Rogue Legacy 2: How to Change Class

Rogue Legacy 2 has a total of 15 classes, each with a different set of stats, weapons, and unlocking methods. But, how do you change classes after you’ve unlocked them?

Can you change them mid-game? Do you get a choice on which class you play in a game?

I’ll be clearing the doubt on all of these aspects today as it can be quite puzzling for a lot of Rogue Legacy 2 gamers, especially the newcomers!

How to Change Class in Rogue Legacy 2?

You can only change class when you die. It’s not possible to change classes during the game. But, there are further restrictions in class selection.

Once your heir dies in the game, you’ll be given three class options from which you can choose from.

Heir Dies Rogue Legacy 2

The classes will only be the ones you’ve unlocked thus far. The options will also be completely randomized and you’ll get a different combination of classes every time.

Randomized Class Options Rogue Legacy 2

It can be a tad bit frustrating at times as you may not always get the option to play your favorite classes or be able to finish an objective for a particular achievement.

However, there is a workaround to this issue, but it will take quite the grind!

You’ll need to beat at least two Estuary Bosses in the game, which will earn you pearls.

Using those pearls, you can purchase an upgrade from the Soul Shop that will let you fix a particular slot for your favorite class! It’s quite difficult to do, but it’s worth it if you have a preferred class.

Apart from the Knight class, all others need to be unlocked as you progress through the game.

The classes are unlocked once you upgrade your manor. Improvement to the classes you already have are also available in the same way.

Class Information Rogue Legacy 2

The three random Class options provided will have the key details to aid you while choosing.

It should be mentioned, however, that even if you’re changing classes, the armor or runes you’ve unlocked are available for all classes to use. So, you’re just playing different classes but the same character!

Wrapping Up

The system of changing classes in Rogue Legacy 2 is almost the as Rogue Legacy.

While you may not always be able to play your favorite class, upgrading all the other classes is also a part of the game and most of them are fun to play as well! If you’re facing any kind of issues with unlocking or changing classes in Rogue Legacy 2, leave a comment below!

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