Spellsworn Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Keep on Winning

Spellsworn is a really addictive multiplayer game that I’ve stumbled upon on Steam a few days ago and I wasn’t able to put it down since. Today, I am here to share with you a bunch of Spellsworn cheats – actually, tips and tricks in a complete strategy guide. This will hopefully help you better understand the game, find out which are the best spells to use in battle and more.

The game itself is extremely good. I love the way it mixes concepts from battle royale games like PUBG with traditional MOBA elements. The spells themselves offer a ton of variety and multiple gameplay options, while everything else seems to be pretty well optimized for a new, free to play game.

But we’re not here to praise it, we’re here to read some Spellsworn tips and tricks to keep on winning, so let’s just get started with that right away!

Take your time to go over all spells
In this guide, we will talk about spells and strategies to help you win the battles you’re part of, but you should do your own due diligence and check out all the spells in the game. See what works for you. Try different combinations. Try different methods – what has worked nicely for me might not work for you!

This is the reason why it’s best to take some time, read the details of all the spells in the game and try the ones that sound the best. Then return after playing 5-10 games, when you have a better understanding of what’s happening during each battle and check them out again.

Finally, make sure that you always keep an eye on the battlefield, especially at the spells that are thrown your way and make your life miserable. Chances are that they’ll do the same to your enemies, so try to play using them and see if that gives you better results. And don’t forget: since this game is still under development, some of the future updates will most likely NERF some of the spells and make others better, so it’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for that.

Stay away from the heat of the battle
The first thing you should do when you get into a battle is to try and stay as far away as possible from the heat of it. If you are lucky enough to play with beginners, you’ll notice most of them rushing to the middle of the arena and battling it out for dear life.

Don’t go there and instead stay on the outskirts, using any cover you have and directing well placed spells their way to take them out one by one. Don’t forget, though, to keep an eye on the shrinking areas and the green circles that appear every now and then, indicating falling obstacles that deal a ton of damage.

Learn to aim your spells
Since each spell has a pretty long cooldown timer and you can often find yourself in front of an enemy with no spell to cast, it’s best to really learn how to aim them and use them to get the most out of them.

Different spells have different aiming mechanics and work differently, so you will have to exercise on your own. Usually, the best strategy here is to anticipate your opponent’s moves and cast the spell in the direction it will be when they reach that area. Take your time and have this in mind: aiming those spells and hitting the right target becomes easier the more you practice!

Push the buttons without looking at them
Every millisecond counts in Spellsworn, so you should’t waste any by moving your eyes down to the keyboard, trying to find the hotkey for the spell you want to cast. Learn to press them without watching and your game will get much better

It’s usually just the QWER keys that you will have to use anyway (or just the first three), with the odd F for the Immolate spell which can’t be changed. It’s not very difficult, so if you aren’t doing this already practice until you can and you’ll see a huge improvement in your game.

Buying more spells vs upgraded spells
Probably each player has their own opinion on what is better: to have more spells in order to be able to cast more often, or have fewer spells, but upgrade them as much as possible in order to make them extremely useful.

My opinion is that you have to find a balance somehow: going with one or two spells isn’t that useful, while going only with level 1 spells isn’t helpful either. Based on what I have played so far, I can say that going with 3 spells is ideal for the first battle.

This allows you to either level up all the spells you get to level 2, or max out one of them and keep another to level 1. This depends on the spells that you’re going with in battle, but it’s usually a really good idea to max out your main damage spell and keep the rest as support for the first battle.

Recommended build (spells to take into battle)
Spellsworn offers a large variety of spells that are different enough to allow for various combos and builds and what works for me might not work for you just as good, but I am sharing my build in case you’re looking to see what works in my case – and works really well!

So, as I said before, I always start with three spells and upgrade to four later on in the game. Initially, I start with the following spells:

Fireball: this is the main attacking spell that I use. Pretty basic and deadly if aimed correctly, which you will do eventually.

Homing: this is another offensive spell and probably the most popular in the game. Not only that it follows an opponent, but it also knocks them back, providing additional potential advantages, especially in the later stages of a battle when the play area is smaller

Blink or Charge: these will both serve mainly one purpose: to help you get out of the toxic zone if you’re unlucky enough to be pushed there. Blink is a bit more difficult to use (but usually with better results), while Charge is pretty easy to use. I recommend trying them both and seeing what works for you.

Later on in the game, I will add Meteor Shower for its great area damage and sideway balls of fire and Counter Pulse. This is an extremely useful spell, especially for when there are more enemies in tight areas, but also requires a bit of practice for one to be able to get the most out of it. But, so far, I’m getting great results with this build and I am sticking to it so far.

These would be our tips and tricks for fellow Spellsworn players. If you have additional comments to make our strategy guide better and complete, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below.

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  1. I really love Magic Missile. If you have good aim, you can pretty much have 90% damage uptime. And, that measly 4 damage at max level really adds up with consistent hits.

  2. I would usually play frostbolt for slowing and then throw a fireball to the enemy. Also, there are a few great combos: Fetch + Immolate and Time Zone + Meteor are really powerful, for example. I also use side step to get close to the opponent, that way the fireball is more likely to hit. Then I use the second and third step to blink to a safer area. Sometimes I use side step with Immolate to give my opponents a surprise

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