Pokemon Radical Red Cheats You Need to Know

Pokemon Radical Red is the ROM hack version of the legendary Pokemon FireRed. The game is made by the die-hard fans in the community to bring a more challenging and exciting aspect to the game we all love.

Using cheats in the game will help you deal with the relatively higher difficulty levels and enjoy the game more. Keeping that in mind, I’ll be sharing with you the best Pokemon Radical Red Cheats you need to know to enjoy this beautiful game.

Pokemon Radical Red Cheats You Need to Know

There are endless cheats that can be found online for Pokemon Radical Red. Some of these work wonders, while others don’t do anything impressive.

Some scammers give out fake download links of cheat files, so be aware of these too.

The Pokemon Radical Red cheats I’ll be sharing today have all been tested and tried multiple times with excellent results. You don’t have to download any files either, so don’t worry about viruses!

There are lots of other cheats that you’ll find on the Internet; while those may be valid, you should ensure the validity of the website, in case you’re downloading the cheats.

Infinite Money

Pokemon Radical Red infinite money

Cheat Codes:

820257BC 423F

820257BE 000F

The first cheat code on the list is the one that will bring you unlimited money. You can get anything you want in any amount with a maximum balance of 999,999, starting from PokeBalls and potions to in-game coins.

Limitless PP

Cheat Codes:

42023C08 6363

00000002 0002

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t spam an overpowered move using your Pokemon? Well, this cheat will ensure that doesn’t happen and will provide enough PP for your Pokemon to never run off its moves.

Unlimited Master Balls

Pokemon Radical Red Master Balls

Cheat Code:

820257C4 0001

The Master Balls are incomparable when it comes to the success of catching Pokemons. These are the most powerful Pokeballs and using this cheat code will give you as many of these as you want.

After applying the cheat, all you need to do is visit the nearest Item PC and take these out.

More Wild Shiny Pokemons

Pokemon Radical Red Shiny Pokemon

Cheat Codes:

1670047D 04815C68

18452A7D DDE55BCC

If you want to make the best use of your Unlimited Master Balls, then implementing this code for Shiny Pokemons can be an amazing idea.

You’ll be interacting with a lot more Shiny Pokemons once you apply this code, and with the help of endless Master Balls, you can enrich your Pokedex with these beautiful and rare versions of Pokemons.

Unlimited TM/HM

Pokemon Radical Red TM

Cheat Code:

820257C4 YYYY

Replace the “YYYY” at the end of the code with the specific code for the TM or HM that you want. The codes for certain TM and HM are given below.

0153: HM01 Cut

0154: HM02 Fly

0155: HM03 Surf

0156: HM04 Strength

0157: HM05 Flash

0158: HM06 Rock Smash

0159: HM07 Waterfall

015A: HM08 Dive

0121: TM01 Focus Punch

0122: TM02 Dragon Claw

0123: TM03 Water Pulse

0124: TM04 Calm Mind

0125: TM05 Roar

0126: TM06 Toxic

0127: TM07 Hail

0128: TM08 Bulk Up

0129: TM09 Bullet Seed

012A: TM10 Hidden Power

012B: TM11 Sunny Day

012C: TM12 Taunt

012D: TM13 Ice Beam

012E: TM14 Blizzard

012F: TM15 Hyper Beam

0130: TM16 Light Screen

0131: TM17 Protect

0132: TM18 Rain Dance

0133: TM19 Giga Drain

0134: TM20 Safeguard

0135: TM21 Frustration

0136: TM22 Solar Beam

0137: TM23 Iron Tail

0138: TM24 Thunderbolt

0139: TM25 Thunder

013A: TM26 Earthquake

013B: TM27 Return

013C: TM28 Dig

013D: TM29 Psychic

013E: TM30 Shadow Ball

013F: TM31 Brick Break

0140: TM32 Double Team

0141: TM33 Reflect

0142: TM34 Shock Wave

0143: TM35 Flamethrower

0144: TM36 Sludge Bomb

0145: TM37 Sandstorm

0146: TM38 Fire Blast

0147: TM39 Rock Tomb

0148: TM40 Aerial Ace

0149: TM41 Torment

014A: TM42 Facade

014B: TM43 Secret Power

014C: TM44 Rest

014D: TM45 Attract

014E: TM46 Thief

014F: TM47 Steel Wing

0150: TM48 Skill Swap

0151: TM49 Snatch

0152: TM50 Overheat

Getting access to TM and HM limitlessly will help you upgrade your Pokemons and ace battles with ease! Similar to unlimited Master Balls, you’ll need to visit a PokeMart to access these for free.

All Berries

Cheat Code:

820257C4 YYYY

The “YYYY” at the end of this code will need to be replaced by the specific code for any berry that you want. The codes for the berries are mentioned below.

00A0: Magost Berry

00A1: Rabuta Berry

00A2: Nomel Berry

00A3: Spelon Berry

00A4: Pamtre Berry

00A5: Watmel Berry

00A6: Durin Berry

00A7: Belue Berry

00A8: Liechi Berry

00A9: Ganlon Berry

00AA: Salac Berry

00AB: Petaya Berry

00AC: Apricot Berry

00AD: Lansat Berry

00AE: Starf Berry

00AF: Enigma Berry

0090: Wiki Berry

0091: Mago Berry

0092: Aguav Berry

0093: Iapapa Berry

0094: Razz Berry

0095: Bluk Berry

0096: Nanab Berry

0097: Wepear Berry

0098: Pinap Berry

0099: Pomeg Berry

009A: Kelpsy Berry

009B: Qualot Berry

009C: Hondew Berry

009D: Grepa Berry

009E: Tamato Berry

009F: C Ornn Berry

0085: Cheri Berry

0086: Chesto Berry

0087: Pecha Berry

0088: Rawst Berry

0089: Aspear Berry

008A: Leppa Berry

008B: Oran Berry

008C: Persim Berry

008D: Lum Berry

008E: Sitrus Berry

008F: Figy Berry

Berries can be very useful for the Pokemons in your Pokedex. These give Pokemons extra attributes that can be quite helpful in the long run. The berries need to be withdrawn from an Item PC.

Endless Rare Candies

Pokemon Radical Red rare candies

Cheat Code:

820257C4 0044

Rare candies are extremely essential since these help to raise the levels of the Pokemon, just like in Pokemon Go. The levels raise by 1 only, so having access to endless rare candies will enable you to increase the levels of your Pokemon as much as you want.

Unlimited Healing Items

Pokemon Radical Red heals

Cheat Code:

820257C4 YYYY

Again, the “YYYY” needs to be replaced with the specific healing item that you want.

0010: Ice Heal

0011: Awakening

0012: Paralyze Heal

0013: Full Restore

0014: Max Potion

0015: Hyper Potion

0016: Super Potion

0017: Full Heal

0018: Revive

0019: Max Revive

000D: Potion

000E: Antidote

000F: Burn Heal

There are various healing items in Pokemon Radical Red, such as the Full Restore, Hyper Potion, and Revive. These items can be quite handy during important battles and having unlimited access to them through Item PCs is essential.

Maximum Attributes and Stats

Cheat Codes:

For First Pokemon in Party



For Second Pokemon in Party



For Third Pokemon in Party



For Fourth Pokemon in Party



For Fifth Pokemon in Party



For Sixth Pokemon in Party



Using this cheat code, you can make each and every single one of your Pokemons in your party simply overpowered with maximum levels when it comes to any attribute.

If you want all your Pokemons to have 999 in all departments, from SPEED to SP.ATK, this cheat is the one for you!

Walking Through Obstacles and Terrains

Pokemon Radical Red walk through obstacles

Cheat Code:

509197D3 542975F4

78DA95DF 44018CB4

Having to go around an entire route to reach your destination is very annoying, isn’t it? The feeling’s mutual with the rest of the fans in the Pokemon community and that’s why this cheat has been introduced.

Just applying it will help you pass through all kinds of obstacles without any trouble and reach your destination much faster.


Cheat Code:


Each location on the map has a specific code consisting of 4 letters and numbers. You’ll need to replace the “YYYY” in the code above with the code of your specific location.

1303: Route 1

1403: Route 2

1503: Route 3

1603: Route 4

1703: Route 5

1803: Route 6

1903: Route 7

1a03: Route 8

1b03: Route 9

1c03: Route 10

1d03: Route 11

1e03: Route 12

1f03: Route 13

2003: Route 14

2103: Route 15

2203: Route 16

2303: Route 17

2403: Route 18

2503: Route 19

2603: Route 20

2703: Route 21

2803: Neo Route 21

2903: Route 22

2A03: Route 23

2B03: Route 24

2C03: Route 25

0A03: Saffron City

0B03: Neo: Saffron City

0003: Pallet Town

0103: Viridian City

0203: Pewter City

0303: Cerulean City

0403: Lavender Town

0503: Vermilion City

0603: Celedon City

0703: Fuchsia City

0803: Cinnabar Island

0903: Indigo Plateau

0C03: Island 1

0D03: Island 2

0E03: Island 3

0F03: Island 4

1003: Island 5

1103: Island 6

1203: Island 7

Getting to any location whenever you want can be a total game: changer in the context of the game. This Teleportation cheat code lets you achieve exactly that. However, you’ll need to ensure that you turn the cheat off to avoid repetition and bugs.

Winning Battles with One Attack

Cheat Codes:


C833D1A0 02FA7205

Do you want to kill the opponents’ Pokemons with just one hit attack? This cheat code will give you this insane power to take out every Pokemon that you come across with only one attack; make sure the attack inflicts damage, though!

Access to All Badges

Pokemon Radical Red badges

Cheat Code:

EFCE867D 5403D40D

This is the perfect cheat code for those Badge enthusiasts who want to rack up their badge collection easily and quickly. You can flaunt all the badges that are achievable in the game by applying this code.

Wrapping Up

So, folks, these are the best working cheat codes in Pokemon Radical Red that you should know or keep as a note, at least, in case you need them in the future.

Make sure you don’t use too many of them altogether! The game might become buggy, tarnishing your gameplay rather than improving it.

These will definitely help you enhance your Pokemon Radical Red run, whether it’s a Nuzlocke run or just a trip through nostalgia.

If you’re also into Pokemon Masters, you can check out our guide for faster and more efficient progress.

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