Hogwarts Legacy: Best Wand Build

While exploring the world of Hogwarts Legacy, your greatest companion will be your wand. originally the wand picks the wizard, but in the game, you will be able to pick a wand of your creation.

In today’s guide, I will go over the best wand build in the game. Your hand is always ready to draw it and defend or use an offensive spell to take down your enemies.

Never forget young wizards, this word will echo in your heart, and be something that most of you will look back on fondly. That word is Revelio!

No matter the place, be it deep in the woods, in underground caverns, or back in the academy, casting Revelio will be the spell you use your wand for the most.

When it comes to the best wand build, sad to say power wise there isn’t one. The wands are merely cosmetic. The game wanted players to have the wand that appealed to them the most or the one they got from the online test.

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Hogwarts Legacy: Wand Materials


A wizard’s wand can have many different parts all with unique materials, and explanations.

From its core to the different styles, all the wood types, the lengths, and lastly the flexibility. All these factors affect what wand will belong to a player, giving them one most matching to their personality.

Wand’s Core

  • Dragon Heartstring – The Dragon Heartstring has a lot of potential power. However, in the wrong hands, a Dragon Heartstring wand can become unstable.
  • Unicorn Hair – A wand with a Unicorn Hair core is the most consistent of all the wand cores. It isn’t as strong as Dragon Heartstring but produces more dazzling and more consistent results.
  • Phoenix Feather – Wands with a Phoenix Feather core have the best magical range. Great magical results can happen to wizards and witches with a Phoenix Feather core.

A wand’s core is the basis upon which the rest of your wand is built. Much like the core memories of a person’s life shape who they are, so does the core of a wand shape the rest.

Wand Styles

  • Natural
  • Crooked Spiral
  • Ringed
  • Stalk
  • Spiral
  • Soft Spiral
  • Classic
  • Notched

These are all the wand styles, that your wand can have. It’s outer appearance, and what you will mostly connect your wand with.

Wood Types

  • Acacia
  • Alder
  • Apple
  • Ash
  • Aspen
  • Beech
  • Blackthorn
  • Black Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Chestnut
  • Cypress
  • Dogwood
  • Ebony
  • Elder
  • Elm
  • English Oak
  • Fir
  • Hawthorn
  • Hazel
  • Holly
  • Hornbeam
  • Larch
  • Laurel
  • Maple
  • Pear
  • Pine
  • Poplar
  • Red Oak
  • Redwood
  • Rowan
  • Silver Lime
  • Spruce
  • Sycamore
  • Vine
  • Walnut
  • Willow
  • Yew

Each wood type is special and represents something different, so cherish the wood type of your wand knowing that it says more about you than meets the eye.

Wand Length

A wand’s length can be anywhere from 9 and a half to 14 and a half inches.

Size doesn’t matter, and it’s how wizards use their wand in their countless classes, and battles that show your true mastery of it.

Wand Flexibility

  • Quite Bendy
  • Fairly Bendy
  • Very Flexible
  • Quite Flexible
  • Surprisingly Swishy
  • Swishy
  • Slightly Springy
  • Supple
  • Reasonably Supple
  • Pliant
  • Brittle
  • Hard
  • Solid
  • Stiff
  • Rigid
  • Unbending
  • Slightly Yielding
  • Unyielding

The flexibility of your wand, much like its wood type says more about you than what can not be seen while you use it. Every bit of your personality and character is shown within it, so don’t be ashamed of what you got, but be proud that who you are, shines through it.

Hogwarts Legacy: Best Wands


Well “Best” in this situation is in the eye of the beholder, so instead of going over what I liked, or got. I will let you know what the most known characters of the Harry Potter universe had as wands, so if you ever felt close to anyone you will be able to replicate it.

Harry Potter Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey – Brown
  • Wood Type – Holly
  • Wand Length – 11 Inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Phoenix Feather

Ron Weasley Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Willow
  • Wand Length – Fourteen inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Unicorn Hair

Hermione Granger Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Soft Spiral – Light Brown
  • Wood Type – Vine
  • Wand Length – Ten and three-quarters inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Dragon Heartstring

Voldemort Wand Build

  • Wand Style – Classic Grey
  • Wood Type – Yew
  • Wand Length – Thirteen and three-quarter inches
  • Wand Flexibility – Supple
  • Wand Core – Phoenix Feather

Final Thoughts

Your wand is a reflection of you, and your most trusted companion. It will the biggest part of your many adventures.

No matter whether you chose its part or you were given one based on your choices, it will represent you well. You can even choose one of the best wand builds I suggested, in Hogwarts Legacy.

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With so many players, all of us were given different wands. So go over to the comments down below, and let all of us know which wand were you given.


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