzles, this could be your most challenging case yet!

The game is available on Steam, Big Fish Games, and WildTangent.

Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road

Knight Cats Leaves on the Road

The capable and devoted guards of Catstown provide safety and security to the thankful inhabitants, but when a recent string of missing townspeople culminates with the disappearance of the governor’s niece, the whole town is scared and on edge.

Join town guard Shavan as he braves the dangers of the world outside the gates on his mission to find the missing residents and track down whoever is responsible.

Get the game from WildTangent or Big Fish Games.

An Arcade Full of Cats

An Arcade Full of Cats

If you’re looking for something a bit different than your regular hidden object puzzle adventure, then this is the game you must play!

Join Leo and Fofiño as they navigate a feline-infused version of the arcade era, spanning from 1980 to the year 2000, all while attempting to find their way back to the present!

Search high and low for hidden feline companions across five captivating scenarios, each with its unique surprises. Pure hidden object fun!

The game is available on Steam.

Bridge to Another World: A Trail of Breadcrumbs

Bridge to Another World

An unexpected descent into a strange world of malevolent witches, heroic hunters, and powerful magic causes sweet, grown-up Gretel to question everything she knows about reality!

Danger lurks around every corner as she helps its inhabitants deal with constant attacks from witches bent on sowing destruction and chaos. But hope is not lost!

When Gretel discovers a familiar face, it seems they may finally have a chance to save the realm and rid it of evil magic forever!

Check this game out on WildTangent or BigFishGames.

Paranormal Files: Silent Willow

Paranormal Files Silent Willow

Solving the mystery of your missing colleague and the magical shop he disappeared from finally seems within your grasp, but key evidence to crack this case remains to be found.

Your only hope lies at the Silent Willow Mental Hospital, where an old ally needs your help.

But you quickly find more than you bargained for when a dark shadow entity appears to keep both you and your case buried for good!

The game is available on Steam, WildTangent, and Big Fish Games.

Grim Tales: Dual Disposition

Grim Tales Dual Disposition

When a strange souvenir shop is broken into and ransacked, Anna Gray is called to take on the case.

But upon arrival, you’re shocked to find yourself as the prime suspect! Your double is out to disrupt the flow of magic, taking your abilities in the process.

It’ll take all your skills and expertise to travel to new realities and uncover Lady A’s devilish plans. Can you work with old friends to save the sources of magic and clear your name in time?

Get the game from Steam, WildTangent or Big Fish to find out.

Ms. Holmes: The Case of the Dancing Men

Ms. Holmes The Case of the Dancing Men

When heiress Olivia Cubitt disappears just before her wedding, your friend Oscar Watson knows just who to call!

Everyone close to Olivia has received strange letters with encryptions of dancing figures.

Your Uncle Sherlock once dealt with a similar case, and when you discover his case files have been stolen, it’s clear foul work is at play!

Get the game from Steam, WildTangent or Big Fish Games.

Lost Lands: Sand Captivity

Lost Lands Sand Captivity

After the peace in the Lost Lands was restored, Susan decided to restore her own world. She had become a dedicated mother and a grandmother.

All that reminded her of her previous adventures were the stories she told to her granddaughter under the guise of fairytales.

But like mother, like son. Jim couldn’t walk by the artifact of the Lost Lands that was found on Earth.

Accidentally, he unleashed an ancient curse. So now Susan has to return to the Lost Lands one more time to save her family.

Get the game from Steam or Big Fish Games.

Dark City: Kyiv

Dark City Kyiv

When an investigation of a suspected spiritualist fraud comes up empty, events unfold to reveal a much darker and more complex underbelly of the magic city of Kyiv.

You’ll play as a renowned detective in a city of secrets, paranormal circumstances, and mistrust as you struggle to learn who to trust among your friends and locals.

Things take an unexpected turn when your investigation points to the existence of supernatural inhabitants of Kyiv and someone or something that wants them out of the way.

Get the game from Steam or Big Fish Games.

Whispered Secrets: Purrfect Horror

Whispered Secrets

When a local Egyptology professor asks for your help after an artifact is stolen from the city museum, it seems like a simple case for an expert like you.

But things quickly take a dangerous turn when you find the Scythe of Apoph is more than you bargained for!

With missing person cases on the rise and an influx of stray cats taking to the streets, can you find the connections between the two and stop an ancient god before it’s too late?

You can get the game from Big Fish.

Detectives United: Beyond Time

Detectives United Beyond Time

They say that good things come in small packages, but can one simple delivery determine the fate of the world?

That’s what you and your fellow agents are about to find out!

When a mysterious parcel sent through time arrives at your agency, you quickly find yourself in a race against the clock to save all of humanity! An otherworldly entity is rising, set to destroy your world.

Get the game from Big Fish Games.

Wrapping up

There you have them: 12 amazing HOPA games released in 2023, and perfect to play throughout 2024. If you missed any of the recommendations above, make sure to try them.

And if you know of any other amazing recent hidden object games released on PC, don’t hesitate to comment below and let us all know.

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