6 Best Educational Games to Let Your Kids Play at Home

Games play an important role in every kid’s childhood. However, some people think that games aren’t good for kids because they might delay speech, encourage violence, and prevent them from studying.

But what if we tell you that there are many games that can actually both be fun and educational for your kid? After all, that’s what we all want for them — to have fun while learning valuable lessons they can use while growing up.

So, in this article, we’re here to share the top six educational games that your kids will definitely enjoy. Keep in mind that even though these games can add value to them, it’s still essential to limit their screen time. Let’s start!

1. Endless Alphabet

This game is by far one of the best educational games out there, and we’ll tell you why. Basically, the game is about a monster’s mouth that is filled with different words arranged in alphabetical order.

The kids can scroll through the entire list and select the word they want. Then, they will hear the word and then put the word back together through an interactive spelling puzzle.

Educational Games For Kids

They will also learn the meaning of each word explained in a way kids will be able to understand.

It’s an excellent game to expand your kid’s vocabulary in an entertaining and interactive app. This game also requires a stable internet connection from reputable ISPs like HughesNet.

2. Dr. Panda Town Tales

As kids, we all love to play pretend. Dr. Panda Town allows kids to play and learn at their own pace.

They will own and design their own house, dress their characters, explore the town they’re living in, go to malls, visit theme parks, and much more.

This game gives kids a glimpse of how their lives will be when they grow up, but of course, without the consequences.

3. Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is a relaxing cooking game that teaches kids to cook various dishes through the guidance of Cooking Mama. As they progress through the game, they will unlock more recipes that they can cook.

This is a great game that can even fuel your kid to be a chef one day. However, this game isn’t best played for too long. It’s best to have them play this just for several minutes at a time.

4. Wordscapes

Wordscapes is a spelling game available on mobile devices. It’s somehow a mix of word search and crossword puzzles, which can really improve their spelling, vocabulary, and logic.

Even though the app doesn’t give many instructions, it’s easy to use, and it provides definitions for the words they provide.

There’s also no inappropriate content, and kids don’t need to communicate with other people, so the safety is there.

5. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy for Kids is a gem that keeps on giving. It houses many books, learning games, and more for kids to play.

The best part about this app is that it’s free and is developed by early childhood education experts, so you really know that everything in the app is aligned with common early education standards.

Just an additional information for you: Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization, so it’s a good way to support them as well.

Also, your kids can access the content of this app offline, thanks to its offline feature. So, you can have them use this whenever you’re on the go or outside your home.

6. Math Land

Math Land is one of the best mathematical games out there. It’s a simple game that teaches kids and adults alike about the basics of math, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more.

This app is all about numbers, and your kid might just become the next math wizard with this. Math is usually a boring subject, but this app makes everything fun and interactive, making it easier for kids to pick up the lesson.

The Bottom Line

Games aren’t all about wasting time if you know which games to introduce to your kids. The early stages of childhood are a critical part where you should instill a love for learning, and these educational games can help you achieve that.

Remember, while these games are a great addition to your child’s educational journey, you should always keep a balance between screen time and other activities. Good luck!

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