A Little to the Left Cupboards and Drawers Walkthrough: Level 1 – Level 20 Solutions

If you need some help completing the Cupboards and Drawers levels in A Little to the Left, you’re at the right place! Today, I am here to share the complete solution – with text hints and screenshots – for all the levels.

I will upload more walkthrough guides for the game soon, but for now, let’s check out the walkthrough below for the first 20 levels in Cupboards and Drawers, as they can be tricky too.

A Little to the Left Level 1 Solution: Clock Shelf

Text solution: Place the clocks in a visually pleasing way, so that they create shapes with the pointers.

Image solution:

01 A Little to the Left Clock Shelf

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A Little to the Left Level 2 Solution: Rubber Band Artist

Text solution: Fill the drawers to the sides with the matching items. For the brushes, make sure they decrease in size (from left to right), while the paint tubes should create matching colors when placed next to each other.

Image solution:

02 A Little to the Left Rubber Band Artist

A Little to the Left Level 3 Solution: Pens & Caps

Text solution: Place the corresponding cap on each pen, then place them in ascending order from left to right, based on the number of lines on each pen.

Image solution:

03 Pens & Caps

A Little to the Left Level 4 Solution: Flowers & Petals

Text solution: This is really tricky, but if you start from the top side of the pages, you can complete the existing ones, then mix and match the remaining flowers.

Image solution:

04 Flowers & Petals

A Little to the Left Level 5 Solution: Brooms & Toilets

Text solution: Place all the items so that they match perfectly, without any overlap.

Image solution:

05 Brooms & Toilets

A Little to the Left Level 6 Solution: Kitty in the Sink

Text solution: Time to take a break. Simply place your cursor over the cat’s head and pet it.

A Little to the Left Level 7 Solution: Snacks & Bites

Text solution: First, re-create the tray by dragging all the pieces into position, then drag the food items where they match. Pretty easy.

Image solution:

07 Snacks & Bites

A Little to the Left Level 8 Solution: Kitchen Cutlery

Text solution: Start by placing the knives on the magnet board, starting with the largest on the left and going down to the smallest. Then fit in all the remaining items, making sure there’s no overlap.

Image solution:

08 Kitchen Cutlery

A Little to the Left Level 9 Solution: Kitchen Drawers

Text solution: You will need to move items from one drawer to the other (drag the wrongly placed items to the handle on the top of the screen). Do this until all items fit perfectly in all spots, in both drawers.

Image solution – drawer 1:

09 Kitchen Drawers - drawer 1

Drawer 2:

09 Kitchen Drawers - drawer 2

A Little to the Left Level 10 Solution: Tea Shelf

Text solution: You must fit all the items perfectly, but also in the right order. Middle top – birds on the jars must face each other; middle bottom – jam jars start with the tallest at the bottom; bottom right jars must have the red line connected.

Image solution:

10 Tea Shelf

A Little to the Left Level 11 Solution: Sharp Hangers

Text solution: Place the items so that they fit perfectly. I recommend starting with the largest – cutting board to the right, towards the bottom and the largest pan to the right, with the handle upwards.

Image solution:

11. Sharp Hangers

A Little to the Left Level 12 Solution: The Pantry

Text solution: First, place the apples in the baskets and the potatoes in the crate. Then mix and match everything, so that it fits perfectly. The transparent jars start from low to the left, to highest in the middle, then back to low again to the right.

Image solution:

12 The Pantry

A Little to the Left Level 13 Solution: Kitty in the Shelf

Text solution: Again, it’s time for a break – just pet the cat.

A Little to the Left Level 14 Solution: Gadget Drawer

Text solution: Pretty straightforward here, just match the objects with the shapes. Make sure to arrange the cards from highest value (Ace) to lowest (10).

Image solution:

14 Gadget Drawer

A Little to the Left Level 15 Solution: Files & Folders

Text solution: Place the folders in such a way that the tabs go from bottom left to top right in a diagonal line.

Image solution:

15 Files & Folders

A Little to the Left Level 16 Solution: Shards & Fossils

Text solution: Re-create the shards in each drawer. Just like in a previous level, use the handle to move the rock pieces from a drawer to another.

Image solution – drawer 1:

16 Shards & Fossils Drawer 1

Drawer 2:

16 Shards & Fossils Drawer 2

A Little to the Left Level 17 Solution: Game Room

Text solution: Again, it’s all about cohesion when placing everything on the shelves. Make sure the Rubik’s cubes colors connect, the video game covers create a triangle (with the base to the left), while the joysticks should be placed from the one with the least amount of red buttons on the left to the one with the most to the right.

Image solution:

17 Game Room

A Little to the Left Level 18 Solution: Board Games

Text solution: Open the 4 drawers to the sides of the board game box and place the items accordingly.

Image solution:

18 Board Games

A Little to the Left Level 19 Solution: Fishing Hooks

Text solution: Again, place the items in the box until they fit perfectly. The only important thing is the red bugs thingies, where you must start with the one with the least amount of body parts at the top, then work your way down increasing the amount.

Image solution:

19 Fishing Hooks

A Little to the Left Level 20 Solution: Kitty in the Bowl

Text solution: Again, time for a break – pet the cat.

Final words

Now you know how to complete the first 20 levels in the amazing puzzle game A Little to the Left. Stay tuned as we’ll have the rest of the levels uploaded as soon as they’re done!

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