Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to Get Tofu

Tofu is a key ingredient used in the picnic feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Eating specific meals in the game grants players unique buffs known as Meal Powers. These affect Pokemon catch rate, raid power, encountering rare Pokemon, and more.

However, tofu isn’t available early on. Instead, players will have to progress in the game and come back for this elusive ingredient.

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In this guide, I will explain how to get tofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and showcase some of the best uses for it.

How to Get Tofu

Having a picnic allows you to cook various tofu recipes.

Players can obtain tofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet from the Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. It costs 260 per piece and there’s no purchase limit.

However, players won’t be able to buy tofu right away. It needs to be unlocked first by obtaining five Gym badges. After that, it will be available for purchase.

According to the in-game description, tofu is considered ‘An ingredient with a touch of sweetness. It’s unclear how well this raw block of tofu will serve as a sandwich filling’.

To follow up on this description, tofu is a great choice to use for sandwich fillings. It allows players to make various great recipes that will help them explore Paldea.

All Tofu Recipes

There are various recipes that require tofu, ranging from basic ones all the way up to Ultra recipes.

Basic Tofu Recipes

  • Tofu Sandwich

Great Tofu Recipes

  • Great Decadent Sandwich
  • Great Tofu Sandwich

Master Tofu Recipes

  • Master Decadent Sandwich
  • Master Tofu Sandwich
  • Master Tower Sandwich

Ultra Tofu Recipes

  • Ultra Decadent Sandwich
  • Ultra Tofu Sandwich
  • Ultra Tower Sandwich


To sum up, that’s everything you need to know on how to get and use tofu in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Obtain five Gym badges and purchase tofu from the Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. Then, use it during a picnic to create amazing sandwiches to buff your stats.

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Have you unlocked tofu yet? What’s your go-to recipe for tofu? Let us know in the comments below.


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