PlateUp: All Main Foods and How to Unlock Them

Starting with the steak, there are a total of 9 unique main food recipes in PlateUp. Each dish includes different processes and upgrades, thus allowing for very dynamic gameplay experiences.

While upgrades are totally random, unlocking main dish recipes is a guaranteed process. They are tied to experience levels and, with enough playtime, players will unlock everything.

In this guide, I’ll list all the main foods in PlateUp and explain how to unlock them. In addition, I’ll recommend the best recipe to go for that will help you turn your restaurant into a franchise.

All Main Foods in PlateUp

Cooking Pizza in PlateUp.

Main food recipes are unlocked by leveling up your account level. Specifically, players unlock a new recipe every two character levels with the only exception being the first 3 levels.

Here are all the recipes in PlateUp and the level needed to unlock them:

Steak – Level 1

Salad – Level 2

Pizza – Level 3

Burger – Level 5

Pie – Level 7

Fish – Level 9

Hot Dog – Level 11

Breakfast – Level 13

Stir Fry – Level 15

And those are all the main food dishes in PlateUp. The final one is the stir fry unlocked at level 15.

The remaining levels award floor plans.

Best Main Foods in PlateUp

Washing dishes before taking an order in PlateUp.

Now that you know how to unlock each dish, let’s talk about which one is the best. While you may think that late-level dishes are the best, that’s not necessarily the case.

Specifically, the best dishes in PlateUp are those that are easy to make and are greatly profitable when sold to customers.

In this case, dishes like Hot Dogs are complicated due to requiring more ingredients, as well as the extra ketchup bottles. While the money reward is solid, the extra effort isn’t worth it if you’re trying to min-max the game.

Therefore, the best dishes in PlateUp are the steak and the pizza. This is because they require only minimal ingredients, are made easily, and reward solid money when customers buy them.

How to Level Up Fast

Scrap cards after finishing a run in PlateUp for extra experience.

While the best dishes are the ones unlocked early on, you might be curious to unlock some of the late-game options.

If you’re interested in reaching level 15 and unlocking the Stir Fry recipe, here are some of the best tips for leveling up fast in PlateUp.

  • Try and always franchise your restaurant – Reaching day 15 adds a solid boost to the overall experience earned
  • Progress as far into overtime as possible – The farther you go, the more experience you’ll get overall
  • Turn your franchises into XP – Don’t hoard franchises at the hope that maybe you’ll play them one day, especially if you need the experience.

Of course, all these mean you will have to spend a fair amount of time in PlateUp. After all, there’s no way to skip through the XP requirements.

But, if you spend time experimenting with each dish you unlock, you will level up quickly without realizing it.


These are all the recipes in PlateUp, as well as some recommendations on which to go for and how to unlock everything fast.

If you’ve enjoyed this article, consider reading our guide on the best beginner tips in PlateUp to help you always franchise your restaurant.

What’s your favorite dish in PlateUp? What are you trying to unlock next? Let us know in the comments below.

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