Roots of Pacha: All Legendary Animals & How to Find Them

In this guide, I will explain how to find legendary animals in Roots of Pacha and list all the legendary ones that can be found in the game.

To get legendary animals, players will need to catch six animals of the same type, increase their Animal Discovery List, and then release and re-claim those pets so that new animals can keep spawning in the field every day.

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Let’s get a bit more in-depth though and see exactly what you need to do to get the legendaries, as well as see a list of these legendary animals!

How to get legendary animals in Roots of Pacha.

To get a legendary animal in Roots of Pacha, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the animal that you want to have as a legendary – Check the legendary list below for all legendary animals in the game.
  2. Attune and catch six animals of the same species – Ideally you want these animals to be of six different colors so make sure to use different types of bait and traps.
  3. Fill your Animal Discovery List – Attuning baby animals unlocks new animals on the Animal Discovery List. For each extra animal on your list, you’ll be one step closer to getting a legendary. In total, you need six types of animals on your list before legendary animals can spawn.
  4. Pet and Release – Pet and release the six animals you caught previously. Wait for the next day and then invite those animals back into your village again. This will cause new animals to spawn.
  5. Repeat – If there isn’t a legendary in the new animals that spawned, pet and release the four animals again and repeat. Overall, repeat this as many times as possible, while also continuing to expand your Animal Discovery List.

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All Legendary Animals in Roots of Pacha

All legendary animals in Roots of Pacha.

There is a wide variety of legendary animals in Roots of Pacha, and I am sure you want to know them all. Here is the full list, as well as where to find them:

  • Flame Auroch (Savanna)
  • Sky Cloud Bison (Savanna)
  • Icy Guanaco (Savanna)
  • Starry Night Horse (Past the Horse Totem)
  • Spider Ibex (Forest)
  • Grand Turquoise Junglefowl (Jungle)
  • Fire Wild Boar (Forest)
  • Rainbow Ostrich (Savanna)

These are all the legendary animals currently in the game. If you find a different one before I get the chance to update this list, let me know!

Which legendary animals are you hoping to get? How many times did you have to repeat this process before getting it? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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