Pokemon Masters Guide, Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Things You Must Know

Pokemon Masters is the newest release by Dena Games (August 28th, 2019). With their release, many players are searching the internet for information that might help them progress quicker.

In today’s guide, we will reveal the importance of rerolling, trainer strategies, pokemon evolution, gym notes, events, gear and upgrades. This article is meant to speed up your leveling and enhance your experience.

What is Rerolling

Rerolling is the process of wiping your in-game data and starting over again in order to use the starting currency to draw the best characters and or items. In Pokemon Masters, you are granted 1200 gems as part of the launch celebration which can be used to gamble for the 5 star premium trainers.

Each draw cost 300 gems, so each time you reroll the game you are given four opportunities to draw the best characters each time you reset your data.

Is it Worth it to Reroll? What are my chances of winning?

Yes! Although it might be boring to keep wiping your data, once you acquire a premium trainer you will be able to progress faster and have more success late game, especially in farming materials to level up your characters.

It takes anywhere from 12-15 minutes per tutorial completion and the 5 star trainers have a 7% drop rate chance per draw. It took me 13 resets in order to acquire Brendon and Treecko (5 star striker). Strikers are among the best roles to have when starting.

What are the Different Pokemon Roles?

There are 3 different types of Pokemon: Striker, Support and Tech. Strikers are high attacking Pokemon. Support provide skills and enhancements to buff your team. Tech are usually higher health and the least useful of the bunch.

It is often most effective to have one strong attacking (striker) which is buffed by supports (Rosa Serperior) as these effects can stack and your striker can one shot your opponents. The damage however is mitigated or increased by elemental weaknesses and strengths.

Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses: should I build Multiple Teams?

No. You are best off building a strong core team and focusing resources toward them solely. The reason is that each Pokemon only has one weakness or hits hard against one particular type of Pokemon.

This means that most of the time, strengths and weaknesses between each Pokemon do not come into play but rather the base stats and buffs by your team are more important and constant in each match.

Other than elemental differences, evolving your Pokemon can increase your overall power and progression as well.

How Do I Evolve my Pokemon?

In Single Player, in Sync pair stories, you will be able to see evolve my Pokemon if that evolution is available. Be aware that most trainers do not have the option to evolve their Pokemon because the game is newly released and is still being developed.

What is a Gauge Slot and Why is it Important?

Gauge Slots are like mana for a caster. It determines how much fuel you have for doing combinations. If you go to Tricia and select “Exchange Items” you can purchase Gauge slots for coins.

By doing this, you can better land combinations, such as buffing your attack and then doing a stronger spell for greater damage. Purchasing two gauge slots is the max and provides a huge bonus to single and coop battles.

What are Leader Gym Notes and Where do I find them?

Gym notes are essential for improving the level capacity of your Pokemon in the late game. So far they can only be exchanged by Tricia for 100 level capsules or found in the cooperative stage Brock’s Grit under the hard difficulty.

Keep in mind that the drop rate is extremely low but allows you to train your Pokemon to level 100 once you acquire 5 of them per Pokemon.

What Are the Most Effective Levels to Grind?

It is recommended to complete levels that have a timer and limit of rewards. These levels are found in the Single Player – Training area. They are called Supercourses and offer additional reward but a limit on completing them daily.

It is also recommended that you do your daily quests for 30 gems. If you have additional time, you can grind out Brock’s stage for those rare gym notes which will increase your Pokemon’s level capacity to 100 and enable you to be victorious in events.

What are Events and What Rewards do they Offer?

Events are time restricted levels that must be completed cooperatively within a timeframe and offer exclusive rewards that you may not be able to acquire in other portions of the game. Currently, there are two events: Reach for the Top, and Rock-Type Training Event.

The Reach event offers Vouchers which can be exchanged for Power Ups which can permanently increase the stats of your 5 star Pokemon. However, you can only exchange for a maximum of 3 Powerups. Each powerup will increase your Pokemon’s stats but it requires 20 of these Powerups in order to reach the 6 star capacity.

On the other hand, the Rock-Type Training Event does not offer exclusive rewards but rather an opportunity to exchange those vouchers for Gym Notes. As such, it is highly recommended to complete the Reach event first before attempting the next event. After getting these rewards, it is essential to equip your team with gear.

Where Do I find Gear?

You can acquire gear through completing the co-op battles for Hard and Very hard difficulties. Your winnings will depend on the difficulty chosen. Very hard offers the possibility of dropping higher star gear (2 star), whereas Hard only offers the possibility of 1 star gear. Once you acquire gear, it is important to understand how to match your elements in the gear that you equip.

What Type of Gear is There?

You can find bracelets (attack damage), Bandanas (Special Attack), and Pins (HP). Each piece of Gear can be any one of the elements (fire, electric, ground etc). The statistics from the gear depend on the line up of your Pokemon.

For instance, if you upgrade a grass pin but have all electric Pokemon than your team will not reap the full bonuses of that item. Keep in mind that you will receive the full bonus of the item if only one of your Pokemon match the element of the item equipped. Now that you understand how to use gear, let us now look at how to upgrade it.

How Do I Upgrade my Gear?

You can increase your level of your gear by using the materials that you receive from completing the Hard and Very Hard EX scenarios. However, you only only increase the level capacity of your equipment by sacrificing other gear pieces.

Keep in mind that the gear pieces must match the other gear (Grass Bandana for Grass Bandana). Further, the higher star rated gear (2 Star) requires other 2 star matching gear to upgrade those pieces as well and will not work on 1 star gear.

This means that is more effective to build a core group that can continue to repeat the same EX course to maximize the effectiveness of gear farming.

So What is Coming Next for Pokemon Masters?

The late game all boils down to cooperative events and beating the missions you completed with other players on a more difficult setting. By completing these stages, you acquire gear which you can then apply towards your hero’s stats and advancement.

It seems that Pokemon masters might build on this cooperative element with time sensitive events, more gear, higher level caps, additional trainers and more chapters.

In all, this game looks very well polished especially at such an early stage of release, and it is possible to advance without spending money.

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