Sons of the Forest: Do Trees Grow Back? [How to Regrow Trees]

When building a base in Sons of the Forest, wood is the most important material. Due to that, you’ll need to cut a lot of trees to get enough logs for your home.

Many players have been wondering if trees grow back after cutting them as they’re afraid of running out of wood. Thankfully, the short answer is that yes, trees do grow back in Sons of the Forest.

In this guide, I will explain how to regrow trees in Sons of the Forest.

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How to Regrow Trees in Sons of the Forest

Cut down trees and leave the logs to regrow trees in Sons of the Forest

To regrow trees in Sons of the Forest, players will need to not remove the tree stumps after cutting down a tree.

Additionally, they will need to wait a long time for them to regrow (anywhere between 15-20 in-game days). Even then, it’s not entirely consistent. Due to the game being in Early Access, regrowing trees can take even longer than that.

However, it’s important to note that similar to The Forest, you shouldn’t remove tree stumps if you want trees to regrow.

If you don’t care, you can remove stumps easily by hitting them with the axe three to four times.

Using Cheats to Regrow Trees in Sons of the Forest

How to regrow trees in Sons of the Forest.
How to regrow trees in Sons of the Forest.

Players also have the option of speeding up this process slightly by using the console. Players can open and close the command console in Sons of the Forest after enabling certain mod through Steam and then pressing F10 to open the console.

For an in-depth guide of the mods you need to download as well as all the console commands available, consider checking out this article on PC Gamer.

Then, insert the command “regrowmode”, which will increase the chances of a tree growing back overnight by 10%. While this ain’t much, it’s better than nothing, especially if you’re in a rush to regrow a forest.

In any case, regrowing trees in the game will require a lot of time and patience.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, trees do grow back in Sons of the Forest and players can regrow trees as long as they don’t cut the stumps and are patient enough.

While this will take a long time, it’s the only option available for regrowing trees.

While you’re waiting for trees to regrow, consider going exploring to find out all the axes in the game. There are two more axes to unlock and they’re great for woodcutting and combat.

Why do you want the trees to respawn? Are you using them as cover, or do you simply need more wood? Let us know in the comment below.

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