Divine Knockout Tier List

There are 10 characters in Divine Knockout and each of them comes with unique skills and combos. Therefore, some characters perform better than others, and this tier list focuses exactly on that.

The main focus is going to be 1v1 combat since it’s more accurate for calculating each character’s individual strengths and weaknesses.

Character ranking will depend on combos, ultimate, edge-guarding ability, and overall speed.

In this tier list, I will include all characters in DKO and rank them based on their performance.

DKO Character Tier List

Here’s a full tier list of all characters in Divine Knockout based on 1v1 combat.

Let’s see each character in turn.

10. Thor – D Tier

Thor’s best ability is Mjolnir, which deals significant damage if it connects. In addition, he has a stun to edge-guard opponents and make them fall off.

However, his skills can be easily dodged and, if that happens, he won’t be able to deal almost any damage overall.

9. King Arthur – C Tier

King Arthur is a solid character primarily due to his ability to stun opponents.

Specifically, his Blinding Light stuns enemies hit. If you manage to hit someone while they are off-stage, it’s a guaranteed kill.

However, he is one of the slower characters in the game, and the fast-paced meta doesn’t suit him well.

8. Sol – C Tier

Sol has some amazing assets that make her shine in Divine Knockout. Her heavy attack has a fairly big range, the Fireball Dash allows her to dodge most of the opponent’s abilities, and her ultimate is practically an instakill if the opponent has no dodge.

However, her skills can get interrupted fairly easily as they take a long time to cast or channel.

7. Thanatos – C Tier

Thanatos can deal solid damage overall and set up amazing combos. His ultimate can also help take down enemies.

However, his attacks are fairly slow and he can be punished easily if the opponent dodges his skills.

In addition, Thanatos requires a lot of spacing to start his combos. If the opponent stays close to you and doesn’t give you the necessary space, Thanatos won’t be able to do much.

6. Izanami – B Tier

Izanami utilizes some unique mechanics in Divine Knockout such as fear and invisibility.

Her Fade skill, which provides invisibility, allows her to have better spacing with her opponent while also catching them off-guard.

Also, her Spectral Projection skill inflicts fear in an AoE field, which makes her a solid option for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3.

5. Ymir – A Tier

Ymir has some amazing abilities in his kit which, if used correctly, can apply immense pressure on opponents.

If he manages to connect his freeze and set-up a wall next to the opponent, he can keep bouncing them off the wall while dealing significant damage. In addition, his ultimate can take down enemies easily, as long as it connects.

The only setback is that he’s one of the slowest characters in the game. However, with enough practice, he’s one of the strongest too.

4. Hercules – A Tier

Hercules offers solid gap-closing abilities, especially with his Driving Strike skill. If your opponent dodges too early, you can still hit them with this skill and set up powerful combos.

In addition, his Boulder Toss is great for confirming kills near the edge.

However, Hercules’ main setback is his ultimate. If the opponent knows how it works, it’s fairly easy to counter and avoid.

3. Athena – A Tier

Athena is one of the harder characters in the game but if you can master her, it’s definitely worth it.

Her abilities can dish out significant damage even without combos while her parry is an amazing skill overall. It allows Athena to space better and keeps her opponent constantly pressured while denying their combo-starting skills.

2. Susano – S Tier

Susano offers amazing aerial play, solid combos, and great mobility. Especially if you follow our combo guide for Susaso in DKO, you’ll notice he can deal exceptionally high damage if he hits his skills.

The only tricky part is his ultimate since it’s fairly easy to dodge.

1. Amaterasu – S Tier

Amaterasu shines due to having many strong combos in her kit. In addition, she can set up her ultimate easily with her main skills, resulting in even stronger combos.

Specifically, one of her ultimate combos can deal up to 46% damage and it’s fairly straightforward to do. Consider checking out our Amaterasu combo guide in DKO for more details.


This concludes our character tier list in Divine Knockout. After going through all 10 characters, Susano and Amaterasu manage to rise to the top as the best characters in DKO.

Do you agree with this tier list? What’s your main character in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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