Stalcraft: Best Faction Guide

When starting in Stalcraft, one of the first decisions involves choosing a faction between Stalkers and Bandits.

This is a fairly important decision since the only way to change faction later in the game is by deleting your character.

In this guide, I will explain how the faction system works in Stalcraft and showcase which faction is the best.

How the Faction System Works in Stalcraft

Bandits faction description in Stalcraft.
Bandits faction description in Stalcraft.

At first, players are called to choose between two factions: Stalkers and Bandits.

Stalkers are trained and civilized adventurers that despite the chaos try and live by an unspoken code of respect. On the other hand, Bandits will use any method necessary to achieve their goal and ignore all rules.

Stalkers faction description in Stalcraft.
Stalkers faction description in Stalcraft.

The main difference between these factions will be your starting location, your outpost, and your future recruitment options.

Stalkers start at Ataman’s HQ and can recruit to the Duty or Freedom factions. Instead, Bandits start at the Boathouse and can recruit to the Mercenaries or Covenant factions.

But which one should you choose? Let us examine the benefits of choosing each faction.

Stalcraft: What’s the Best Faction?

Bandits' starting base in Stalcraft.
Bandits’ starting base in Stalcraft.

Overall, the two main factions are fairly similar. The first thing to keep in mind before choosing a faction is to be on the same one as your friends.

Since each faction has a different starting point and different quest locations, if you want to play together with your friends it’s important to be on the same faction.

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind that makes one faction slightly better than the other. Specifically, the best faction in Stalcraft is the Bandits.

Stalkers' starting base in Stalcraft.
Stalkers’ starting base in Stalcraft.

The Bandit faction is better since it has a safer route to the North and access to nearby Pit farming area.

Its spawn point is slightly more North compared to the Stalkers and thus the Bandits have to go through fewer populated areas before reaching the high-loot locations.

On the other hand, Stalkers have to pass through many dangerous areas to get to the north which is the end game and the nearby forest area isn’t that safe for farming.

As for the sub-factions (Duty, Freedom, Mercenaries, Covenant), these are relevant to your playstyle. If you’re more of a PvP player, go for Duty/Mercenaries.

If you prefer to focus on PvE instead, choose Freedom/Covenant.

Wrapping up

To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on what’s the best faction in Stalcraft.

The short answer is that Bandits are slightly better due to their base location but overall you should choose the same faction as your friends since this is, above all, an MMORPG.

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Which faction did you choose after all? Which secondary faction are you choosing later on? Let us know in the comments below.


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