Humanity Game: How to Get All Trophies [Trophy Guide]

Humanity is a recently-released puzzle game where you play as a Shiba Inu dog and attempt to properly guide massive crowds to the finish line.

One of the best ways to experience everything the game has to offer is getting all Trophies if you are on PlayStation, or all achievements if your platform of choice is Steam.

In this trophy guide, I will explain how to get all Trophies and Steam Achievements in Humanity game. If you’re a completionist, you’ve come to the right place.

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All Trophies/Achiemevents in Humanity

Trophies are split into Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There’s also one Platinum, which is unlocked when you get all other Trophies. Let’s examine all of them.

All Bronze Trophies/Achievements

How to get all trophies and achievements in Humanity game.

Here are all the bronze trophies and achievements in Humanity.

Trophy/AchievementHow to Get
Up, up, and AwayLead the people into the light.
Goldy, MineDeliver a Goldy into the light.
Prologue: In the BooksFinish the Prologue.
Scenic RouteFinish an optional trial.
Awakening: Put to BedComplete Sequence 1: Awakening.
Choice: MadeComplete Sequence 2: Choice.
Black & BlueDefeat the Blue Core.
Fate: SealedComplete Sequence 3: Fate.
Competition: BestedComplete Sequence 4: Competition.
Green-Eyes MonsterDefeat the Green Core.
War: WonComplete Sequence 5: War.
Dependence: BrokenComplete Sequence 6: Dependence.
Yellow MellowedDefeat the Yellow Core.
Civilization: ConqueredComplete Sequence 7: Civilization.
Goldy Star: PrologueCollect all Goldy Star in the Prologue.
Reformer Cause the people to take on a new form.
No Longer Human?Cause the people to take on a truly astonishing form.
Try, Try AgainStart the same trial five times with the same commands.
Safety FirstGet crushed by a block.
Fire at WillGive humans guns.
Walking the HumanMake one human follow you by using the “Follow” command.
Follow the LeaderMake 1,000 humans follow you by using the “Follow” command.
Significant OthersDefeat 100,000 Others.
Leader of the PackGet 50,000 humans into the light.
Oh, the HumanityMake 50,000 humans die.
Archive DiggerReach the Archives.
Playing GodIn the Archives, equip humans with a new skin and model.
By the NumbersView all your stats.
First WonderComplete Sequence 1: Trial 02 – A Three Towers with all Goldy, while using only two switches.
Second WonderComplete Sequence 2: Trial 04 – A Drop Box without losing one person.
Third WonderComplete Sequence 3: Trial 05 – A Missing Link without using branching commands.
Fourth WonderComplete Sequence 4: Trial 08 – The Last Straw without losing one person.
Fifth WonderComplete Sequence 5: Trial 04 – Hill to Die On after destroying all Others’ gates.
Sixth WonderComplete Sequence 6: Trial 03-B – Grid Runner by leading every single person to the light.
Seventh WonderComplete Sequence 7: Trial 08 Central Processing.

All Silver Trophies/Achievements

How to get all trophies and achievements in Humanity game.

Here are all the silver trophies and achievements in Humanity.

Trophy/AchievementHow to Get
Goldy Star: AwakeningCollect every Goldy in Sequence 1: Awakening.
Goldy Star: ChoiceCollect every Goldy in Sequence 2: Choice.
Goldy Star: FateCollect every Goldy in Sequence 3: Fate.
Goldy Star: CompetitionCollect every Goldy in Sequence 4: Competition.
Goldy Star: WarCollect every Goldy in Sequence 5: War.
Goldy Star: DependenceCollect every Goldy in Sequence 6: Dependence.
Goldy Star: CivilizationCollect every Goldy in Sequence 7: Civilization.

All Gold & Platinum Trophies/Achievements

How to get all trophies and achievements in Humanity game.

Here are all the gold and platinum trophies and achievements in Humanity.

Trophy/AchievementHow to Get
Red is DeadDefeat the Red Core.
Goldy GodCollect every Goldy in the game.
WonderdogGet the Seven Wonders of Humanity.
Who’s a Good Boy? (Platinum)Collect every other Trophy/Achievement.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are all the Trophies and Steam achievements in the Humanity game.

If you’re enjoying the game, getting all of them can be a fun and challenging process.

Are you planning to get all trophies? Which one is going to be the hardest to unlock? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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