Monster Prom Endings Guide: How to Get All Endings & Secret Endings

Monste Prom is one of the most exciting dating sim games, mainly because it comes with that amazing multiplayer option. But even in single player, it is a great game. And we’re here to help you score all the dates by sharing a complete guide to all the Monster Prom endings.

There are multiple endings for all characters, plus secret characters that you can date for Prom Night, so multiple replays of the game are required. We’re here to make everything a lot easier by sharing a complete Monster Prom guide to all endings.

It’s worth mentioning that in most cases, it’s best to go for the long game route – either in single player or multiplayer, in order to give you enough days to build up the stats and items required to unlock a specific ending. There are endings that can be unlocked in short games, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Polly: Reverse Romanian Wilkinson secret ending

This is probably one of the easiest endings to get in the game, as dealing with Polly and choosing the answers that she loves is pretty simple. You always have to select the most fun answers or the ones that seem to put her in a better light.

Therefore, make sure that you always select these types of answers and, of course, that you always hang out with Polly – especially in the cafeteria, if no other option is available.

In order to prepare to complete this ending, start collecting money: you will need $10 in order to do it, so make sure you visit the library often and raise the required money.

After you keep talking and staying close to Polly (I repeat – go to the cafeteria for lunch time), she will eventually confide in you that one of her biggest regrets is not doing the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson. It is vital now to answer that you know what that is.

After a few in-game days, an event will trigger, causing The Coven to talk to you about the Reverse Romanian Wilkinson and telling you what is needed for it. In exchange for your silence, they will give you one of the required items (the marbles).

Next, you have to visit Valerie the shopkeeper and buy the Penguin mask. Have in mind that once you do so, you suffer and instant and huge hit to your Smarts stat!

Finally, after a few more days, you will start arranging a meeting with somebody who is selling guacamole. When you meet, you will see that it’s actually one of the in-game characters. There, you will have to blackmail him and you will receive the guacamole for free.

Now that you have all the items required for this, simply invite Polly to go to prom with you and you’ll get the chance to experience the Romanian Wilkinson with her.

Valerie: Secret character & Secret ending

Yup! You can actually end up dating Valerie and taking her out to Prom Night with you in the game, and it’s also a pretty simple thing to do. Here are the steps that have to be done in order to get the secret ending with Valerie in Monster Prom:

– First of all, make sure you visit the Library to prepare for this and get +2 in Wealth.

– When you have this, you need to visit the shop for 3 times in a row and buy nothing. After this, Valerie will interact with you, telling you that the next time you come, you will get her.

– It’s not that easy, though. But when you do arrive the next time, she will get in an argument with Slayer. Pick the first option in the dialog to continue this story.

– You need to be working on your Wealth and Boldness and keep visiting the library.

– Eventually, when you visit the Library next, you will find the Covenant there, as well as Valerie. Make sure to always go with the first dialog choice in order to pick the correct answers.

– Next, during Week 6 at the evening, go Outdoors to meet Valerie having a fight with the Prince. From there, if your Boldness is high enough (otherwise it won’t work – so aim for 15 and above) choose the option to start a fire.

– This is it! When the option to go to prom appears, choose to go alone and you’l have a surprise waiting for you. Well, not that much of a surprise now since you know about it, but still it will be fun!

Damien: Secret Ending Guide (Hairdresser)

This one requires you to have very high Boldness ratings, so make sure that you do everything possible to increase these first.

Starting with the correct answers and spending time in the caffeteria with characters that increase your Boldness stat is a good way to make your life easier when it comes to getting Damian’s secret ending, Hairdresser.

You have to wait until your Boldness is really high, over 13 and all the other stats are around 10, when you should go to the library.

If your stats are high enough, you should start an event in which you talk to Liam first, but discover Damien eventually, giving a makeup to a corpse and telling you about his dreams of becoming a hairdresser.

During the conversation, tell him that seeing a loved one in a near death experience will increase creativity. Liam will shoot you in the leg, prompting Damien to give you a makeover… and this is when your quest to get him to Prom with you really begins.

Keep boosting your stats, especially boldness (you need Boldness of 17+ and fun over 10 in order to succeed). Also interact with Damien and build the relationship with him up. That’s basically all you have to do.

When prom night comes, invite him to the prom with you. He will tell you that he doesn’t know how to bring it to his parents about his dreams of becoming a hairdresser. Choose the option to tell them through violence and a very funny moment will begin, and you will unlock his secret ending.

As you can see, this is still a work in progress and we still have a bunch of endings to unlock and complete. However, it’s a great starting point with tons of endings in the game.

Check back soon for the updated guide to getting all endings in Monster Prom or comment below if you have suggestions for the ones we didn’t get.

Until then, you can check out this Steam page where more endings are explained, although a bit more cryptic (but still a lot better than nothing!)

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  1. You seemed to have left out the ending for Liam. To get this, you want to start out with points for Damian and then get points with liam. You’ll want to have high creativity stats, and pick the dialog that tells Damian about yaoi. Liam will request for you to become his sensei. After this event, get charm and select the choice for cuddling. Then get more creativity and select a story about a sensei and his student. Then choose Liam as your prom date, and you’ll get the ending. I got this pretty easily after I unlocked the main characters. Hope you’re able to do the same

  2. You should remove the part where you need to go to the library for the hairdresser ending. Other guides mention the first event happening in the outdoors and for me it activated in the auditorium. But I couldn’t find the best way to answer according to my stats and lost my chance.

    Is the only ending I have not achieved yet.


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