How to Claim a Mystery Prize in GTA 5? [Answered]

Are you wondering how to claim the Mystery Prize in GTA 5? This guide will go through everything you need to know about it.

In short, you will need to open the notification on the top left, and depending on what you want either pick the location you want with enough space, or it will be directly added to your inventory.

Let’s explain this in further detail and go over what you can win.

GTA 5: Claiming the Mystery Prize


When players get the 500$ membership for the casino, they will be given access to the Lucky Wheel.

Once every in-game day, players will be able to go and spin the Lucky Wheel to test their luck for a chance for a chance to win a variety of prizes. After you spin the wheel, and land on any price you will be able to claim it.

Depending on what you win, it will either be deposited directly to the player or you will need to open the menu after the notification comes in, and select the property you want the reward to go to.

Be careful though, if your property does not have the appropriate amount of space, you will lose out on the reward completely.

If you missed the notification while celebrating your victory, you can find it in your Info tab under Notifications.

The Notification menu can hold up to 15 or so notifications, and you can’t scroll between them so don’t wait too long before checking it out.

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GTA 5: Lucky Wheel Prizes


The Lucky Wheel has many rewards to offer players, and after going over how to claim the Mystery Gift, let’s go over what you can win.

Here is a list of the prizes you can get from the Lucky Wheel.

  • Ammo: A supply of ammo for your heist missions
  • Armor: Armor supplies for your heist missions
  • Cargo: High-value items you can either keep them or sell them
  • Casino chips: A random amount of casino chips from 10,000 to 25.000 that you can also get with in-game money
  • Clothes: A random clothing item for a variety of clothing options. Players can win items they already own.
  • Money: A random cash prize from $20,000 to $50,000 that will be given directly to the player, and not deposited in the bank
  • Mystery Vehicles or Discount: Players will be awarded any of the cars displayed on the podiums, or they will get a 10% discount for all car dealerships for one in-game day
  • Refills for these businesses: A free refilling of one of the player’s MC Businesses, their Bunker, or their Warehouse.
  • RP: A random RP prize from 2.500 to 15.000 that will be directly deposited to the player’s account
  • Snacks: A free snack that will completely regenerate the player’s HP

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Final Thoughts

Casinos have been a part of the GTA franchise for a while now, and with many different ways to become rich quickly, they are among the most visited places by players who want to try their luck.

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With the way to claim the Mystery Prize in GTA 5 explained, you will never miss a prize good or bad when you make a trip to the Casino. Let us know in the comments below what is the craziest thing you have won in the Casino.


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