Best Gift Ideas for Gamers

In a couple of weeks your social media timelines will be flooded with Aunts and Uncles sharing memes telling you how many sleeps it is to Christmas.

Rather than getting you excited for December 25th though, they’re likely to just worry you about how little preparation you have done.

If you want to avoid the anxiety ridden task of fighting your way through the shops on Christmas Eve, it’s time to get prepared and start thinking about your gift buying. One genre of gifts that is ripe for the picking right now is gaming.

The past 18 months has seen a massive resurgence in the popularity of gaming as huge swathes of the population were asked to remain indoors to limit the spread of Covid-19. If you know an avid gamer but don’t know the difference between COD and haddock this is the article for you!

Below we have compiled some of the best Christmas gifts for gamers that are sure to get you in their good books on December 25th. Read on to find out what they are…

Pokie Machine

Price: $40 – $80

Two of the biggest economic casualties of the pandemic were the bar and land-based gambling sectors who had to close their doors to their customers. The closure left many players seeking for other alternatives contributing to the rise of online pokies. Nowadays, many casino players head online and choose to play at one of the many pokie sites available, all which have a range of themes and games to choose from.

With many seeking other ways to play casino games, a home pokie machine could be the perfect gift then for that person in your life – we’re guessing it’s probably the Dad of the family – that has been kept from their beloved bar and casino over the past 18 months is a home pokie machine.

This gift could be placed at the end of their makeshift bar it’ll make them feel just as though they’re sipping beer and spinning the reels in their favorite pub!

pokie machine miniature

Blood, Sweat and Pixels by Jason Schreier

Price: $10.99

There is no in between when it comes to gaming, players either hop on their PlayStation every couple of weeks and play for a few hours, or they take their passion incredibly seriously.

They play whenever they have a free moment, they spend their breaks at work watching YouTube videos and meticulously research the newest updates and glitches. If you know someone who falls into the second category then this book is a great gift!

This book by Jason Schreier tells the story of how a group of often underpaid tech developers take an idea from fruition to AAA gaming title. After reading your grateful recipient may even have more empathy for developers the next time they rage at their favourite game!

Gaming Projector

Price: $130 – $800

Most people have one big TV in their house that is ideal for watching movies, TV shows and for playing games. Who gets to use this TV at any given time can be a matter of real consternation especially when one of those is a gamer.

To help the person you love avoid this ongoing battle for TV set supremacy why not treat them to a gaming projector. All they’ll have to do is hook it up to their console and point it at a white wall to be playing their favourite games in huge scale!

There is a huge price range when it comes to gaming projectors so make sure to do your research before parting with your money.

gaming gear

TV LED Lights

Price: $20

The best games are those that fully immerse players in the action and offer them an escape from the mundanity of day-to-day life. One way to increase that immersion is by attaching color changing LED lights to the back of a gamer’s TV.

As they prepare to jump from the chopper down into Verdansk their TV will be backlit flashing red. Then, when they are inevitably sent packing to the gulag their LED lights will dim to match their dank and dim surroundings.

From as little as $20 these LED lights provide the perfect balance between novelty and effectiveness for your gaming gift recipient.

Gaming Chair

Price: $120 – $250

It might sound like a bad joke but a gaming injury is no laughing matter. Whilst your friends and family may look largely sedentary when they’re sat in front of the TV screen, they’re still at risk of causing themselves physical problems.

Whether that be a trivial crick in the neck or a more serious pulled muscle, gaming injuries can be sore. To limit the risk it’s essential to be gaming in a seat that protects player’s posture and gives them the right amount of lumbar support.

If you want a gift that will really make a difference then you can’t go far wrong with a gaming chair.

MJKJ Handheld Retro Game Console

Price: $80

There are gamers out there that even whilst enjoying the stunning graphics of a modern AAA title lament the passing of a simpler time. When games were more basic and straightforward and featured garish colour schemes and cartoon characters.

If you know someone who feels like this about gaming then the MJKJ handheld retro console is the perfect game for them. It comes with N64, PSP, NDS, PS1, GameBoy and many more old school console titles compatibility.

One of these nifty little emulator console’s will have your gaming pal playing GoldenEye, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Yellow and PES 5 in no time at all.

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