Realm Royale Reforged Classes Tier List: Which One to Choose?

Realm Royale Reforged is a unique Battle Royale based on the shooter game Paladins.

It consists of four classes with exclusive abilities and specialized weapons. So, which is the best class in Realm Royale Reforged?

Originally, the game had five classes; the fifth class being an Engineer. But, as Hi-Rez studios switched the game to consoles as well as PC, they reduced the number of classes to four for better balance in the game.

To assist you win the Battle Royales like a piece of cake, I’ll go over these four sections today and provide you with a detailed Realm Royale Reforged Classes tier list.

Realm Royale Reforged Classes Tier List

I’ll be going through the classes from weakest to strongest, along with a brief overview and my thoughts on each class.

S tier is the strongest in this list, whereas F tier is the weakest.

F Tier: Hunter


Hunter comes with decent abilities that helps her cause as the long-range character.

Her dodge roll ability aids her in repositioning and avoiding the hit marker of enemies. Combined with the Grappling Hook, Hunter can quickly take positions for better angles as well.

The Proximity Mine works as a great trap too and catches enemies that are trying to flank you.

Furthermore, Hunter’s team skills are boosted with the Flare ability she possesses. The Flare does a great job to help allies spot the enemies properly.

Hunter in-game

The legendary weapon for Hunter is the Longbow, which upon its release, made Hunter one of the most sought after characters in the game.

The Longbow inflicts a great deal of damage to the enemies and a properly charged hit can deal as much as 1000! If the enemy still has health left, you can then finish the enemy off using her Blast Shot ability.

The Longbow has been nerfed quite a bit, which has decreased Hunter’s appeal as a top tier class in Real Royale Reforged.

Playing Hunter also involves holding position, playing long-range and keeping a lot of patience, which is not preferred by casual players, like me.

B Tier: Warrior

Warrior in-game

The next on my last is the Warrior. Warrior comes with a splendid ability to destroy the enemy in close range.

He can jump higher thanks to the Heroic Leap ability, and when he lands, he inflicts damage on all enemies nearby.

The abilities of the Warrior are tailored for close-range combat, such as the Charge, which inflicts damage when the Warrior collides with the enemy! However, the cooldown time of this ability is relatively high.

Moreover, Warrior also comes with defensive capabilities and can prevent nearby teammates from conceding damage with his Shielding Shout.

The Warrior Special Skin
The Warrior Special Skin

The Net Shot ability is quite amusing because of the fact that it can restrict enemy movement while causing damage, which can be a good counter against the Assassin class.

The Enrage ability is special and provides a brief rise in the attacking and movement stats of the Warrior, which can help to finish off enemies when they’re low in health.

The Legendary weapon of the Warrior is the Throwing Axe as well as the Sword. Both are effective when the enemy is closer but they require a good skillset to be used efficiently.

The Throwing Axe, for example, requires proper aiming at the target, which can be extremely difficult, especially against other Assassins and Hunters.

You’d also need to be quite close to the enemy for the Warrior to actually be effective. But, that makes the Warrior more exposed to the enemies and prone to easy kills.

A Tier: Mage


The Mage class is quite unique when it comes to her abilities with the likes of the Frostblast and Ice Block.

The Ice Block can be a game-changer for Mage in tight situations when you’re low in HP. Mage can freeze herself using this ability and protect herself from all kinds of damage, lasting for 3 to 5 seconds.

What’s even better is that she can heal herself while frozen by a minimum of 150 HP and get back to the fight with relatively better health. Nevertheless, the cooldown time of the ability is a bit of a letdown.

Mage in-game

Mage can be of amazing help to the team with her Flask of Healing.

Similar to the Warrior, the ability increases the HP of the teammates, but Mage does it by throwing an elixir towards the allies. The area covered by Mage is much wider when it comes to healing teammates.

You can rapidly move through the air and go as high as 44ft above the air in just a second using Mage’s Soar ability.

Mage’s legendary weapons, Ice Staff and Fire Staff, don’t disappoint either. With 6 ammo and a short reload time, these weapons provide excellent DPS stats.

S Tier: Assassin


If swift and sneaky movement is your style, the Assassin will take you to different places with his exceptional abilities!

The Smoke Screen and the Decoy makes the Assassin almost impossible to target.

The Decoy ability creates a clone of the Assassin that randomly shoots at the enemies while the original Assassin can’t be seen.

The 600 health of the decoy and decent movement speed is enough to bring out positioning of the enemies, who can be quickly taken down by a Hunter or Mage.

Moreover, the Smoke Screen causes even more problems for the enemies to locate him through the smoke and even lock a hit!

Apart from stealth, the Assassin can squeeze out of low-health situations easily with the help of the Concussion Grenade.

Once the grenade is thrown, it causes both the Assassin and the nearby enemies to be displaced from their positions, while lowering the HP of the enemies too.

The main attacking output of the Assassin is his legendary weapons, which are the Sniper Rifle and the Heirloom Rifle.

Legendary Sniper Rifle
Legendary Sniper Rifle

While the Heirloom Rifle has relatively lower DPS, it’s perfect for medium-range and reloads faster.

On the other hand, the 2600 DPS of the Sniper Rifle is off the roof! This is the highest DPS of any legendary weapon in the game and you can one-shot enemies with ease.

Assassin is an exciting class to play with, mainly due to the sleek and quick movement using the Blink ability; along with that, the impressive attacking stats and stealth makes it the best class to play in Realm Royale Reforged.

Wrapping Up

In order to come out victorious, just choosing the best class won’t do it for you. You’d need a proper build for the class you want to play with, which includes the best weapons as well.

I’ve considered all the abilities of each class, combined with their playstyle and the legendary weapon they accompany to help you with the Realm Royale Reforged Classes tier list above.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on this tier list in the comments below. Nothing better than debating tier lists with a fellow gamer!

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