Man of the House Cosplay Collectables Guide: How to Get them All

One of the biggest challenges in Man of the House, the game available on Steam (and the one that nobody really wants to admit they’re playing) is finding the Cosplay Collectables. But we’re here to help by sharing the locations of the Cosplay Collectables in Man of the House: how and where to get them.

There are 45 collectables scattered around the game world at the moment and you do have to play the game well in order to know what I am talking about with these locations.

Also, have in mind that some of the collectables will only be available once you unlock specific areas in the game or once you progress enough with a specific character. So if any of the collectables below are not available, keep playing to unlock them.

With these in mind, let’s start our epic quest of finding all the Cosplay Collectables in Man of the House!

And in order to keep things organized, I will group them based on their category, in alphabetical order. This makes navigation easier, but sometimes some collectables in a category won’t be available until you get some other collectables in a different category (or progress further in the game).

Man of the House: Ancient Egypt Collectables

1. First one is easy to get from the beginning. It is available in your room, if you search the shelves under the dresser.

2. It’s to the left of the Elevators near your apartment, hidden next to the plant there.

3. Once you get in the Elevator, you can find it above the buttons to the right.

4. In the Mall, enter the book store. Search the bottom shelves to the left side of the screen to get this one (it’s closer to the main display in the front).

5. In the Mall, in the Drug Store. On the bottom shelf under some products available for sale.

6. In the Mall, in the Lingerie Store. Check out the sign toward the right side of the shop, near the ceiling.

7. In the lobby of your building, on the reception desk – just click the photo frames there.

8. In the movie theater (the most difficult to get). You need to successfully pass the quiz there in order to get the collectable behind the guy. We’ll have the answers ready for you soon, so stay tuned!

Man of the House: Armed Forces Collectibles

9. One of the collectibles there will randomly appear when you travel by taxi on the world map. So keep doing this until you get it!

10. Another random one will be received randomly as you travel using the public transportation – so keep doing this until you get it!

11. It the Mall, enter the Clothes Shop. Where you see the jackets, check the pocket of the one to the right.

12. Another Collectible is available in the Bar. Just check the chair to the right in front of the bar itself to get it.

13. In the Health Club, check out the Hallway leading to the Tanning Rooms. You’ll find it on the floor, next to the wall to the right.

14. When you unlock the Casino, go there and play the Money Wheel by betting $100. When you win it, you get this collectible.

15. In front of the L’Escargot restaurant. Just look on the display to the right to get it.

16. Finally, you’ll get this one when you go up the roof of your building. You can’t miss it – somewhere to the right, near the railing.

Man of the House: Forbidden Lotus Collectables

17. In your apartment, go to Ashley’s room and search for it in the drawers to the right side of the window.

18. In Veronica’s room, tap one of the photos above the bed (make sure to visit when Veronica is not at home!)

19. In the men’s club, enter the changing rooms and find it there on a bench to the right.

20. Also in the health club, go to the Gym with the strength training equipment and get it near the dumbbells to the right.

21. When you’re in the Parking Lot of the Tennis Club, get it from the back of that blue car that’s parked there.

22. Visit the office building and talk to Cassie. Talk to her until you get the collectible.

23. To get this one, you need to visit the Police Station’s Locker Room. You’ll find it in the bag on the bench.

Man of the House: Glory of Rome Collectibles

24. Find it at the Police Station, as you enter: it’s one of the posters on the reception desk there.

25. Go to the Neon Club, then go upstairs. You’ll see it on the leather sofas there.

26. In front of the Neon Club (but only available after you get the previous one). Find it in the trash bin near the door.

27. You can find another one in a Trash Bin in the park.

28. Go to the Coffee Shop and check out the collectable on the display near the coffee machine. After you do this, talk to the girl (Megan) until you get it.

29. In the Shopping Mall, go to the Perfume shop. You’ll find it on the desk, somewhere around the middle area of the screen.

30. Another one is received as a random event when you’re walking at night on the map. Eventually, somebody will call you and try to sell you the collectible (for $500). Get it!

31. Finally, the last one in this category is right in front of the Museum’s building. You’ll find it on the board at the bottom of the stairs, to the left.

Man of the House: Interstellar Collectibles

32. You’ll find it in the Apartment, in front of the bookshelf, to the left of the potted plants.

33. In the bathroom, under the sinks (also in your apartment).

34. Final one, also in the Apartment, but this time in the Kitchen, on the white chair to the middle. Keep checking it out as it won’t always be there (maybe related to unlocking other achievements or in-game progress).

Man of the House: Most Wanted Collectibles

35. In the adult store, on the display at the bottom center of the screen.

36. You’ll find this one on the beach, just waiting for you there on the sand.

37. When visiting the Supermarket, check out below the windows to the top center part of the screen to get it.

38. In the Mall, in the Furniture Store, you’ll find it next to the lamp on a table towards the front.

39. In front of the Masquerade Entrance door, find it in the crack of the wall to the left side of the door itself.

NEW ONE: On the tennis court, under the referee’s chair.

And these would be the Collectibles that we have so far. We will update the list with the remaining ones as soon as we find them – but if you manage to find some that are not listed here already, please let us know where to find them by commenting below.

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