10 Best 90s PC Games You Can Still Play Today

The gaming world we know today is far from what we had more than two decades ago. It was a lot simpler, but it was super fun.

Even though we now enjoy better gameplay and superior graphics, there’s always something about the games that we’ve played while we’re growing.

Maybe it’s the shabby graphics or the memories we have of those games with our childhood friends.

Fortunately, we can still play some of the games we used to love when we were a bit younger (no judgment here, though.)

Some of these games require a fast and stable internet connection, like Dish Internet, for you to enjoy them, so make sure to keep that in mind.

1. Diablo I (1997)

Diablo is a game even our dads probably played until now. This action role-playing (RPG) game is about a war between heaven and hell, and it already has four games.

Like other games, the base or the first game is always the best. In Diablo I, the player is a lone hero who’s on a mission to eliminate the Lord of Terror and his demon minions in the town of Tristram.

2. Fallout (1997)

Fallout 1997

Fallout is another classic that many people love, and you might even have played the newer Fallout games.

In the first Fallout game, the plot is set in 2161, a post-apocalyptic time where the main character, called the Vault Dweller, is set to accomplish a mission of recovering a chip in the Wasteland for their underground shelter.

3. Homeworld (1999)

If you’re into 3D strategy games, Homeworld is a game you should try. When you play the game, you’ll control a mothership and a fleet to collect resources, ambush and defend against enemies.

Grow your fleet so you can accomplish your missions throughout the game. If you’ve played any of the newer Homeworld games like Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, then we think you will have a blast playing this.

4. Day of the Tentacle (1993)

Day of the Tentacle is a sequel to another famous 80s game called Maniac Mansion. This puzzle adventure game takes you on the lives of three friends who are suddenly fighting against a mutated purple tentacle who has the abilities of a human.

You’ll be able to control the three characters as you solve puzzles and time travel. Per experience, it’s a light and funny game to play.

5. RollerCoaster Tycoon (1999)

Have you ever dreamt of managing a theme park? Well, RollerCoaster Tycoon will give you a glimpse of that world.

In the game, you’ll need to develop attractions, rides, shops, and stalls to satisfy the guests. It’s literally building a theme park from scratch and making sure that all the guests get what they’re looking for.

6. Half-Life (1998)

If you love sci-fi first-person shooter (FPS) games, then you’ve probably heard of Half-Life already. This game was the debut product of Valve Corporation, released in the late 90s.

You will play a scientist named Gordon Freeman, who was trapped in an underground research facility due to a failed test experiment that opened the portal between the Earth and the borderworld of all dimensions called Xen.

7. Myst (1993)

This best-selling puzzle adventure game is about the Stranger (whom you will play) who was transported to Myst, a strange island that you’ll need to uncover yourself.

You will need to use your ears and eyes to wander around the island effectively. If you like thinking hard, this is the game you need to play.

8. Theme Hospital (1997)

If you prefer simulation games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, here’s another game to play. Theme Hospital will give you the freedom to build, run, and maintain your own hospital.

From designing the facility to hiring staff. There will also be various ailments and diseases you need to treat, including serious radiation, bloaty head, alien DNA, and more.

9. Minesweeper (1990)

We’re pretty sure you’ve had a fair share of frustration with this logic puzzle game. The game is pretty simple.

You’ll have a box full of clickable tiles; some of them are safe, while others have hidden mines that explode when you click them. Your only goal would be to clear the entire tiles without detonating a mine.

10. Tomb Raider (1996)

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without Tomb Raider — the game that introduced us to the ever-so-iconic Lara Croft.

This action-adventure game is all about a fearless archaeologist on her quest to explore ancient tombs, solve puzzles, and fight wild animals, supernatural creatures, and more.

The Bottom Line

When we look back, we all know that the games we play right now have come a long way already. However, just like our old favorite movies or shows, some of the first games we’ve ever played will always have a special place in our hearts.

So, make sure to give these games a try once again and reminisce about the good old times of your childhood.

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